AP group Chiefs Only Mock Draft - Round 1 #5 pick - REVISED 1-21-10 6:38 AM

All future posts on this series will be located in the weekly "Official AP Mock Draft Thread" that is located in the recommended fanposts section.  The Second Round #36 pick will be posted in the comments section this morning.

This is the third fanpost of this series.  If you have missed the previous fanposts, and would like to view them go here

The team needs poll from yesterday is now closed, and the results are available in a pdf file at the following file sharing site link here as well as a recap of the results I prepared here

A quick recap of the team needs poll results are as follows:

                Team Need 1 - NT

                Team Need 2 - ILB - Mike (NT was the top vote getter, but already voted #1 team need)

                Team Need 3 - SS

                Team Need 4 - C

                Team Need 5 - RG

                Team Need 6 - RB complementary powerback

                Team Need 7 - KR/PR (RB comp. power was the top vote getter, but won #6 team need)

                Team Need 8 - CB - nickel

                Team Need 9 - WR #3 - slot and ILB - Will tied (RB power and KR/PR both received more votes)

                Team Need 10 - TE (KR/PR and CB - nickel both received more votes)

The total votes per position, for the top 10 positions only, (votes in team need 1-10 totaled) were as follows:

                Most total votes received - NT

                2nd - C

                3rd - SS

                4th - RB - complementary powerback

                5th - RG

                6th - ILB - Mike

                7th - KR/PR

                8th - ILB - Will

                9th - WR #3 - slot

                10th - FS

Before, we begin with the mock draft portion of this series, I'd like to explain how I'm making certain assumptions and where certain information I'll reference can be found. 

Prospect rankings and their projected draft positions - I understand there are numerous locations to find this information, both free and with a subscription.  I will use CBS NFLDRAFTSCOUT and the sister site for most of my prospect availability assumptions.  At this time, neither site has included declared underclassmen in their ranks, so even if the same site is used by us all, some guess work will be involved.  The draft order is based on walterfootball's information.

Draft-pick trades up/down - I will also be including some trade up/down scenarios in the mock draft polling.  I won't attempt to determine an exact trade partner, but rather an approximate 5 slot position and a value received/given for that trade.  I will only consider draft picks as compensation... i.e. no player trades.  Here is an example. (KC trades back from #5 to (#11-15) and receives 2010 1st round  #11-15, 2010 2nd round (#43-47) and 2010 4th round (#107-111) selections)  How did I come up with the trade compensation?  I used a trade value chart, there are several available at different sites, but here is a link to a pdf file of the exact version I use, so you can see how I'm basing the compensation.

Again, I know many people don't like trades incorporated in mock drafts, if you fall in that category don't select a trade selection.  If a trade up/back gets the most votes, the following day a new post and poll will be given reflecting the new position and potential prospects available at the new position.

2010 Chiefs Only Group Mock Draft - Round 1 #5

Now that the team needs have been determined, what are we going to do with the #5 overall pick of 2010 NFL Draft?  I know there are several different directions we could go with this selection, and good arguments can be for and against each.  Yesterday, there were two very good posts that were front-paged on this topic.  Here are links to each article.  It really doesn't matter and The great debate, if you are unsure what direction you think we should go with this pick, take at look those articles. 

Here we go.... The poll will remain open until Wednesday, January 20th at 9 PM.  The following post will follow the next morning.

Just go to the Poll and cast your vote.  Vote here.   

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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