With the 8th pick in the 2010 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select...

I'm still fairly new to AP so forgive me for changing the Mock Draft/OC/DC talk for one quick post. Before I get into the meat of this post I'd like to thank AP for providing a stage for Chiefs fans to get information and share opinions. I've read on here a few times that AP is the top site for SB nation or at the least, one of the best. It's no surprise that it's going strong because although there are a lot of conflicting opinions, we keep it respectful. That being said, if you are new to AP, or fairly new, I recommend reading a post titled "Class is in Session" from KCSatchmo. It's definately a perspective we can all learn from. It's been well-documented but with so many new people joining and the fact that it's not on the front page anymore, I feel it should be endorsed.

Let's lighten the mock-draft mood on AP here, we're 100+ days out still and people seem to have their minds made up already. Hey. I'm guilty of picking my favorites, but it is January and we have plenty of time to debate the Suh, Berry, McClain, Okung, Bryant, trade (QB?)-crazy talk. We have no idea whats going to happen, and they will evaluate players based on their criteria, not ours, and I'm all for that. I just want to recognize the name called on draft day. So here's a light-hearted attempt at a 2010 Oakland Raiders mock draft. - with explanations. :)

This thread is not intended to be serious.

1st round

Ryan Mallet - QB - Arkansas - I have to admit, I agree with Walterfootball on this one. Al Davis drafts based on performances between January and April. Jamarcus "you think it's me" Russel was spectacular at his pro-day, made every throw, (no pads, no defenders). Darren Mcfadden and DHB were combine, pro-day All-stars. Mallet is big, like 6'7 big, and has a cannon attached to his body. Let the bad Joe Flacco comparison's begin. If Mallet comes out, and the Raiders want a QB, he is the kind of guy Al wood take.

2nd Round -

Corey Wooten - DL - He is big, 6'7 280 big,and he will have to replace the not-so-forgotten terrible trade that rented Richard Seymour for a year. I hope that if the Chiefs don't win the superbowl in 2010, that whatever team signs Richard Seymour does, because then we can talk about how dumb of a trade that was all year long.

3rd Round

Brandon Carter - OL Texas Tech - For those who don't know who this player is google "Brandon Carter Texas Tech", you have your answer. I'm pretty sure that's enough for Al to pull the trigger. And no, he doesn't belong in the 3rd round but remember, we are talking about the Raiders. If even Mel Kiper doesn't recognize the name you draft in the 3rd round, then you have a problem (see Mike Mitchell).

4th Round

Bear Woods - LB - Troy. An undersized fiery guy that along with Carter and Gallery would fit in the Raiders system with their combine All-Stars.

This message was not intended to be completely serious. Who do you think the Raiders will select in the upcoming draft?, and most importantly, why?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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