Credit to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who doesn't love this current Kansas City Chiefs team?  Their record is 3-1, they are brimming with youthful talent, and they have a defense that looks like it will be a force for years to come. They went into Lucas Oil Stadium, they stood toe-to-toe with Peyton Manning and then punched him in the mouth.  Did the Chiefs come out on top in the game? No, they didn't come up with a victory, but what they did do, was deliver an outstanding performance defensively.  As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, that performance makes me proud as can be.

Todd Haley took some serious risks in the game, risks that had some people screaming at their TV sets about how dumb they were.  "What the heck are you doing?" some angry fans surely yelled, but in a less PG rated kind of way.  However, in hindsight the Chiefs took calculated risks that they felt gave them the best possible chance to win the game.  No matter your level of anger after those risky plays failed.  You would have been just as elated and rejoiced, had they succeeded.  The onside kick was a beautiful play, one bad Colts bounce and it went down in flames.  Right before that play, I told my friend Ben, "Watch them do an onside kick."  Of course, I was just joking at the time, but that is exactly what happened.  What a gutsy call, Shaun Smith, and I both admired Todd Haley's Jewels on that play.

I love what this says about the Chiefs head coach.  It makes me think that he was being a realist, and that he thought that the Kansas City Chiefs needed every tactical advantage possible, in order to beat the Colts at home.  For instance, the team going for it on fourth and two, when you can just as easily kick a chip shot field goal to tie the game in first quarter.  Man I have to tell you, at the time I was furious about that call, and complained about it the entire game.  However, after a bittersweet, nights sleep after the Chiefs perfect record was tarnished.  I realized that the coaches' game plan was to try to get up early on the Colts.  History has shown us, that if you fall behind early to Peyton Manning at home.  Then more likely than not, the end game result, is going to be a big fat "L".

So now I want to take the time out to commend coach Todd Haley and the Kansas City Chiefs for putting forth a valiant effort in a game that most analysts, prior to the season had the Chiefs getting annihilated in.  It was a well-crafted game plan overall, though looking back at it.  The thing that disappointed me the most was not the risks, but the lack of anything inventive on offense.  I expected the Chiefs to be more creative offensively.  The bland play calling that the team displayed was disheartening, indeed.  Especially after the offensive coming out party, the Chiefs had against the 49ers.  The offensive line did a great job blocking against the Colts, their play during the game was truly outstanding.  With that being the case, I think that a little trickery would have gone a long way in this game.

We all know what the Chiefs have in Jamal Charles, that man is a beast.  In addition, every single Chiefs fan that yelled, "Who?" at their TV screens, during the draft. Those same fans are now pleasantly surprised, by one gem of a player, the Chiefs found in Dexter McCluster, whom they so luckily unearthed in the second round.  "So why?"  I ask, is Jamal Charles and Dexter MCluster not in the backfield at the same time.  Their production speaks for itself, and if the Kansas City Chiefs are truly doing everything they can to make this team a winner.  Then it boggles my mind, as to why this is not taking place at least 40% of the plays on offense.  You have some amazing players; I am talking to you, Chiefs coaching staff, for the love of every fan out there I say, "Use them!"

The Chiefs have been great though, yeah I agree with you that they have some fine-tuning to do.  However, this has been an incredible ride since Clark Hunt fired Carl Peterson and brought in the best man available in Tony Soprano.  Oops, I mean Scott Pioli, the vision and consistency, that he and Todd Haley have displayed for this football team have been unreal.  It is truly hard to be that consistent in anything in life; I know that I have a hard time with it.  Therefore, I give high praise to anyone that can take consistency to the level that they have, here in Kansas City.  They give us a plan, and they stick by that plan.  It is truly admirable and gives me just another reason to be an undying fan of this organization.

Anyone of you, that has read any of my stuff in the past.  Must know that I am an extreme homer, and that I probably have too much optimism for the Chiefs.  I am the type of fan that picks the Chiefs to win all of the time.  Because, I tend to go with the team I want to win in my heart, rather than look at the reality of the situation.  The Chiefs have had some rough seasons in the past, to say the least, so that approach has led me to be quite infuriated in the Sunday's of old.  I am sure all of you can relate to me in that area. 

So far, for me, this 2010 Kansas City Chiefs journey has been an incredible ride.  I realize that the Chiefs barely lost to the Colts.  However, you should not let it get your faith down, because, as Todd Haley might say, "It's a 16 game season, and we are 3-1 in the first quarter, and now we begin it all over again.  The Chiefs are now 0-0 and we have a tough game in a hostile environment coming up.  So we are going to do all we can to end up 4-0 this quarter."  That kind of talk is inspiring to me; I want the Chiefs to win, more than anything else in the world.  Despite my homer-ism, I feel the Chiefs are going to go in to Houston and come out the victor.  That feeling is not only because the Chiefs played so well in Indy, but also because of the Houston Texans themselves.  The Texans are ripe for the picking; the Giants exposed their weaknesses to the world, with that 34-10 mud hole they stomped into them, that would've made "Stone Cold" Steve Austin proud.

I love Arrowhead Pride; it is the best website on the planet, bar-none.  I want to write over here all of the time, but I have been doing some work for Associated Content.  I was going to re-post some of my stuff in the Fan Posts section, but after having a friendly exchange with Joel.  I found out that was a no-no, so look for my stuff over in Fan Shots occasionally.  I told him that I would still post over here in the Fan Posts from time to time, because I love writing about football.  Our Kansas Chiefs are doing great, and they are the fast track to the play-offs.  So please just root for them, with all that you are.  Also Chiefs fans, enjoy this season, because it is going to be an amazing start of the Chiefs dynasty.  This is going out from one homer to many others.  Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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