5 Reason’s Charlie Weis’ Hiring Is A Great Move

It's already an exciting offseason if you're a Chiefs fan. I remember last year with all of the moves happening what an exciting time it was for the franchise. And now, we are starting to see the plan unfold. Todd Hailey knew after he was hired so late in the game last year that his coaching staff was going to be a 2 year project. I really don't think that Coach Hailey wanted to go into the season calling plays but after firing Chan Gailey only weeks before the regular season our options were limited to say the least. But now it's the start of a new season and the Kansas City Chiefs are already making headlines with the hiring of Charlie Weis as our offensive coordinator. There are 5 things that really jump out to me and and scream, THIS WAS A GREAT MOVE, lets take a look...

1.) Charlie Weis is a winner
You can say what you want about Charlie Weis as a college coach but there is no denying his success as an offensive coordinator in the NFL. In his second season as the New York Jets OC the team finished the season as 4th in offense. This helped him to land a new gig in New England after Bill Parcels retirement following the 1999 season. This would be Charlie's second gig with the Patriots as he served a 4 year stint with the team in the early 90's, two of those years as the tight end coach. This time however, he was hired as the team's offensive coordinator. From 2000-2004 Charlie Weis helped to mold the NE offense into a 3 time Super Bowl champion. NE didn't always have the best offensive talent but they always seemed to maximize the talent they had and their game planning was impeccable. Charlie Weis has coached in the biggest game this sport has to offer and came out a winner, 3 TIMES!

2.) Coach Weis is a great fit
There are numerous different kinds of offenses and offensive schemes in the NFL. There are certain teams that when you play them you can expect a heavy dose of either the run or pass. Those decisions are made by that teams play caller. In the case of the Kansas City Chiefs, those duties are now in the hands of Charlie Weis. Now I would be a bit discouraged if we had an OC coming in to instill another new system, setting back the franchise yet again. But Weis' and Hailey's offense are virtually the same style. Don't believe me? Well then maybe you'll believe Coach Hailey who said, "He's a coach that system-wise I feel we're as close as we can be. It is the same system [that we run here now]." The core of our offensive strategy will not be changing and it makes me feel good knowing that all that time spent from last August to this point will not be going to waste. Coach Hailey has set the plan in motion and I think that Charlie Weis will do a great job in carrying that plan out.

3.) Matt Cassel's best friend
The first thing that went through my mind when I heard about this hiring was that Matt Cassel must be the happiest guy in the world. Charlie Weis' has a reputation for molding QB's into superstars and I would love to see our 60 million dollar investment pay off. He took the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL draft and helped him to become a 3-time Super Bowl champion and 2-time Super Bowl MVP. Now lets be honest, Tom Brady is an all-time great and it's been my experience in football that the cream always rises to the top meaning that even if Charlie Weis wouldn't have been at NE, Tom Brady would very likely still be a great NFL QB. But it is encouraging to note that Coach Weis was Tom's first offensive coordinator in the league. He got Tom Brady when he was still just raw talent and with good coaching transformed that raw talent into superstardom. You can make the argument that he has done the same thing at Notre Dame. In his years as the Fighting Irish head coach he will have had 2 first round quaterbacks in Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen. Now we all know how his head coaching reign ended but the good new is that we're not hiring him to be our head coach. We're hiring him to take this offense to the next level and that all starts with #7. I have complete confidence that under the tutelage of Charlie Weis, Matt Cassel can become a pro-bowl caliber QB in this league.

4.) Coach Hailey will become more efficient
As mentioned previously it has been well documented that it is Todd Hailey's belief that the best way to become a successful head coach in this league is to have a reliable set of coordinators, both offensive and defensive. It wasn't Todd Hailey's master plan that he would be calling plays for the Chiefs in ‘09. But after firing Chan Gailey he wasn't left with much choice. I think it's safe to say that coach Hailey spread himself a little thin his rookie year. It's hard enough to take on a team who had won 6 games in 2 years but then add onto that play calling duties and trying to learn how to manage the game as a rookie head coach and you've got a recipe for disaster. Now let me get things straight. I do think that our offense showed great improvement as the year progressed but I always wondered if this improvement came at the expense of some other facet of the Chiefs game. I am excited to watch the progress of Todd Hailey in ‘10. With his hand picked offensive coordinator in place I think we will see great improvement in the overall management of our team both in game and on the practice field.

5.) The lure of the Kansas City Chiefs
I think that this could be an overlooked strong point of having Charlie Weis as the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs. With the hiring of Coach Weis I believe the Chiefs have regained some that lure that could help to attract top notch free agents to the organization. Charlie Weis' history in the NFL speaks for itself and if I'm an NFL free agent I don't think I would mind playing for a 3-time Super Bowl winning coach. Not to mention, Charlie Weis had options. You've probably all read that Chicago was interested in his services as well but he picked the Chiefs. That's right, he chose the chiefs just as much as they chose him. This tells me that he sees our team as an up an coming contender in the NFL. A team that he can help take to the next level and win championships. So all you top-notch free agents out there look out, the Kansas City Chiefs just might choose you next!

Thanks for reading and please add any other good reasons you can think of.
Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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