UFA prospects for 2010 No Salary Cap.

 These are players that would upgrade our team. If any of these players are not resigned by their current team we should target them. 


QB. Set with Cassel and Croyle.


HB. Could use comp for #2 RB position.

1. Cadillac Williams (28) TB

2. Chestor Taylor (30) Minn

Mike Bell, Leon Washington, Leonard Weaver, and White are all RFAs.


TE. A position we could use someone.

1. Ben  Watson (29) NE

2. Randy McMichael (31) St Louis

3. LJ Smith (30) Balt

I would like to get any of these three players.


WR. We need a quality starting caliber WR and a KR/PR

1. Antonio Bryant (29) TB if there is one player to overpay to get in KC this is it.

2. Hixon (25) NY Giants, This player would give us another quality WR and fill our KR/PR hole.

3. Chambers, We really need to resign Chambers.


Brad Smith, Jackson, Austin, Marshall, Edwards, Floyd, Moore, Urban all RFAs.




Evans, Mankins, McNeil, Colon, Penn, Colledge, Baas, Spencer all RFAs


NT. Our biggest NEED.

1. Wilfork, (28) NE

2. Franklin (30) SF

3. Pickett (30) GB

4. Hampton (32) Pitt

We really need to sign one of these players if they hit the market if two hit the market make offers to both and GET atleast one of them.



1. Peppers, (30) Car (OLB) he has shown interest inthe position if Car does not make the offer he wants then we could have a real shot at getting him in KC. We would not be in a $ war with the teams running the 4/3 as I am sure he would want to go to a team runnig the 3/4.

2. Dansby, (29) Ariz. If Dansby does not resibn in Ariz I would be surprised if he is not a Chief next year.

3. Larry Foote, (30) Det. good player for the 3/4 versatle and experianced in the D. Loved him when he was with Pitt.



1 Carlos Rogers The only prospect I like and if he hits the market will demand alot of money as many teams would be fighting for his services.

Hobbs and Washington both RFAs they were my other options.


NO Players.

Collins, Bethea, Harper, Atogwe, Bigby, Landry, Manning, All RFAs.


So I see the now added RFAs as our Trade Down additions to make it work. Those senarios will prob happen more this year then past years.

My Dream Off Season. After the Jump I want the discussion to be about the potential FAs but I am going to add FA signings with mock draft to show why this is my DREAM off season.


1. HB.

Chester Taylor Quality Depth and Vet pressence for Charles and Williams to learn from.

2. TE.

Randy McMichael. Good Vet and won't cost as much as Watson who i'm sure will have lots of interested teams.

3. WR

Antonio Bryant is an excellent WR will not be cheap to get with limited WR FAs but worth the investment.

4. WR 

Chambers, We need to get a deal done before he hits the market. He is on the list thats why its part of this post. 

5. WR

Hixon, Getting 2 quality WRs in FA is a bit out there but then again would not be the first time Pioli did it Moss and Welker combo. Hixon Fills the same rolls as Welker Good route runner good hands excellent KR/PR guy.  

6. NT

Franklin SF picks in the perfect spot to Draft Cody. Franklin is 30 and will be wanting star NT money not overpayed just what is due. Pickett is the other top option Either Franklin or Pickett. Wilfork will atleast get the Tag. Hampton is going to cost alot if Pitt lets him go he is only going to want a one or two year contract but will be looking for ELITE money.  

7. LB

Larry Foote ILB /OLB experianced in the 3/4 D and a solid Vet for leadership.

I think Dansby will resign in Ariz if not he prob comes to KC. Peppers would cost more than Pioli wants to spend.


Thats It 7 players really 6 not counting Chambers.

1. Chestor Taylor, HB

2. Randy McMichael, TE

3. Antonio Bryant, WR

4. Dominik Hixon, WR/KR/PR

5. Franklin or Pickett NT

6. Larry Foote ILB



1. Eric Berry, FS/SS

2a. Earl Thomas, or Donovan Warren, CB

2b. J.D Walton, OC

3. Mitch Petrus, OG would draft Mike Johnson but will be gone.

4. Dexter Davis, OLB

5a. Perry Riley. ILB 

5b. Cam Thomas, NT

5c. Ulatoski, Saffold, Duncan, or Linkenbach for competition at RT.


Would look like this next year.

QB - Cassel, Croyle


HB - Charles, Taylor, Williams


FB - Cox, Castille


WR - Bowe, Bryant, Chambers, Hixon, Copper


TE - McMichael, Pope, Cottam or O'Connell


LT - Albert, Comp for this spot on roster.


LG - Waters, Wade Smith


OC - Walton, Niswanger, Smith


RG - Petrus, Niswanger competes for starting job.


RT - O'Call, Ulatoski

Great Competition across the O-Line.


LE - Dorsey, Magee


NT - Franklin or Pickett, Thomas to learn behind Vet., Edwards


RE - Jackson, Gillberry


LOLB - Hali, Studebaker, Foote


ILB - DJ, Williams, Foote 

ILB - Foote, Riley, Belcher all compete for job.


ROLB -  Vrabel, Davis Compete for starting job, Foote reserve.


LCB - Flowers, 

RCB - Earl Thomas or Donavan Warren

Nickle - Carr

Dime - Washington or Daniels

Quarter - Daniels or Morgan


FS - Berry would play here next year could move to SS following 2010. Page back up


SS - Langford, Brown, Page all compete for starting job.


 If we could pull that off I feel this team would not only be very competitive in 2010, but would have a real shot at going deep in the playoffs.     

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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