Chiefs coach Todd Haley.... "aggressive" coaching decisions that are just plain stupid.

From the Fathership....

 Jason Whitlock

 Chiefs coach Todd Haley is so concerned with getting credit for K.C.’s success that he has repeatedly made "aggressive" coaching decisions that are just plain stupid.

Early in the fourth quarter Sunday, the Chiefs had a chance to go up two scores on the Jaguars by kicking a 42-yard field goal on fourth and three. Haley ran the ball instead. Jamaal Charles was stuffed for a one-yard loss.

Luckily, the Chiefs were playing the Jaguars and off-the-street quarterback Todd Bouman. The Chiefs scored two more TDs and won 42-20.

The truth is, Kansas City’s 4-2 record is a mirage and Haley knows it. Kansas City is feasting on a soft schedule and good fortune. Two of their four victories came against backup quarterbacks (Cleveland and Jacksonville). The other two victories are over two of the league’s most disappointing teams (San Diego and San Francisco). Cleveland, Jacksonville, San Diego and San Francisco have a combined record of 8-20.

Furthermore, Romeo Crennell and Charlie Weis — K.C.’s new coordinators — are getting most of the credit for the Chiefs’ improved play. Haley keeps trying to make an impact with "bold" decisions — he opened the Indianapolis game with an onside kick. The problem is, his daring decisions are failing most of the time.

Haley wants to be Sean Peyton. Haley is Todd Haley, an insecure head coach.

Hmmm, well you called it "the easiest schedule in the hisrtory of the league" a few weeks ago and now it's a "soft schedule".

Well Whitlock fans....even leading the AFC West I guess it's just all a mirage.

I find it funny that after Haley's 96% rating among coaches in the league, Whitlock speaks for the remaining 4%.

I agree with him partly on the suspect playcalling on 4th down, I've addressed in some previous posts, but the remaining part of the article is just plain rediculous. We can't win....even when we win.

But hey, it's Jason's opinion....right?(per his defenders). He's just a blogger now, so blog away folks and pretend it's another fan saying this. Just curious about what you think.

If this was already posted by someone, my apologies in advance, but I didn't see it.

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