AP group Chiefs Mock Draft?

First, I'd like to thank Joel and Chris Thorman, Matt Conner and all the regular contributors of Arrowhead Pride for making this site what it is.  This is my first stop for all things Chiefs and one of my favorite sites, period.  Recently, kcchiefstd has been posting a series on 2010 draft prospects by position.  Those posts have both given me an idea for a new series and motivated me to finally contribute to this site with more than a comment or fanshot of an interesting link. 

The idea .... A series of a posts resulting in a group Chiefs only mock draft prior to free agency.  This would be a group effort.  I know some of the members here are not big fans of mock drafts, but lots of us are.... So if another mock draft will frustrate you, please change the channel. 

 First, I will post a series of posts to determine team needs by position and priority with ten posts and polls (I know we only have 8 what do APers feel is our 1st need, 2nd need, ect.  Next, I would provide a write up for potential draft choices in the given round and pick, potential trade ups or downs, and a poll with the various choices to be voted on by the AP faithful.  I would wait at least 24 hours to allow voting on each post, before proceeding to the next post based off the results of the poll.  The subsequent posts would take into account the 1st post of team needs to help determine the players included in the write up of the given round.  (If Eric Berry and another Safety have been selected with previous polls... I won't continue to include possible safety selections in later rounds (polls))

I know many people think it is a waste of time to speculate on potential trades, and I agree to a point.  However, the entire mock draft process is speculation, and a waste of time, according to some.  If you think trades shouldn't be considered, vote accordingly.  If a trade back or up is chosen in the polls, I'll provide another post for the round with new potential prospects based on our new position.

So to recap, the series would be as follows (without trade up or backs):

Posts 1-10 - Define team needs:  10 posts including polls with all 22 positions to determine how AP sees our positional needs and their corresponding priority. (Iniatially, I was going to do this in one post, but only one poll per post is possible. I don't want to wait 24 hours between posts for team needs or wipe all the other fanposts away from the current posts... any ideas)

Post 11 - Round 1, Pick 5

Post 12 - Round 2, Pick 36

Post 13 - Round 2, Pick 50 (ATL - Tony Gonzalez)

Post 14 - Round 3, Pick 68

Post 15 - Round 4, Pick 100

Post 16 - Round 5, Pick 133

Post 17 - Round 5, Pick 139 (MIA - Tyler Thigpin)

Post 18 - Round 5, Pick 141 (CAR - Tank Tyler)

Since, polls are going to be such a big part of this post series, and I have never done a post with a poll.  I'm going to make my first poll, and get your feedback as to whether I should go through with this idea or forget the whole thing.... Let me know what you think AP.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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