Solving this QB problem

I've made no secret about my feelings on Matt Cassel. I was stoked when we picked him up, but now I've seen enough to know he's not the future of this team. He can't read a defense, is slow in progression, indecisive, conservative, and throws like a pitcher instead of a quarterback. His fantastic leadership ability and mobility aren't enough to keep him around next year. Since I can't see Cassel returning next year, at least as a starter, the question is then:

Who Will?

I'll outline some options for out QB situation next year. I'll limit this to people who I think have a reasonable chance of being on the market going into next season.

Brodie Croyle: I'm not really a big Croyle supporter, but I think he's better than Cassel. He can push the ball down field and is a superior decision maker for if no other reason than he can actually make one. I'd rather see him play this year but I would look elsewhere for 2011.

Kevin Kolb: He may be available come next year but a lot of yet unknown factors will play into that. He's played well more often than not I would say but I'm not sold on him yet. I have a nagging feeling he will be Cassel 2.0 but I want to watch him more before I make that condemnation. I'd only want to pick him up if he's played well for an appreciable about of time, but in that case he would not be on the market. If he's available then he's probably not worth pulling the trigger on. Buyer beware with Kolb.

Mike Vick: If Kolb Stays then Vick is probably on the market. When the Eagles picked him up I thought it was brilliant because it looked like an investment, and a good one. Sign him, let him tease with his talent, then trade him. I'd take Vick all day because hes a good QB who might finally be consistently so now that he has matured. I don't think he fits the philosophy here so the likelihood of this is low, but man what a group of athletes we would have.

Alex Smith: I don't know what it is about this guy. He looks fine but no production results. I'm certian he could be had but he's just not a pro system passer. I'll pass.

Max Hall: I'm frustrated that he's become the starter because I think he'll play himself off the market. If AZ thinks Skelton is the future then he may still be available. No one drafted him because he was pretty old for a rookie, played for BYU, and doesn't have the physicals that scouts get hot and bothered about. Hall is an absolute GAMER though and should be looked at seriously by anyone who needs a QB. Durability is my only concern here, but failing that Haley should be prepared to pull his strings.

Davis Garrard: Jacksonville is done with Garrard I think. There is just no way I see him playing his way back onto the jaguars roster next year. Poor David Garrard is, IMHO,  the most underrated QB in the league. I think his stock will drop further because, when surrounded by ineptitude, he tends to play risky football and his gambles often fail. This could be the best value on the market as far as QBs go.

Bruce Gradkowski: I've liked this guy since his days in Tampa. He lacks the physicals(save for speed) and like Hall, is a gamer. He's getting more polished with his experience and that, combined with his tenacious style, could make him dangerous on a better team. Luckily, the Raiders have poor enough judgment that they will go with Campbell next year. I'm quite positive.

Matt Moore: Never really Impressed me. He played well last year but this season has been a disaster for him. This is a gamble and I wouldn't make it. Better talent can be had in next year's QB market.

Matt Leinart: lol!

Kyle Orton: Josh McDaniels fancies himself a QB guru. He is eager to flaunt his self assumed brilliance for drafting Tim Tebow and I see his patience expiring by year's end. Orton's physicals are only adequate but that is no matter because he plays football with his heard. No one wants to admit Orton is for real because that acknowledges Denver won the trade with Chicago who is stuck with interception machine Jay Cutler. Orton is for real and KC should be ready to capitalize when McDaniels lets him go for setting too high a bar for golden boy Tim Tebow. Denver being a division rival makes this unlikely because Orton would likely need to be acquired via trade.

Some college player: We could draft a player but I only pay passing attention to NCAA football so I will leave it to commenters to boil that one over.

While in NE people were questioning the offensive line. Cassel was getting sacked so much they looked like they weren't doing their job. In reality they were as good as always, Cassel just took a few decades to make his reads. Now the same is happening with our receivers in KC. We don't have the greatest crop of receivers in the league, but they are certainly adequate. They're just rendered ineffective because, to decide to throw beyond 4 yards, Cassel needs galactic distances between his target and the defender. Bowe doesn't need separation really; he outmatches his coverage. Chambers gets open pretty often but Cassle just doesn't make the read or the throw. Matt Cassel is holding an otherwise good team back. So far we've succeeded in spite of him but that can't last.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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