Is AP Over-rated?

~The views expressed by me may not be my own~

Time and again I'm reminded just how great our beloved Chiefs site is. Merely a day goes by without someone proclaiming AP as the best sports blog on the planet. So, I got to thinking. Is it really all that good? Granted, I'm not the best one to judge such matters. For one, I'm biased. Furthermore, I don't partake in other bloggs. Farthermore, I just don't care. We are undefeated in 2010! Life is good.

      Undefeated! Can you believe it? Think about it for a second...Now, get over it! We still have work to do. Just like the Chiefs, we can't be content with perfection. We must get better if we are to improve! Since the Chiefs have started winning I've noticed an abnormal amount of accolades being tossed about on AP. For that matter, people are dispensing rec's like it's free hot-dog day at the K. Everybody gets one. These are the ways of the old regime. Not anymore, not with Pioli and company in charge. We must constantly strive for improvement. Our work is never done. I don't like to criticize; but, I will, for the betterment of the goodness.

      Let's start at the top. We all owe the Thorman brothers a great deal of gratitude for all their hard work. Do they ever sleep? I tune in most every day to get the latest updates from these guys; but, I must admit, something is missing. I've been thinking, and as it turns out the National Enquirer sells 2 million copies* a week for a reason. People want real insight. For instance, is the improved play by DJ, related to the rumors about him consulting a psychic median and channelling DT. true? Was E. Berry genetically enhanced prior to birth? Is Haley's finger pointing somehow related to UFO sightings around Arrowhead?

      While these guys try, they can't do it all on their own. Fortunately they get help from the analytical minds of people like Bewsaf. He's knowledgeable, graphical, detailed, factual, analytical, comprehensive, and completely wrong. No one should be right that much. Statistics are like the truth. Something to be molded to conform to the need of the greater good. It's called controversy. I.E> see J. Whitlock.

      Controversy, that reminds me of Jon Yoon. One of my personal favorites. It seems either people are with him or against him. He seems to bring out the worst in debaters. Maybe on some subliminal level it's the racist in us all that does this. They see a name like Jon and assume he's a Mexican; thus, he's really a Raider fan. with it Jon. Run like a Raider fan to the exit signs at the end of the third quarter...and the Department of Immigration's after you.

      If you are not familiar with NJCF I can tell you this. He must be an insider. He seems to know more about what is going on with the Chiefs than Mr. Hunt himself. I find this amazing since he spends all his time amongst rabid Eagle, Giant, Steeler, Jets, and yes, Cowboy fans. I know, because I lived there a long time ago. The best thing we can do for him is take up a donation to get him out.

      The K man. In his defense, nothing is left un-scrutinized. He covers all the details. I like that. Details win games. Unfortunately, sometimes when you focus in on the details you lose sight of the bigger picture. I've crunched the numbers and have come to one conclusion. All great defenses have something in common, and we are still missing the one key ingredient. Nicknames. "The Steel Curtain", "The Purple People Eaters", William "the refrigerator" Perry, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, "Mean" Joe Green, "Ray" Lewis, Work on it... S. "T-bag" Smith aside...

      Let's face it. The AP headliners are great, but it's really the less often bloggers that put AP over the top. Take for instance Pchop's "Big post of Awesome". Great post. May be the post of the year, but could he have made it better? May I suggest... 3D!  The one theme that seems a constant on AP is how helpful people really are. Great people like SteveChiefs are always looking out for others. I commend him on his never ending quest to enlighten us on the obvious. Sometimes the obvious isn't readily apparent. For instance, I was on SB nation for a year before I realized SB wasn't Superbowl. Another great feature of AP is the people are so friendly they won't hesitate to correct you if you are wrong. If you have questions, they have answers. Take the resident Up's for example. Where else can you talk to a scientist / philosopher?  Be cautious though. For every problem ever solved by a scientist or philosopher you will get two problems in return. Hey, that's just good business. While some people tune in for knowledge others tune in for a higher calling. To drink from the cup'th of Holly water... all be it...Kool-aid. Above all else you have to have faith.

     AP has a little bit for everyone. News, stats, insight, and insults. For all those that contribute In the effort of making this an average site, I  thank you. We could argue all night how great AP is, but we can all agree it could be better. Obviously, it's up to you. Personally, I don't ask for much...ok...maybe a football icon that I can click on and hear the voice of Mitch Holthus saying, " Touchdown!" Can't have that? Well, how about something from Lanier...Where are you Lanier... entertain me d@^^1$!

     4 and 0... it's time to go... go Chiefs!

* All factual content based on lies.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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