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Well I know its been a few weeks sense I served up any Chiefs Kool Aid for the AP masses (blame it on those stinking holidays!).  However, I do have a nice big pitcher to serve up for the end of the season.  I have 10 reasons why you can still be positive about a 4-12 season.  So here we go, in no particular order:

Let's start with the offense,

1.  Jamaal Charles:  This one is obvious, but here are some numbers to back up what we already know.  Charles finished the year 11th in rushing with only 8 starts.  He had 968 yards in those 8 weeks for an average of 121 yards per game (and he only topped 20 carries 4 times and never over 25).  If you average those numbers over a full 16 games it would be good for 1,936 yards.  Also, his 5.9 yards per carry is tied with Felix Jones for first in the league among backs with over 100 carries (even better then C. Johnson).  We can't keep the Charles Kool Aid in stock it is so popular right now.

2.  Chris Chambers:  Chambers was just what the doctor ordered for our passing game.  On a team that had no real deep threats Chambers averaged 4 rec / game for about 65.5 yards.  That's about 16.9 yards per catch.  With our top WR suspended and struggling at times Chambers was huge.  We are highly recommending the resign Chambers Kool Aid.

3.  The O-line:  That's right, we're offering up a "new and improved" o-line Kool Aid.  This Kool Aid is a derivative of the Charles Kool Aid because the improved o-line numbers really start when Charles took over at RB.  The o-line gave up 45 sacks this year.  That's not Kool Aid worthy.  However, if you split the season in half you get a different picture.  30 of those sacks came in the first 8 games.  In the second half they only gave up 15.  In the last 3 games of the year going against teams that ranked 8th, 16th, and 10th in team sacks they allowed a total of 2 sacks including last weeks shut out of the donkey's D and the league sack leader Elvis Drumervil.  So in the second half of the season they allowed just under 2 sacks per game and blocked well enough for Charles to rush for over 120 yards per game.  I've actually read comments on this site suggesting they should fire Bill Muir and get a new o-line coach.  With that kind of improvement in the second half we offer no Kool Aid for that crazy talk.  The o-line is no longer the biggest problem on our team, so drink up the "improved o-line" Kool Aid APers!

4.  Matt Cassel:  I know some of you won't touch a glass of Matt Cassel Kool Aid and that's fine.  We offer this up.  Matt Casselhad 50 or more of his passes dropped.  He was sacked 27 times in his first 7 starts while trying to learn an offense that was put in a week before the season started (while he was injured) and with a revolving door of starting WRs.  He had a coach that rode him like a pony and a fan base that was just as hard on him.  Despite this Matt Cassel survived.  It wasn't always pretty and he made his share of mistakes, but given those circumstances who wouldn't.  Matt Cassel proved to me that he is tough and a leader.  We offer up the Matt Cassel has earned the right to be our starting QB for AT LEAST one more season while we see what he can do with some more talent and more consistency Kool Aid.

Now for the D,

5.  Demorrio Williams:  This is a small batch that may not sell very well but we feel has been earned.  Williams ended up with 117 tackles, good for 16th in the league ahead of some big names like Vilma, Dansby, and Bulluck.  Williams is never flashy and doesn't make many "DJs" (aka flashy highlight plays) but he was super consistent.  He may not even be in the long term plans but we also believe that his ability to rack up tackles is a sign that the front three are eating up blockers like they are suppose to.  So get your limited edition Demorrio Williams Kool Aid while it lasts.

6.  Glenn Dorsey:  His year end numbers don't really tell the story.  Through 11 games he was on pace for 65 tackles which is redonkulous for a DT trying to learn to play the 3-4 DE spot.  Then he got dinged up and versus Denver and Buffalo only totalled 3 total tackles and was eventually sat down for the Cleveland game.  Here's the numbers that should tell you how good Dorsey was while healthy.  In the three games where Dorsey was out or playing hurt the Chiefs gave up 265.3 yards rushing per game.  In the other 13 they only gave up 131.4.  That is an impact player my friends, drink up.

7.  Brandon Flowers:  This is probably the top seller among the D's Kool Aid flavors.  Flowers ended the year with 5 INTs (tied for 12th in the league).  His 28 pass deflections was good for 4th in the league.  He was the only player in the NFL with 20 pass deflections, 5 INTs, 2 FF, and 2 Fum Recs.  He did all this while playing hurt for much of the season.  I don't think I need to push the Flowers Kool Aid, it sells itself.

8.  Tamba Hali:  Another Kool Aid flavor that is well documented on AP.  Hali set a career high in sacks despite not having any other pass rushers on the roster for teams to worry about (and he was held on almost every play, I'm just saying..).  Another impressive number is that of the 17 players that finished ahead of Hali in sacks only 1 had more total tackles (James Harrison).  He may never be a house hold name, but this is one of our favorite Chiefs Kool Aids.

9.  Derrick Johnson:  If you have followed my posts on AP in the past you know its not easy for me to offer up a DJ Kool Aid.  I think the guy is the definition of a yo-yo player.  That being said he does have a freakish ability to make big plays.  In his limited playing time he finished tied for second in the league in INTs among LBs.  Another good stat for you DJ fans out there:  This season there were only 6 INTs returned for TDs by LBs.  Two of those six belong to DJ.  I don't know what kind of future he has in KC, but we have to give him props and offer up a "Big play DJ" Kool Aid.

And finally I have to throw in a Pioli / Haley flavor,

10.  Pioli / Haley:  I'm going to keep this one short and sweet.  These guys REALLY want to win.  They are not going to sit on their butts and hope things just get better with time.  They are going to go out and look for players (and coaches) that will make this team better.  Like or hate the moves they have made so far no one can argue that they are going to do everything they can to get the job done and have the resumes to back it up.  We'll see what happens.  So I recommend the Pioli / Haley "building onward and upward" Kool Aid.

So there you have it AP.  Ten flavors of positive Chiefs Kool Aid for you to enjoy while waiting for the FA and Draft flavors that will be coming this Spring.  I know it can be hard not to get depressed when the season ends, but try and stay positive.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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