Colts Could Be In For a LONG Day

Chiefs vs Colts coverage

Even though the Chiefs have been getting some national media, most analyst still don't give KC much of a chance to win in Indy. That's OK. In fact, I think it plays into KC's favor. If everyone was saying LOOK OUT, here comes the Chiefs, it could be a LOT of pressure on the players and coaches.

The way things are shaping up, no one really expects the Chiefs to win (except for us die hard Chief fans that is), and that is GREAT NEWS! All the pressure is going to be on Manning and company to deliver. Even if KC just makes a good showing it will be almost like a W for them.

Think about it, SF did such a lousy job at Arrowhead that they felt the need to start firing coaches. Like, if you lose to the Chiefs you must take drastic measures! Is that not a slap in the face for our boys? Even if Haley doesn't talk about it, you know the players are tuned into the fact. Sure, they are starting to get some national attention, but every breakdown I've seen has them losing to the Colts! What will Indy have to do if KC pulls off the upset? Will they have to fire some coaches or send more linemen to KC???

Here is why I like KC's chances in this game. I was telling folks here at the beginning of the year, if the Chiefs could somehow pull off the upset against SD, that they could well be 3-0 going into Indy in week 5. Well, here we are. The boys will have a swagger they would not have had with any other record. Even 2-1 does not pump up the confidence like not having tasted the agony of defeat! KC will go in fully expecting to win the game.

The Running Game

As has been highlighted very well, KC can run the ball, and at least at the end of week 3, they were leading the league in rushing (as a side point, the KC D will go up in the stats - having been off a week). Indy is not that good at stopping the run! Run the ball and keep Manning off the field. I'm sure that is going to be a big part of the game plan.

Manning Can Be Rattled

I've seen it. New Orleans did it to him in the SB last year. Peyton does not know how to deal with people in his face. He does not have that much experience at it. We saw what Hali can do when he does not have to be concerned about the run. Indy can not run the ball too well! Do you think Romeo will give Tamba the green light on putting some heat on Manning? He rushed the QB 30 times in the SF game. That might be 40 times in Indy.

Todd Haley has said just what I wanted to hear this week in press conferences. "You don't have to sack the QB to shake him up". Tamba may not have 3 sacks against the Colts, but if he can even get close enough to knock Peyton down after he throws, he can "Shake him up". Again, Peyton has not had much experience of being on the ground in games. Hit him a few times and it messes his timing up. It has caused him to throw a few picks. Our YOUNG and fast secondary is waiting for that!

Flowers said after the SF game, "I can't wait to play Manning".

Run the ball, play killer D, and throw in a trick passing play or two if they crowd the box (OH, and could we try to get another WR involved besides Bowe? I think they will in this game), and you have a winning game plan for Indy.

Ryan Lilja - Our Inside Info Source

Lilja may have been involved in a couple SB in Indy, but his Kansas State heart bleeds Chief red! You can bet that Romeo is getting any little tip he can from Ryan during this 2 week preparation for Manning and company. Do you think Ryan might have a little insight into weaknesses of that offensive line and/or Peyton Tendencies? Could he possibly know some of the fake calls Manning makes. Which ones to pay attention to, and which ones to ignore? It is almost like the coaching staff planned this inside job for this game.

Let's not forget the fact that our Coordinators have NEVER LOST to Indy as a pair on the same team. They are 6-0! GO CHIEFS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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