S prospects (pre workouts)

  FS/SS we need to bring one in to start. With No salary cap we are going to have to draft a Saftety. Witch is not a bad thing this year as the class is very deep.  

The prosspects.


1.* Eric Berry, 5'11'' 203, Tenn (JR) SS/FS - An amazing athlete, Excellent playmaker, Solid tackler with great Ball skills. (early 1st rd)


2.** Earl Thomas, 5'10'' 200, Texas (Red Shirt So) SS/FS/CB  - Very similar to Eric Berry. Maybe better in coverage. (1st - 2nd)


3. Chad Jones, 6'3'' 214, LSU, (JR) FS/SS  - SEC Second Team (coaches) 66 Tackles and 3 Ints in 2009. Big athlete with playmaking ability. (1st - 2nd )


4. Taylor Mays, 6'3'' 235, USC (4.47) SS/FS - Rare size and athletic ability. Big Hitter and Playmaker in the secondary. (1st - 2nd rd)


5. Morgan Burnett, 6'1'' 210, GT (JR) FS/SS - 235 carear tackles and 14 Ints in his carear. A good Safety. (1st - 2nd)


6. Nate Allen, 6'1'' 206, South Florida, (4.5) FS/SS - 4Ints in 2009. a really solid safety prospect who stands out on the field. (2nd rd)


7.* Major Wright, 6'0'' 204, Florida (JR) FS/SS - 3 Ints in 2009. This is a very good player who most years would be a #1 or #2 prospect at the position. (1st - 3rd rd)


8.** Reshad Jones, 6'2'' 212, Georgia (JR) SS/FS - 73 tackles and 4 Ints in 2009. An Excellent all around Safety. (1st - 3rd rd)


9. TJ Ward, 5'10'' 201, Oregon (4.56) SS/FS - A walk on at Oregon had 101 tackles in 2008. One of the key peices to the Defense. The #1 senior SS prospect. But I'm one of those people who feel Safety is a position that needs to be interchangable so he is #9 overall safety. (2nd -3rd)


10.  Kam Chancellor, 6'3'' 230, VT (4.58) FS/SS - Big Safety more of the in the Box type. (3rd - 4th rd)


11.** Darrell Stuckey, 5'11'' 205, KU (4.5) SS/FS - Big 12 Honerable Mention (coaches), From Kansas City Kansas. 93 tackles in 2009, and 98 tackles in 2008. A solid performer. ( 3rd rd)


12. Harry Coleman, 6'2'' 206, LSU (4.53) SS/FS - Played Strong side LB in 2009. Will be drafted to play SS. (3rd - 4th)


13.*** Robert Johnson, 6'2'' 200, Utah (4.52) FS/SS - First Team Mountain West. An Excellent playmaker who constantly gets his hands on the ball. Multiple games with 2 or more INTs.


14. Kyle McCarthy, 6'0'' 210, ND (4.58) SS/FS - Captain for ND 59 tackles and 5 Ints in 2009. If we draft a ND player other than Golden Tate this is who I would take. (4th - 5th rd)


15. Terrell Skinner, 6'2'' 214, Maryland (4.59) FS/SS - Played on a Maryland D that flat out sucked this year. Not a player high on my list. (4th - 5th rd)


16. Kurt Coleman, 5'10'' 195, Ohio St (4.57) SS/FS - First Team All Big Ten. Team MVP and ball hawk. Good prospect somewhat undersized for safety, could play CB in the NFL. (4th rd)


17.* Myron Rolle, 6'2'' 223, Florida St, (4.67) SS/FS - Alot of where this player goes in the draft depends on his workouts at the combine. After taking a year off while in Oxford on his Rhodes Scholarship. He needs to show scouts that he is in shape. (4th - 6th)


18.** Barry Church, 6'1'' 219, Toledo (4.56) SS/FS - MAC First Team for the FOURTH time. In addition to being a good safey he had 8 1/2 TFL and 6 QB hurries along with 3 blocked kicks this year. (5th rd)


19. Nick Polk, 5'11'' 219, Indiana (4.54) FS/SS - Has battled injury in his carear but still a solid prospect. (5th rd)


20. Robert Vaugn, 6'0'' 200, UConn (4.59) - FS/SS - A solid prospect. (5th - 6th rd)


21. ** Larry Asante, 6'0'' 215, Neb (4.56) SS/FS - Big 12 First Team, 70 tackles 2 Ints in 2009. A very good prospect. (6th - 7th rd)


22. Justin Woodall, 6'1'' 220, Alabama (4.64) SS/FS - 45 tackles and 3 Ints with 13 passes defended in 2009. A Big Very physical Safety. ? is does he have the speed to cover. (6th rd)


23. Van Eskridge, 6'0'' 195, East Car (4.65) FS/SS - A very good player. 40 time is no great but always seems to be in the right place. (6th rd)


24. Brad Phillips, 6'2'' 215, NW (4.65) FS/SS - First Team Big Ten (coaches), 84 tackles 4 forced fumbles 3 sacks and 1 Int in 2009. a very good player. (6th - 7th rd)


25. Kendrick Lewis, 5'11'' 195, Ole Miss ( 4.59) FS/SS - ? (7th rd)


26. Darion Stewart, 5'11'' 216, SC (4.6) SS/FS - Solid prospect, interested to see if he can improve his 40 time. (7th)


27.  Aaron Webster, 6'2'' 211, Cincy (4.54) SS/FS - Big East First Team. An inderrated player in my opinion. 62 tackles, 4 Ints in 2009. a really good prospect. (7th - FA)


28. Randy Phillips, 6'0'' 210, Miami (4.59) FS/SS - 46 tackles and 2 Ints in 9 games.  a solid prospect. (7th - FA)


29. Jerome Miles, 6'2'' 215, UMass (4.57) FS/SS - FCS First Team All American, 62 tackles and 2 Ints in 2009. a good prospect. (7th - FA)


30. Justin Thornton, 6'1'' 204, KU (4.59) FS/SS - Solid player. Played both Safety and CB for KU. a solid prospect for the FS position.


31. Cody Grimm, 5'11'' 210, VT (4.68) SS - Third Team All American, A playmaker but not sure where he will line up at in the NFL. Not sure he has the speed for Safety in the NFL.


Those are the prospects now the players I would like the Chiefs to look at after the Jump.



1 * Eric Berry,


2. ** Earl Thomas


3. * Major Wright


4. ** Reshad Jones


5. ** Darrell Stuckey


6. *** Robert Johnson


7. * Myron Rolle


8. ** Barry Church


9. * Larry Asante


Now for a DREAM draft senario. We trade our 1st rd 5th pick and our last 5th rd pick for a 2nd 3rd and 4th rd pick. 


We get

2a.  Golden Tate WR

2b.  Perish Cox CB

2c. J.D Walton OC

3a. Darrell Stuckey SS

3b. Mitch Petrus OG

4a. Robert Johnson FS

4b. Dexter Davis OLB

5a. Perry Riley ILB

5b. Cam Thomas NT


I love it 7 starters and 9 potential day 1 starters. Cant do much better than that maybe add some Pickett, Taylor and Watson to it in FA.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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