It Took 5 Weeks Of The Kansas City Chiefs Season, But Now We Know

From the FanPosts. Good overall look at the game. -Joel

Well Chiefs fans, I finally got to see what I needed to see.  Now I know what the 2010 Chiefs can do, and just as importantly what they can't do.  We finally got to see a game where we needed a passing attack to succeed and we got to see what we can expect from that passing attack against a middle of the road defense. 

Going into the game, the Colts were ranked 15th vs. the pass.  That is slightly better than halfway down on a 32 team list.  Tony Moeaki is money.  Chris Chambers can hold on.  Dwayne Bowe...well Bowe is simply not what many had hoped he was.  Cassel is less than stellar himself, but I would really like to see him throw the ball 40 times in a game when he had a solid receiver to stretch the field.  If he can't do it then, I will be pretty disappointed because we need him to be good.  I would like to see him have a shot with one solid, play making wideout.   

Charles effectiveness drops when he is the primary back and the passing game stutters.  Did you hear the commentators talking about Charles' size?  They were saying that he is just small enough that if a defender can get a hand on him it can slow him down or trip him up fairly easily.  Based on the number of times it happened during the game, I would have to agree with that.  This, my friends, is why Charles is not the primary back in our system.  You need a chunk like Jones to take a lot of those hits and then, when the defense is slowing down a bit, you have a change of pace like Charles who can really make something happen. 

No one has mentioned the special teams either.  The Chiefs really didn't do much there.  Either their coverage was pretty good or the Chiefs special teams is now on the NFL's radar or both.  I don't think the Chiefs broke the 30 on kickoffs all day (Note by Joel: McCluster had one return of 32 yards.)

The defense was great.  Romeo to the rescue!  Mr. Football only scored 19 points at home.  That was Romeo's third meeting in Peyton's house and he lowered his average points given.  By my calculations, Romeo has now held the great Peyton Manning to an average of 23.33 points per game in his own house.  Just to make it a bit more special, those three games were with three different defenses. 

Think about that.  The way the Chiefs defense looked last year, there is nobody who would have thought it possible this year that they go in and hold Mr. Football to less than three touchdowns.  In fact, they held him to NO passing touchdowns. Wow. The only touchdown the Chiefs gave up to the master was a running play by their back up runningback?  Holy Guacamole Batman!  Really?!  Good thing the Colts have a kicker.  They needed one to pick up their slacking quarterback (please allow me this tongue in cheek reference--you know I had to say that).

No, fellas, it was the offense that prevented us from winning that game.  It wasn't the offensive line either.  I think they did a fine job. Much better than last year's line. 

Thank the Gods for Tony Moeaki, he is quickly turning into Matt Cassel's Jason Witten.  Charles was less effective for two reasons. The receivers couldn't catch and he was over-used in hopes that he could break one loose. I hope that those two things do not continue. Jones was fine but where did he go? For a while there, I thought he might have been hurt. I will chalk this one up to Bowe's ineffectiveness and poor offensive play calling.

I really think that Charlie could have at least tried a couple of things.  I really thought I would see a running back or receiver throw a pass in the game. I sort of saw him going there with Terrance Copper. And one time, on a hand off to Jones I could have sworn I saw him starting to pull up and look down field, only to be consumed by an extremely fast wall of blue on the left side of the offensive line. The offense has to be better. Just a little bit.

Given where we were last year, I must confess, I was happy that at least, we had a chance. 

The Texans are dead last vs the pass.  If the Chiefs can't take advantage of that defense, it is going to be a lot longer season that we had hoped for. I think the defense will do their job. 

It's time for Cassel, Bowe and all the rest to take care of business.  Shake this one off guys and pull your heads out.  If you don't, you are going to have a few defenses beating the crap out of you because "They ain't Skeered".  You have to play well enough to keep them honest.  What you did against the Colts won't get that done.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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