CB prospects (pre workouts)

 This is a position that we have alot of young players at on the roster. The ? is B. Carr a starting CB or is he best suited as a nickle. Also is Washington going to step up and be the nickle back we need or is he a Dime backer at best.  So if we draft a CB I say we go for the sure starter possible lock down type guy. That would mean either our 1st pick or one the the 2nd rd picks.

Here are the prospects.

1. Patrick Robinson, 5'11'' 194, Florida St (4.42) - Will be one of the first 3 CBs off teh board. Extremely fast with Excellent ball skills. (1st rd)


2. Joe Haden, 5'11'' 190, Florida (JR) - One of the first 2 CBs off the board. Excellent athlete with very good ball skills. (1st rd)


3. Ras-I Dowling, 6'2'' 200, Virginia (JR) - Has the size and ability to be a shut down corner in the NFL. (1st rd)


4. Syd'Quan Thompson, 5'9'' 191, Cal (4.49) - Very similar to Flowers. Would rather a bigger CB if we go for one early. (1st - 2nd rd)


5. * Donavan Warren, 6'0'' 185, Mich (JR) - Warren with pick 2a is a very good option as he has real potential to be a lock down corner. (1st - 2nd rd)


6. Devin McCourty, 5'11'' 190, Rutgers (4.47) - Solid CB and ST player. Brother was a 6th rd pick of the Tennesee Titans last year. Known for hi physical play.


7.** Perish Cox, 6'0" 198, Okla St (4.44) - One of my favorite college CBs. I see this prospect as a very good NFL CB with potential Shut Down ability.  (2nd rd)


8. Prince Amukamara, 6'1'' 200, Neb (JR) - Good size and ability. A solid CB. (1st - 3rd rd)


9. ** Jerome Murphy, 6'1'' 185, South Florida (4.48) - A player I like to watch play the game. Excellent coverage ability and a good return man. (2nd - 3rd rd)


10. Dominique Franks, 6'0'' 192, Okla (JR) - Stoops wanted him to return for another season and I agree it would of been a better move. He could of used it. (2nd - 3rd rd)


11.* Brandon Ghee, 6'0'' 190, Wake Forest (4.45) - I can see Ghee being a Shut Down corner. A very good all around football player. (2nd - 3rd rd)


12. Trevard Lindley, 5'11'' 180, Kentucky (4.53) - Not one of my favorite prospects but a player with good ball skills. (2nd - 3rd d)


13. ** Kyle Wilson, 5'10'' 186, Boise St (4.42) - If we are looking for a nickle CB and PR/KR this is the player I draft. Excellent coverage ability and a very good KR/PR with Excellent speed. (3rd rd)


14. Javier Arenas, 5'9'' 198, Ala (4.57) - Sililar to Kyle Wilson just not as fast. (3rd rd)


15. Alterran Verner, 5'10'' 182, UCLA (4.52) - Solid coverage skill not one of my favorite prospects. (3rd - 4th rd)


16. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, 6'1'' 205, Indiana (PA), (4.48) - Don't know a whole lot about this prospect but he apears to have the Size, Speed and NAME to be a Star. (3rd - 4th rd)


17. * Myron Lewis, 6'2'' 205, Vandy (4.52) - A solid all around player who I really like a very good 3rd rd option. (3rd - 4th rd)


18. Devin Ross, 5'10'' 176, Ariz (4.43) - Good speed and excellent ball skills. (4th - 5th rd)


19.* Stephen Virgil, 5'11'' 190, VT (4.49) - I feel this player would of went higher in last years draft. could be a steal in the later rounds (4th - 5th rd)


20. Brian Jackson, 6'1'' 200, Okla (4.54) - Only ? I have about this prospect is can he run with NFL WRs deep. Physical player. (4th rd)


21. Jamar Wall, 5'10'' 203, T Tech (4.52) - Big 12 Second Team (coaches) Good tackler and solid corner one of the best ever at Texas Tech. (4th rd)


22.* Sherrick McManis, 5'11'' 190, NW (4.48) - This is a good player that will probably be around in the 5th rd. Great Value. (5th rd)


23. * Chris Hawkins, 6'0'' 185, LSU (4.49) - I like this player and think he has very good potential at the next level. (6th rd)


24. * AJ Wallace, 6'0'' 195, Penn St (4.43) - This is a player with very good ability could be one of the true steals of the draft. (6th - 7th rd)


25. Walter Thurmond, 5'11'' 182, Oregon (4.53) -  Itall depends on wether he is able to work out for scouts. Is a player I was very high on before he got injured. (5th - 6th rd)


26. Patrick Stoudamire, 5'11'' 198, West Illinois (4.49) - Good Athlete and Ball Hawk, From a smaller school so he could easily fall to the 6th rd. (6th rd)


27. Chris Cook, 6'2'' 210, Virginia (4.54) - Excellent size, but cn he run with NFL WRs. (5th - 6th rd)


28. David Pender, 6'1'' 180, Purdue (4.49) -  Secon Team Big Ten, Somehting about Purdue players I like and this looks like another good one. (7th rd)


29. * AJ Jefferson, 6'0'' 190, Fresno St (4.45) - Good quality player someone will get pretty cheap. (7th - FA)


30. Rafael Priest, 5'10'' 182, TCU (4.48) - First Team Mountain West. A very good prospect as I feel the Mountain West was possibly the class of college football in 2009. (7th rd)


31.*  Walter McFadden, 5'10'' 176, Aub (4.40) - An excellent athlete who has 3rd rd talent. (7th - FA)


32. Brandon Brinkley, 5'11'' 180, Houston (4.49) - A solid prospect (7th - FA)


Those are the CB prospects for the 2010 draft Players I would like the Chiefs to look at after the Jump in what I feel is a DEEP draft at CB. 


1. *Donavan Warren. With pick 2a could be a 1st rd pick but has great ability an option for pick (2a.)


2. **Perish Cox. This player could be a real stud, (2a - 2b)


3. **Jerome Murphy. I love watching this player. (2b)


4. *Brandon Ghee, Shut Down Corner prospect. (2b - 3)


5.** Kyle Wilson, Nickle back and KR/PR (3rd rd)


6.* Myron Lewis. Physical all around player. (3rd - 4th ed)


7.* Stephen Virgil.  Nickle back and KR/PR. (4th - 5th rd)


8. * Sherrick McManis. A solid CB. (5th rd)


9. Chris Hawkins. Potential playmaker and solid CB. (6th rd)


10. AJ Wallace, Excellent speed and good size. (6th - 7th rd)


11. Walter McFadden, Excellent athlete very good potential. (7th - FA)


Hope this shows you the depth of the CB class this year and gives you a better idea of who you would want in a Chief uniformnext year.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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