Combined Arms Theory



The Kansas City Chiefs are rapidly building an offense that combines a ground pounding running game with a serious air threat and of course the rapid deployment of troops on the edge to turn the battle. How did the Chiefs do it so quickly?

There can be only one answer. This is Scott Pioli's vision. Scott Pioli is the architect who hired the builder that is bringing the plan to fruition.

For Pioli, the architect, he is consistent that he not only wants to win Super Bowls in Kansas City but win them with the right kinds of players -- selfless, intelligent, passionate, mentally and physically tough, to name some of the traits.

Scott Pioli: "Bill and I have a rule. If a guy needs the sizzle, he's not for us.”

That would fit into the self-motivated mantra. The Chiefs are not a Day-Care, you do your work on your own without having to have someone watch you to make sure it gets done. That is Big Boy stuff there. Where did that come from? A pair of Quotes from a very good article on Scott Pioli from 2005

"Scott is high on integrity and fiercely loyal," says Matt Spencer, a former teammate at Washingtonville High. "Who could have criticized him for leaving for a great opportunity? Knowing him, he's got a plan set for the franchise and for his position that he's going to play out until the end."


Belichick has final authority over the draft but is always quick to credit Pioli, the team's vice president of personnel and the coach's first hire when he took over the team's football operations in 2000, for his crucial role in the team's success. Without the right players to plug into the system — a model that heavily weighs a team-first, football-passionate mentality — the coaching efforts might backfire.

"I have a lot of respect for how hard he works, how well-prepared he is and know that his opinions are well thought out," Belichick says. "He understands what the coaches are looking for, what the system calls for. The worst thing is to get a player into your system with some skill and he can't use it."


Searching for info pertaining to a post is very difficult. I can find nothing quickly about Scott Pioli's childhood, nothing about his parents except for the one he gained when he married Dallas Parcells. Did he learn his life skills from Bill Parcells? No, I don't think so. Did he learn about character from Bill Belichick? No, I think he brought his character with him. Can I pin point a military link to how Scott Pioli takes care of his business? No, not directly. Scott does have some traits that would imply a military member in his life or at least like me a respect for the greatest traits that a service member can have.

The military and football share many similarities. The object is to win the battle everytime. Both use scouting to determine the enemies strengths and weaknesses, and discipline that keeps the players focused and conditioned to perform assigned tasks. They both scheme (Kriegspiel) practice their Craft in simulations. The greatest similarity is that both rely on team to win the day. Ultimately someone makes an Above and Beyond effort but without the TEAM the play is a Valiant but Noble failure.

Geaux Chiefs

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