A Look at the Prospects (pre workouts QB)

I am going to give a look at the prospects this year at every position one per day starting today with QB. 

 This is MY watch list and order I have players ranked. Will put where they are EXPECTED to go as far as rd.

1 Tim Tebow, 6'3'' 245, Florida - Doubters can say what they want but Tebow has proven he is a winner and will be succesful in the NFL. (mid 1st)


2 Dan Lefevour, 6'3'' 238, Cent Mich - My #2 ranked QB can do it all, has good arm strength and accuracy, (Great Stats), good athlete who can make plays with his legs. Has the ability to make plays when nothing is there or atleast get rid of the ball. (rd 2 - 4 )


3 Jimmy Clausen, 6'2'' 223, ND - A solid pocket QB with average NFL ability. Will be a first rd pick.


4 Hiller, 6'4'' 234, West Mich - Could be a steal in the draft or move up boards rapidly once workouts begin. Very Smart, Owns ALL of Western Michigans passing records. (4th - 7th rd unless workouts move him up)


5 Sam Bradford, 6'4'' 223, Okl - DURABILITY, I have only seen him get hit a few times and he could not handle it. (Croyle) (1st - 3rd rd.)


6 Colt McCoy  6'2'' 212, Tex - Avg Arm strength accurate passer, Good athlete. Average starter material or Drew Brees type is ?, (Late 1st - Mid 2nd)


7 Tony Pike, 6'6'' 226, Cincy - Good pocket passer ala Flacco with durability ?. falls because of that. (2nd-4th)


8. Perrilloux, 6'2'' 228, Jax St - At one point would of been 1st rd prospect, before the LSU incident. MAJOR upside could be a solid NFL starter maybe even great. Someone will take a chance on him in the later rds. (6th or 7th rd pick with first day ability) 


9 Webb, 6'4'' 220, UAB - Only player in NCAA history at the top level to throw for 2,000 yds and rush for 1,000 yds in consecutive seasons. could be a late rd stud.


10 Armanti Edwards, 5'11'' 185, App St - Duel Position player, Undersized for the QB position, but has adequate skill, can also be used as WR/KR/PR or Wildcat/Situational QB. Will be an assett to whoever gets him.


11 John Skelton, 6'5'' 256, Fordham - ? Prototypical Size with good stats. (projected 4th-7th rd pick up).


The rest I see as carear backups or not in the NFL at all.

12 Crompton, 6'3'' 228, Tenn

13 Brown, 6'3'' 223, WV

14 Max Hall, 6'1'' 202, BYU

15. Stull, 6'3'' 215, Pitt

16. Canfield, 6'4'' 215, Ore St

17. Kafka, 6'3'' 220, Northwestern.

I know QB is not a need for us and with potential of Croyle being here as backup pretty high we are not in the market for a QB. I would still like input on this years QB class who is going to be good that sort of discussion. Wether you agree with my rankings more or some of the experts.

To me the most interesting positions will be WR, O-Line(OG/C), OLB, CB, and S. but lets keep this one focused on QBs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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