Come on Man!: Week 7

Come on Man (or Men) - Cowboys (again)

You're the cowboys, the predicted superbowl favorites and for the first time, have the shot at playing the Superbowl in your own stadium. Then in week 7 you are 1-5 and you're franchise QB is ruled out for 6-8 weeks. This team is in a mess. No longer are there superbowl talks, but more of are they going to notch another win this season? My guesses say yes, but not many will come. The Cowboys team is doomed and done. Time to think about next year for them. I also don't feel bad for them, especially with all the talent on that team. We've done equal to that with lesser talent. The last time the Cowboys started 1-5? The final outcome was 1-15. Sorry Cowboys, get ready for a long season.



Refs (again, once again)

Come on refs. Get your **** together.  Lately, overall, your officiating has been complete garbage. Downright awful. Not only did you screw up last week on a pass interference call against Brandon Flowers, but this week you screwed up another one, and arguably a second. Not just the Chiefs either, but you really screwed over the Dolphins on Big Ben's goal-line fumble which the Dolphins recovered, but you rewarded it back to Pittsburgh after deciding it wasn't clear they recovered it. Even though the guy that went in first on top of the ball, came out of the pile with the ball. For the record, the head coach is a Pittsburgh native, and started to make a ruling while the pile was still fighting for the ball. What The Hell Refs!? *also just now remembered, the horrible td rulings in the GB Minny game. One touchdown Minny shoulda had, and one touchdown Green Bay shoulda had called back after he failed to maintain possession coming down in the back of the endzone. Honestly, Minny should have won*

Chicago Bears, Cutler and Washington Redskins Offense

Cutler, Cutler, Cutler. Why couldn't you have sucked this much when you played for the Broncos? We would have loved these 4 int games. Keep it up bud,  you are turning out just fine. Whenever you want to come back let us know someone will take you, only if you throw int's to the Chiefs though, because apparently you like throwing them to DeAngelo Hall according to your post-game speech. Now Washington, you won good job. But how the heck do you only get one offensive touchdown all game with Cutler gift-wrapping you presents all day. At some point you have to take advantage of turnovers, especially interceptions and turn them into points. You're lucky Hall decided to take one to the house. That was horrible, beating  Chicago just by 3 points and scoring just 17 points even after getting 4 interceptions from Cutler.


Come On Broncos! (Or preferably don't)

Turnovers helped sure, but you let the RAIDERS of all people put up a big 59 on you. How in the hell do you let that happen. Not like the Raiders even played impressive, only 200 yards passing and 165 rushing with 3 td's by mcfadden on the ground. I hope these are the broncos that show up to play when we play them. Let's just humiliate them. Raiders come back to ground as you have Seattle to deal with, and after that you got us to deal with, which is no easy feat. Good err Bad Luck? Ah well. 


*Positive Come on Man of the Week*

Come on Dwayne Bowe! It seems as if after the Indy game you read AP and other places and saw you had to step it up. I don't care how many balls you drop (ok I do) but only if you can be a playmaker and keep catching touchdowns like this

These are simply awesome to have and watch. For now you have been forgiven for the most part. You have made some amazing catches lately, and some great catch-and-run touchdowns the last two weeks.  Just awesome, keep it up.



If you have any other Come On moments go ahead and let us know in the comments and your thoughts on this weeks come on man moments.

Until next time from yours truly,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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