Jared Allen Trade---2008 Draft

Well it has been two seasons since the Jared Allen Trade, and I think Carl may have done one thing right. Odd, to say after the screwy way that the trade came about, but I think it was a success in some regards.

R1 #5--- DE Glenn Dorsey-Really starting to show signs, he should improve as the overall defense improves.  By drafting Dorsey we dodged Golston and Harvey. This pick also allow us not to reach for an OT after Jake Long was off the board (however Clady has done well) B+

R1 #15 ---OT Brandon Albert- One great, one good year as a LT in the NFL for a losing (always behind+always throwing) team. At this spot in the draft it filled a need and he was scouted well, no one below him at this position has outperformed Albert. B+

R2 # 35---CB Brandon Flowers- Great pick, not much else to say. Potential Pro Bowler. A+

R3 #73--- RB Jamal Charles---Could end up being the best of this draft for the Chiefs. That was one hell of a second half of 2009 for Charles. A+

R3 #76---TE Brad Cottam--- One or two flashes, but we can see the potential. Maybe we should have seen a better try out in 2009. Could have had Jermicheal Finley. But it is the third round. D+

R3 #82---S DeJuan Morgan- Can't seem to get on the field for long stretches. Maybe a career back up and special teamer.  C-

R4 #105 WR Will Franklin--- Will these happen to every team, every year. He was a 4th rd receiver that failed to make it at the next level. Grade reflects the vision to take a position of need.  D

R5 #140 CB Brandon Carr- Another Home Run. 2nd best player taken in this round (Hightower). Even if he ends up the nickel, this was a great pick from a small school. A

R6#170 OT Barry Richardson---Has been a project, but to even get a backup this late is good sometimes. C

R6#182 WR Kevin Robinson- He hung on for awhile, again a late pick that did play some. I think he did more than Lawerence ever did this year. C

R7 #210 DE Brian Johnston--- Another great pick, at #210 from a small school and he is still in the NFL. A

R7 #239 TE Mike Merritt--- Should have got a kicker, like Pioli did. Roll it up Mike. D


Final draft grade after the jump:

A+is the grade for Carl's/Herm'slast stand in the war room.  Five starters and a couple of part timers, equals a great draft. Carl still catches hell for the Allen trade, and he should for his method of handling Allen. I think we all hope that Pioli can muster similar results this year.

It is much easier to have a great draft if you have extra picks, this is a huge part of why I think we should trade down this year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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