It's OUR Time!!

I can not be a hypocrite. When I call things like I see them, I get it wrong sometimes. I was wrong a lot this season. But I believe I was most wrong about Pioli and Haley. And I apoligize. Look. We all agreed that if we saw some signs we would get on board. We wanted to SEE it. We didn't want to be the same old saps who saddle up because there's a change and then get thrown because we weren't PAYING ATTENTION!! I bitched more than anyone about Pioli. But comeon guys. He is SERIOUSLY doing something. I don't know any of us pissed right now about anything that our team is doing right now. When the hell did we feel like this last? You know we owe Pioli better than being petty or giving in to ego's right now. HE's doing EVERYTHING he can for us right now!! And that is something. At least give credit where credit is due.

It's the DON!! He's the DON. You guys read the article how we were only one of several teams vying for both Weis and Crennel. But WE won. We did it for a change. It was us on top. That's cool!

LIsten Pioli, you do WHATEVER necessary to get us a first class NFL dynasty here in KC and I promise you this much we will buy and spend and celebrate and fly to games and hock our cars just to buy something to keep the money flow up for you.

If we do this much day in and day out for a team that has cranked out 10 wins in 3 years then you should know how bad, how VERY FUCKING BAD we KC fans want this to be special. You do that for us and we will throw support your way that even we didn’t see we had in us.

All will be beautiful for all of us. Trust me. Just do it! Get us a really great awesome amazing team, so we don’t have to pretend. So we don’t have to use our imaginations to know what it would feel like to have the SB champs wearing red and gold.

Our generation has yet to KNOW that feeling. To know we rock!! To know the whole NFL knows we rock!! To be THE elite team. Other cities have known it in this generation. But not us. You can change that for us all. GO PIOLI!!!

Look Pioli deserves this much. He is really going all out to do this right. You all know it. This is showing something. He didn't fuck around. He is ALL about winning and being the best ORGANIZATION in the NFL. It's just ABC's man.

He comes from that place that we dream about. He comes from that type organization. He's snuggled with it for years. HE smelt it on his clothes. He wore it in his awards. He wanted to prove he was no Belichek bitch. He came here. To the worst possible scenario team. Horrible,. Terrible team. And he smiled and said "FUCK YOU". We got this!!

Now I doubted him too man but hey , at some point you have to choose a side. So why not now? Why not believe that this trend WILL continue? He's shown us he's TRYING if your PAYING ATTENTION. So why not get on board guys? Maybe this is it. Our TIME. FU**IN' KANSAS CITY CHIEFS TIME BABY!!! Let's go get what's ours!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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