The Good, Bad and Ugly vs. Texans


Matt Cassel - Matt played his best game as a Chief vs. the Texans. He was hitting the open man and looked a lot more confident back in the pocket. I would have loved to get that 3rd and 2 at the end of the game, but I don't put that on Matt. Tony was the only player going out for a pass, so he had to pass it to him. Great game by Matt. He finished with a QB rating of 122.9

Dwayne Bowe - Wow, what a redemption game for Dwayne. No dropped passes and was a play maker when he caught the ball. His best catch was the one when he caught it with his left hand, but he was out of bounds. Couldn't believe what I was seeing from him. He brought in 2 TD's and had over 100 yards receiving.

Running Game - Night and day from last week to this week from Thomas. He looked a lot quicker and seemed to be hitting the gaps faster and stronger. Jamaal was typical Jamaal and making plays out of nothing and making defenses pay for over pursuing. Both rushed for over 5 yards a carry against the 5th best rush defense.

Mike Cox - He played very well filling in for Tim. He was opening up a lot of running lanes and I don't remember seeing him miss any blocks. Loved what I saw from him all game.

Offensive Line - They were opening up some big holes for our backs to run threw. The pass protection was also very good. They shut down Super Mario and only had one sack allowed(which was on the last play of the game). 

Brandon Flowers - We all know about the penalty on the last drive, so I won't even get into that. All night he was locking up the receiver on his side of the field. The only complaint I have is I wish Romeo would quit only playing Brandon on the left side. Carr is playing better this season, but he is still not near the player Flower's is...



Brandon Carr - Made a couple good plays, but AJ was burning him way too often. Still needs some work, which is why I would love to see Flowers on the #1 all the time.

Shaun Smith - Shaun was invisible out there today. He was not a factory at and was getting no pressure whatsoever on pass plays. I expect him to start playing better again when Tyson gets back.

Javier Arenas - Did fine in the return game, but was not good covering today. Still only a rookie, so progression is going to keep being made.



Romeo Crennel - Watching todays game, it seemed like he might have underestimated the Texan's passing. The Chiefs did good against Foster, but Schaub KILLED the defense. I'm certainly not putting it all on Romeo, but I do feel he underestimated Schaub...

Eric Berry - Did not have his best game today. He was caught up way too close to the line a couple of times and he got hurt on it. On the last TD to AJ, he was supposed to be doubling AJ but got caught sleeping when Schaub started scrambling. And he allowed the TD to Dreessen. Still needs some work.

Jon Mcgraw - He wasn't guarding Daniels the whole game, but you can't let him rip apart the defense like he did. And i still don't understand why they were letting Andre Johnson play one on one. Berry or Mcgraw or Washington should have been over there.

Donald Washington - Same with Mcgraw and Berry, can't let the QB throw that much, especially when almost half of it was to one guy. Did not do very good in coverage.

Tamba Hali - Where was the Indy Tamba? Tamba only had one QB hit that I remeber and maybe one or two more QB pressures, but not much more. And if I remember right, he wasn't even double teamed all that often. The thing I noticed with him was he was only doing the bull rush or the speed rush. I don't remeber once seeing him do the spin move that was killing Diem all day. Tamba did not even get a tackle today.

Pass Rush - Matt Schaub had all day to throw. We finally started blitzing on the last drive to get Schaub off rhythm, but the secondary couldn't hold up. The pass rush needed to step up for the secondary, but couldn't.


Don't be too down though Chiefs fans, it appears we might be in the worst division in the NFL and our next 2 games are the Jags and the Bills at home!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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