Biggest Bang for the Buck (mock draft)

     I want to start off by saying I want Pioli to trade down and get as much draft picks as possible because this draft is deep.  However, I don't see it as a highly probable situation.  Which means we will only have 4 first day picks (3rd round included).  I think these 4 players will yield us the most results immediately, getting us out of the bottom of the NFL.  I also included 4 later round picks that could help with depth and could be developed into contributors in the future. 

Round One

Russel Okung (OT, Oklahoma St) - I've seen Anthony Davis sky rocket up draft boards lately, but I think Okung would be a better fit for what we are trying to do.  He is the best pass protector in this class and has the body type Haley is looking for.  I think getting a franchise left tackle would allow the entire offense to progress.  Albert would move to LG and Waters could possibly be our stop-gap at center.  It would be an upgrade of three positions.  Not to mention it would give Cassel more throwing time and Charles more running room.

Round Two

Terrence Cody (NT, Alabama) - Many people think Cody is a first rounder and I couldn't disagree more.  He would be off the field half the time due to his endurance issues.  Many people point to the Chargers to take him at the end of the 1st, but I see them getting a 3-4 defensive end like Ordick from Penn St.  We will have to draft a later round back-up to come in for Cody, creating a one-two punch.  We could get a kid like Udofia from Stanford who is on the lighter side for a NT at 320 lbs.  He could come in on 3rd and longs, since Cody's greatest skills are not rushing the passer.  On a side note if we land one of the big 3 in free agency (Wilfork, Pickett, Hampton) than this pick should Kyle Wilson (CB, Boise St).  I think he has what it takes to be a great corner across from Flowers and having two grade A corners in this league is a rarity. 

Eric Norwood (OLB, South Carolina) - I was pleased with Tamba Hali's resurgence this season, however, we desperately need another threat to get to the QB.  Norwood is tailer made to be a 3-4 strongside rush linebacker.  He playes SLB for the gamecocks and did very well preforming his linebacker duties.  The best thing about Norwood, however, is his pass rushing abilities.  To me, he is more polished Lamar Woodley coming out of college.  Many people like Von Miller, but he is too small to play on the strongside.  Norwood is 270 lbs. and will be able to handle the three big things of run stopping, rushing the passer, and covering the TE. 

Round Three

Jordan Shipley (Slot WR, Texas) - I think Chambers is a good option across from D Bowe, but this team needs a third WR badly.  Shipley fits the bill perfectly as a great slot WR.  He can go across the middle, actually catch the ball, and take huge hits.  I don't know if he is the next Welker, but he is the closest thing I see in this draft.  He also has pretty good speed and the ability to juke and make the defender miss.  These skills also translate to punt returner, which is something this team hasn't had since the human joystick days. 

Round Four

Myron Rolle (SS, Florida St) - A lot of people think safety is the biggest need on this team and I don't exactly agree with that assesment.  I think its a need, but as dire as the ones I have listed above.  The fourth round will offer us a lot of options for our eventually replacement of Mike Brown.  Rolle is raw considering he took a year off football to study at Cambridge under the prestigous Rhode Scholarship.  Hopefully, Rolle is serious about becoming an NFL player and it will be his number one focus.  He is an ideal 6'1" at 220 lbs.  Obviously he is very smart and great athlete.  He won't make an immediate impact like our first 4 picks, but could be an integal part of our defense for the future.  If not Rolle, there are other good options such as Kam Chancellor of VT. 

Pat Angerer (ILB, Iowa) - I think it is very realistic to believe that we can get another 4th round pick.  We two players that could yield this kind of value: Page and DJ.  If the ideal trade down in the 1st occurs, we would likely have another 4th.  Anyway Angerer is one of my favorite players because he is smart and is ideal as a 3-4 inside linebacker.  If we can land Karlos Dansby in free agency these two would make a really good tandom.  Angerer falls because there are other freak athletes at his position.  He may not be as fast or strong as McClain and Spikes, but he will do his job and do it right.  He the ultimate "The Patriot Way" player.  Zach Thomas was considered too small as well, but he made up for it with his brain and so will Angerer. 

Round Five

Udofia (NT, Stanford) - Talked about him in Terrence Cody's section.  Would be a solid backup nose and could come in on 3rd downs.

John Estes (C, Hawii) - I'm not in love with any of the top tier center prospects in this draft.  Personally, I don't like spending a high draft pick on a center.  Estes would probably be able to start his sophmore season.  He is a team leader, smart, and has the awareness to diagnois defenses to call protection schemes.  He isn't the strongest guy in the world, but he can hold his own.  Also, Estes is a versatile player and could play guard as well.  There are a lot of good options in terms of stop-gap centers.  Waters, Mawee from TN, and hell even Weigman is a free agent.

Last Pick (?) - I'm thinking we need to draft a RB.  You can find good ones even at this stage of the draft and we need someone to take the load off of Charles to keep him fresh.  Maybe a Ben Tate from Auburn.  I'm horrible at guessing where these RBs will go.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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