Viable #2 WR's and #2CB's for 2011




Right now these two positions are constantly the death of us

To become legitimate Super Bowl Contenders next year, we will need to get rid of Chris Chambers and bump Brandon Carr to nickel. Chambers is literally just a body on the other side of the field to occupy legality for each snap Dwayne Bowe, Dexter McCluster, Tony Moeaki, and our Running Game does something important. Hes useless and should be released before Free Agency begins. Brandon Carr is a average CB at best in man coverage. To become contenders we will need someone to play opposite of Flowers who doesnt get torn up by average WRs. Bumping him down to nickel and Arenas down to dime would only make our Pass D deeper and better. As the Jets and Saints have showed us, there is no such thing as having too many good cornerbacks.

I tried to cut out people over the age of 30 or who were traded and likely to be resigned

via; i give you some viable options for replacements of Chris Chambers and Brandon Carr.

WRs (Don't necessarily have to be #2s they can be better than Dwayne Bowe and bump Bowe to the #2)

Sidney Rice, MIN – With 1300 yards and 8 touchdowns, Rice, like Steve Smith and Miles Austin, broke out last season to emerge in the new wave of top-shelf wideouts. Rice’s size, speed, and length make for a tough cover down the field. With Harvin and Peterson, Rice also figures to be a key to the Vikings’ future.

Note: With a tough season and possibly no playoff appearance along with a scary QB future, hes likely not to resign.

Steve Smith, NYG – Smith was another receiver who emerged as a serious player with 100 receptions and 1200 yards. He’ll make $550,000 for the upcoming season, but the two parties are already in negotiations for an extension.

Santonio Holmes, NYJ – After a shocking trade that sent Santonio Holmes to the Jets for a mid-round pick, the recently-troubled wide receiver will need to make an impact before earning his next contract, which seemed to be in line with the top 10 receivers prior to the trade. His numbers figure to go down after his first 1000-yard season with a team focus on the running game and less stability at quarterback. He may very well also be competing with Braylon Edwards for a larger contract as well as a spot on the team moving forward.

Mike Sims-Walker, JAC – Walker really took a step up last season falling short of 900 yards as the Jaguars’ top wideout. Having seized the role midway through last year, he figures to make an improvement on those numbers heading into 2010. Jacksonville has struggled to find consistent receivers, so Sims-Walker figures to be a keeper.

Steve Breaston, ARI – By trading Boldin to Baltimore, the Cardinals are expecting a lot from Steve Breaston who has become a good slot receiver and a dependable fill-in for an oft-injured Boldin. This year will be important for Breaston in determining how much value he has to the team as a receiver moving forward.

Malcolm Floyd, SD – Floyd, like Vincent Jackson, is threatening to holdout, but could be one of the sleepers in free agency if the money doesn’t work with San Diego. He was a consistent factor as a number 2 receiver last year, but his size could pose an even larger problem if properly utilized

Jacoby Jones, HOU – As an afterthought on offense, Jones still managed to find the end zone 6 times. He could become a good number 2 receiver in the right setting and is also an underrated kick returner.

Honorable Mentions: Santana Moss, Mark Clayton, Laurent Robinson




Johnathan Joseph, CIN – The Bengals’ corners awakened last year to help lead a defense that played much better than expected. Joseph is physical and aggressive and is well on his way to developing into one of the league’s better corners. The team was expected to have extended either, or both, of their tandem this offseason, but nothing has yet materialized.

Richard Marshall, CAR – Marshall was only given a 2nd round tender this offseason, which many thought made him an attractive Restricted Free Agent possibility over the summer. Marshall is a very physical corner who loves to get involved in the run game. Over his first four seasons he’s averaged, 84 tackles, 9 deflections, 3 picks, and a sack. The Panthers seem to have no intention of extending him this offseason.

Carlos Rogers, WAS – Rogers has been a solid cover corner over the last several years, but has gone unrecognized for the most part because of his hands of stone. The Redskins have an improving defense and losing one of their best players in the secondary would be a major setback.

Tramon Williams, GB – Tramon Williams is expected to start this year if Al Harris begins the year on the PUP. The Packers are very high on this instinctive corner who figures to be the future of the team’s secondary along with Nick Collins. Though they were reluctant to extend Williams this offseason, they did place the highest tender on him to ensure they would retain him.

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