Couldn't fight off that mock draft feeling.

I know its early in the season and people around here get pretty touchy about mock drafts but this is one of my favorite parts of football and i have decided to take my first stab at this. Looking at the Chiefs we have a strong young core of players at the important positions. We have a shutdown corner, elite pass rusher, and a good young LT.

We need to build on this though and continue adding pieces that allow this team to make a push for the SB as early as next year. I am going 3 rounds and i assume that we get a 4th rounder for Page. Package both 4'ths and move into the 3rd with them as this draft isn't really deep like last years.

Round 1: Michael Floyd WR ND



2010 Stats: 624 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns through 7 games.

He is actually my 3rd rated WR and the last great WR ready to play next year. Julio Jones is too inconsistent and i believe both AJ Green and Jonathan Baldwin are gone being my 2 top rated WR's. Floyd is 6' 5" with crisp route running and a great vertical. He has shown the ability to use his big body in the air and block out the defender.

Round 2: Kris O'Dowd C USC



Justification: The Chiefs have a good young team but the offensive line is our one area in which we need to add young talent. O'Dowd is the best C prospect in this year's draft but much like Moeaki he will slide a bit and i love his physical run blocking skills. He is big enough to handle the huge NT's in the middle. Weigy can't play forever and i don't want to see Niswanger in there again.

Round 3: Matt Reynolds OT BYU



Justification: After the initial talent at OT, mostly the OMG LT's, we come across the players with the size and ability but that need a little polishing. Reynolds is a good young player that i believe projects as a solid RT with potential to be a very good RT in a ZBS much like ours. We have a good offensive line but our RT position can be improved. O'Callaghan will still start Reynolds will swing tackle and battle O'Cally for the starting spot.

Round 3: Rick Stanzi QB Iowa



2010 Stats: Stanzi has completed close to 70% of his passes with 10 touchdowns and only 2 turnovers.

Justification: Yes 4 straight picks on the offense shows a lot of confidence in our defense but honestly only NT warrants a high pick for our defense and outside of Powe i don't like any of the prospects at that position. Stanzi is a highly intelligent QB coming from a pro style offense and already possesses chemistry with our top receiver Tony Moeaki. He has prototypical size and above average accuracy although he does have question marks about arm strength. Whether you doubt Cassel or not as a pro QB he is 29 years old and having a young QB to groom as your number 3 is never a bad thing.

I'm prepared for the angry mob of posts about a mock this early but hey its fun to research this stuff and hopefully it gives people a few players to try and watch on Saturday with hopes of seeing them in chiefs red on sundays.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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