RB Prospects (pre workouts)

 This is my watch list and player ranking. along with expected draft position.

HB is a position we could be looking to add depth for next season.

1.  C.J. Spiller,5'11'' 195 Clem - An all around player, great athlete with elite speed, excellent hands, good body control. (This should be the 1st RB off the board).


2.  Toby Gerhart, 6'1'' 235 Stan - This guy is the definition of a bruising runner, has great feet for a big man and always finishes his runs. lacks the pull away speed of elite players, but will be effective power back. If we really want a POWER back to complement Charles I do what it takes to get Gerhart as he would also give us another FB option and more looks to throw at the D. (2-3 rd)  


3. Dixon, 6'1'' 235 Miss St - Expected by most to be a good NFL back. Good feet for a big guy and decent speed. I'm not completly sold on him, although I  have not seen alot I guestion his ability against great competition. (1-3 rd)


4. Mathews Jr, 5'11'' 220 Fresno St - This is a good football player, has all the tools to be a really good back. Good feet, and break tackle ability, also shows the ability to get small, slide by ability. (1st - 3rd)


5. Dwyer, 5'11'' 235 GT - Good Blocker, decent feet, excellent break tackle ability, average speed. Dwyer should be a dependable player in the NFL. (2nd - 3rd)


6. Best, 5'10'' 195 Cal - super fast player with great playmaking ability, strength and break tackle ability are ?, could be Reggy Bush type in the NFL. (2nd - 4th) his injury is going to hurt his stock some.


7. Hardesty, 6'0'' 215 Tenn - Is a power running back, downhill type of guy that has good balance, and a chance to be really good at the next level. Average break away speed. (3rd - 5th)


8. McCluster, 5'7'' 168 Ole Miss - Watching this kid run he looks alot like JC but needs to add weight in a big way if he wants to be succesful in the NFL at any other position than returner. Very fast palyer with plenty of moves in his bag. Bold Prediction if McCluster adds 20 lbs he will be the best back to come out of this years draft.  (2nd - 3rd)  


9. Joique Bell, 5'11'' 224 Wayne St - This is a player who looks like a complete package excellent ability. Only ? is comming from a smaller school how long will it take for him to get accustomed to the speed of  play in the NFL. This is a player the Chiefs should look into. (expected 4th - 5th rd)


10. Royster 6'1'' 213 Penn St - Royster is a solid player I ? his first step ability in the NFL, but he is a player who you get 100% out of all the time. He will find a way to contribute. Determined Athlete with average ability. (2nd 5th rd) lots of varied opinions on this players ability.


11. Tate, 5'11'' 218 Aub - Powerful compact runner, downhill style player, decent foot speed and good Break Tackle ability, Has potential but really needs to work on top end speed. witch is bit slow. (3rd - 5th rd) alot will depend on his 40 time.


12. Miquel Lewis 5'6'' 195 - Compact runner who is an excellent athlete, good hands as a reciever, and excellent RB skills, excellent feet and quickness. Solid body at almost 200 lbs and only 5'6'' so he is hard to see. This is a player who I feel would be an excellent complement to Charles and would be a great ST addition. (5th- URFA)


13. James 5'7'' 186 Florida - This is a player although undersized has all the tools to be great if he can add 20 lbs will be an excellent back at the next level. Is excellent in the return game and will get drafted for this reason. (5th - 7th rd)


14. Brown 5'11'' 200 Okl - Fast RB with average everything could develop into solid contributer. doesn't seem to have many moves simply takes what the defense gives him. Not great break tackle player. (5th - 7th rd)


15. Coker, 5'10'' 205 Hampton - Have not been able to find a whole lot on this guy other that his size and stats some talk about him. seems to have the package. A possible late rd gem at this point workouts will effect his stock considerably. (5th - UFRA)


16. Stafon Johnson, 5'11'' 216 USC - after the weight lifting accident leaves alot of ? but one is not his determination or love for the game. Workouts will play a big part in his stock as the draft aproaches. (4th - 7th)


17. Turner 6'1'' 225 TCU -a powerful down hill runner. Thats all I know about him. (5th - URFA)


18. Blount 6'1'' 240 Oregon - Suspended most of the year for the punch after witch the team apeared to get better withut him. is a big body with decent moves could make an impact or just be a cancer for the team that drafts him. expect someone to take a chance on this kid. (5th - 7th)


19. Charles Scott 5'11'' 234 LSU - A bigger back that I see as average in everything he does. A person most people have seen play and have their own opinion on but I see nothing in his game that jumps out at me for him to be anyting but a 3rd RB in the NFL. expected (4th - 5th) I see a 6th or 7th  rd talent.


20. Toston 6'0'' 214 Okl St - this is a player with some upside his consistancy leaves some ?s but overal skill set is there. Good feet, average break tackle, decent break away speed. solid agility. A late rd pick with solid #2 RB potential. (6th - 7th)


21. James 5'11'' 212 Mia - a player with great physical attributes but has never lived up to potential at the college level. No clue as to wether this kid will be anything more then a 3rd RB in the NFL. With natural ability could become a #1 rb option. (5th -7th)


22. Anderson 5'11'' 212 Tulane - A power back downhill runner I see as an average depth player in the NFL. Not alot to go on, have not seen much of him. stock could rise or fall during workouts. (5th - URFA)


23. Karim 5'9'' 205 Southern Illinois - This is a RB I see with alot of potential. Played in a smaller conferance but has shown good ability. fast, good moves a decent vision could be a late rd steal. (5th - URFA)


24. Dixon 6'1'' 202 UConn - I see him a just a decent all around back, solid depth. Nothing really stands out as strengths and no glarring weakness in his game either.(6th - 7th)


25. Starks 6'2'' 218 Buffalo - I believe he missed most or all of this year with an injury, but had been a very good RB throughout his carear will probably get a shot somewhere. odds of being drafted waver heavily on if he is able to work out for scouts. (5th - 7th)


Notable players I left out are Noel Devine, would be just ahead of Stafon Johnson. Demarco Murray, who would slot in behind Toston and Joe Mcknight who would be right ahead of Royster this year but would likely be in the top 3 of RBs next year. I feel all three of these RB would benefit greatly from returning for their senior year of college.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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