Whitlock Grades the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs

This is probably the column I look forward to most from Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star. At the conclusion of every season, he hands out his annual grades. He's played football himself so he does have knowledge of the game uses that serious side to combine with his humor.

The result? A pretty entertaining read.

The A's include Jamaal Charles (obviously) and Chan Gailey, whose "image is untarnished after being fired by Haley before the start of the season."

Here are a few other interesting grades from Mr. Whitlock:

B - Derrick Johnson

Yep, I’m giving DJ a high grade. He deserves it for not assaulting Haley. DJ rode the bench behind kickoff-coverage wedge busters. In the few snaps he was allowed, DJ had a knack for getting involved in big plays. He knocked Ben Roethlisberger out of the Pittsburgh game with an accidental knee to the head. DJ forced a Torry Holt fumble with hustle in the Jacksonville game. DJ kept the Chiefs in the Baltimore game with a 70-yard interception return. And, of course, DJ destroyed the Broncos with two pick-six returns. DJ was involved in more memorable Chiefs defensive plays than any other defender, and he played only 15 to 20 snaps a game.

B - Wallace Gilberry

 I like Wally a lot, and it’s not just because he has a unique name for a brother. Wally does something his higher-drafted defensive end teammates can’t do. Wally actually tackles the opposing quarterback in the backfield. He did it 4 1/2 times this season. The L$U Brothers — Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson — combined for one sack this season. Wally is underpaid.

C - Bobby Wade

The only player on the roster with the necessary midsection courage to yell at Haley. How can you not like Wade? He’s a solid No. 4 receiver and a borderline No. 3. Wade runs good routes and has good hands. If he’s back next year, I’ll bet a thousand dollars he slaps Haley before the bye.

D- Matt Cassel

The Sixty Million Dollar Man does not deserve an F. Pioli and Haley handcuffed Cassel by failing to provide him the proper tools to compete. The Chiefs led the league in dropped balls. Cassel was stuck with Larry Johnson at running back the first half of the season. Johnson’s slow-footed running put the Chiefs in a lot of third-and-long situations. Third and long is not a quarterback’s friend. Toss in the fact that Haley played musical chairs at receiver, and Cassel’s 16 TD-16 INT season makes perfect sense. Don’t give up on Cassel. He’s not a franchise quarterback. He might be Chad Pennington.

F - Todd Haley

I know. You think I hate Haley. I don’t. The guy is really likable. He’s just embarrassingly immature. Good football coaches are patient. Haley has the patience of a mayfly, an insect with a lifespan of 30 minutes, and the game-day decision-making ability of a 13-year-old playing Madden video football for the first time. I’m going to cut my Haley commentary short because you’ve heard me moan and groan about Haley all season. I’m prayerful that he’ll do some heavy self-examination this offseason and come back next season resembling a legit NFL coach.

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