Breakdown of the Breakdowns...was it Cassel

Here is a brief overview of the points that I see as breakdowns in the game. 

We had two completions and three incompletions on first drive.  We ran on second and third down on the drive leaving us with the 4th and 2 when pass to Bowe incomplete.

Second second run, one scramble by Cassel..two completions called back by penalties...punt.

Third drive.two completions and driving the ball and then Charles fumble.

Fourth drive...two completions to drive us into field goal range and kick good at end of half.

First drive was a bit off for Cassel but he did well on three of the four drives really.


First, run, run....punt

Second drive...good mix of run and pass and we drive down but Bowe drops the td pass after Jones run was for a loss on 2nd and 5...we were set up nicely but the run getting stuffed hurt and put us in position of one chance and Bowe dropped it.  Cassel drove us into position on this one with  a 27 yard pass to Moeaki and another to Copper and one to McCluster...we had one decent run by Charles, otherwise all Cassel passes to get us down field.

Third drive...Bowe incomplete, Bowe incomplete, McCluster incomplete....the one to McCluster was on the run and across the body throw that few QBs make.  Bad series offensively with pressure on and BoBo just not in sync with Cassel...which is really very, very evident.

Fourth drive..short pass complete, short run, short pass incomplete and punt....

Fifth drive...five completions, including 21 yarder to Bowe and 10 yards to Chambers.  Three incomplete passes the last over Bowe on Feeney rush, then loss on run attempt and field goal no good. timing between Cassel and Bowe/Chambers except spotty.  When you watch Cassel I do see hesitations, but I have to wonder is it lack of confidence in his downfield receivers and/or are they not really getting open.  It is easy to see a receiver open from above, but when you are looking thru the line, if they are just on other side of a defender and not really creating do not have a line to zip the ball like you see Manning able to do with his receivers at times.  I think it is a lot like with the one pass where Chambers should have fought off the interception from the defender.  Are Bowe and Chambers a little lazy in their routes and not creating true seperation.  Even though I call for Cassel's head during the game..when I look back, I really wonder if it is on Bowe and Chambers.  And with Copper being more of the game plan today...perhaps that is what coaches are seeing?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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