WR Prospects watch list. (Pre Workouts)

Prob the deepest and hardest position to scout due to the # of players at the position. So the way I go about it is first look at Speed, then into scouting reports/stats, Then I refer to Height and weight.

This is what I came up with my 39 top WR prospects. This will be a pretty long post. Look through it and give me some imput on my picks. will put 40 times in () following school name.  

1. Dez Bryant, 6'2'' 220, Okl St - Excellent hands and body control. Will fight for the ball. Most likely the first WR of the board. (rd 1)


2. Golden Tate, 5'11'' 195, ND - All around football STAR. I tried several ways to move him down atleast to #5 on the board no luck and there is a better chance he moves ahead of Bryant as the #1 WR prospect. (1st - 2nd rd)


3. Branden Lafell, 6'3'' 206, LSU (4.5 40 yd) - Good tall WR, excellent athletic ability, and good hands. (1st -2nd rd)


4. Jeremy Williams, 6'1'' 205, Tulane (4.5) - This is a WR i feel will be drafted higher than his true value. I see Williams as an average posession WR. (expected 1st - 2nd rd) I feel he is a 3rd - 4th rd talent.


5. D Thomas, 6'3'' 229, GT - If this JR runs a good 40 at the combine he could easily move into 1st rd consideration. I see him as a future STUD in the NFL at the WR position. Has all the tools. (2nd - 3rd rd prediction)


6. M. Gillyard, 6'0'' 187, Cincy (4.5) - Big play style WR I ? his ability agains bump and run coverage at the next level, however he is a good KR/PR option with alot of upside at WR. (2nd rd)


7. D Williams, 6'1'' 195, USC - His 40 time will effect draft status, good hands and route running ability. seen as a dependable possesion WR. (1st - 3rd rd)


8. A. Benn, 6'2'' 220, Illinois - Appears to have all the tools, some ? about drops and effort but should be a solid to good NFL player. (1st - 3rd rd)


9. Denario Alexander, 6'4'' 215, MU (4.5) - Some ?s about his durability hurt his stock, otherwise would be 1st rd consideration. Was arguably the best WR in college this year. If he stays healthy will be a game changing player. (2nd - 4th rd)


10. Riley Cooper, 6'3'' 215, Florida (4.49) - Could of come out last year. A solid all around WR with good hands. Could be a top performing rookie next year. (2nd - 4th rd)


11. Jordan Shipley, 6'0'' 190, Texas (4.45) - Excellent in the return game, great hands. Looks to me to be a good ST player and posession WR. Needs to run a good 40. (2nd - 3rd rd)


12. Jacoby Ford, 5'9'' 185, Clemson (4.37) - An electrifying player who could be an excellent KR/PR and slot WR. NFL comparison Bess of Miami. (2nd - 4th rd)


13. Eric Decker, 6'3'' 215, Minn (4.5) - An excellent route runner with good hands. Has struggled with injuries throughout his carear. If he can kick the injury bug will be a solid NFL WR. (2nd - 4th rd)


14. Blair White, 6'2'' 205, Mich St (4.5) - Academic All American with 3.89 GPA. 64 reception, 876 receiving yds and 8 TDs this season. (3rd - 5th rd)


15. Freddie Barnes, 6'1'' 206, Bowl Green (4.5) - Amazing senior season, 155 receptions 19TDs and 1770 receiving yds. (looks to be a 4th - 6th rd selection but would not be surprised if he goes as high as the 2nd rd.)


16. Taylor Price, 6'1'' 212, Ohio (4.36) - Ohio All Time receptions leader. 52 receptions, 735 yds, and 5 TDs this year. Looks like a solid prospect. (4th - 6th rd)


17. Andre Roberts, 5'11'' 190, Citadel (4.49) - 2009 Walter Payton Award Finalist. 77 receptions 792 yds, and 8 TDs. Expected to be one of the first sub division players off the board. (3rd - 5th rd)


18. Marcus Easley, 6'2'' 216, UConn (4.4) Led UConn in receptions this year but only had 1 carear reception going into 2009. could get picked late in the draft. (4th - 6th rd)


19. Chris Carter, 6'0'' 195, UC Davis (4.49) - First Team All-Great West in 2008. Had 18 receptions and 190 yds vs Montana this year. (5th - 7th rd)


20. Chris McGaha 6'1'' 193, Ariz St (4.5) - All Pac Ten Second Team 2009, (Coaches), 48 receptions 596 yds and 4 TDs. Looks to be a solid posesion WR. (4th - 6th rd)

   The rest after the jump. 


21. Aric Arnett, 6'2'' 190, WV ( 4.49) - Big Play potential. played in over 775 plays in 2008. can't find much about 2009 on him. (6th - 7th rd)


22. Emanual Sanders, 5'11'' 182, SMU (4.47) - Holds almost every receiving record at SMU, had 91 receptions, 1215 yds this year both school records. His YAC ability is his #1 attribute and shows the ability to get deep. A player I could see us going for. (5th - 7th rd)


23. Pat Simmonds, 6'6'' 222, Colgate (4.55) - 66 receptions, 1012 yds, and 14 TDs, third WR in school history to place back to back 1,000 receiving yard seasons. First Team All Patriot League. (6th - 7th rd)


24. Shay Hodge, 6'0'' 207, Ole Miss (4.59) - 63 receptions, 1023 yds, 8 TDs. First in the SEC in receiving yds per game at 82.25. Seems to be a really solid player but lacks speed. His 40 time will  really effect his draft position. (4th - 7th rd)


25. D. Briscoe 6'3'' 200, KU - Good Hands and solid all around game. Lacks break away speed and would benefit greatly by staying in school one more year. (3rd - 6th rd)


26 T Tolliver, 6'4'' 206, LSU - Repeat the Briscoe statement and add that both these players would be near the top of the 2011 draft and would be better served to stay in school.  (3rd - 6th rd)


27. S. Williams, 6'5'' 200, Toledo (4.5) - All MAC First Team. 79 receptions, 1065 yds. Toledos carear receptions and receiving yards leader with 229 receptions and 3102 receiving yds. Could be a steal in the draft. (6th - URFA)


28. B. Banks 5'7'' 154, K State (4.28) - Amazing speed and good return skills off the feild issues hurt stock. (6th - URFA)


29. T. Holliday, 5'5'' 168, LSU (4.27) - Possibly the fastest player in this years draft. Will get drafted to play ST. (5th - 7th rd)


30. D. Reed, 6'0'' 190, Utah, (4.5) 75 receptions 1085 yds, 5 TDs in 2009. This could be a solid pick up for someone late in the draft. (6th - 7th rd)


31. Ajirotutu, 6'3'' 210, Fresno St (4.55) - All WAC Second Team, (Coaches) 48 receptions 671 yds, 7 TDs. Could be a solid posesion WR I don't see him being more than that. (6th - 7th rd)


32. D.Jones, 6'1'' 210, Youngstown St (4.55) - 77 receptions 790 yds, 6 TDs. First Team All MVFC selection. could be a good late rd pick up (6th - 7th rd)


33. K. Tindal, 6'2'' 198, Newberry (4.28) - Amazing speed 2008 First Team All South Atlantic. Not sure what he did in 2009, but has the tools to be agood player. (7th - URFA)


34. D Calhoun, 6'4'' 200, Memphis (4.46) - 2009 All Conferance USA Second Team, and Team MVP. 68 receptions, 923 yds 5 TDs. 49 consecutive games with a reception. School records with 2981 receiving yds carear and 212 receptions. ( 7th - URFA)


35. J. Moturi, 6'0'' 190, UTEP (4.47) - 2007 First Team All Conferance, 2008 and 2009 honerable mention. Consistant performer who could be a solid player. (7th - URFA)


36. M. Marianni, 6'0'' 185, Montana (4.5) - 2009 First Team FCS All American. 5,263 carear all purpose yds, 2,840 receiving yds. 1301 receiving yds this year. This is a solid football player. Will get more out of him then expected. (7th - URFA)


37. E. King, 5'9'' 178, Delta St (4.34) Fast WR who more than likely will not be drafted a good option to bring in for workouts post draft. (URFA)


38. D. Gettis, 6'4'' 215, Baylor (4.47) 2009 Big 12 Honerable mention, (Coaches). Former Track Athlete totaled 52 receptions, 675 yds, and 3 TDs. Had 6 receptions of 40 yds or longer on the season and led the Big 12 with 13 yds per reception. (6th - URFA)


39. J. Stewart, 6'1'' 196, Southern (4.55) - FCS Third Team All American, 2008 First Team All SWAC. 81 receptions, 1028 yds, 11 TDs could be a steal. Stock value could rise with good workouts. (7th - URFA)


There are the Players on my watch list hope that gives you some insight.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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