3/4 ILB prospects (pre workouts)


 3/4 ILB is what I consider to be one of the most important positions on the field. The 3/4 takes a diff type of LB than the 4/3 at all positions except maybe one and we have it filled with DJ or Demario. With that said here are my 3/4 ILB prospects. I have also mentioned that I feel LBs in the 3/4 expecially should be able to play all 4 positions.


1.* Rolando McClain, 6'4'' 256, Ala (JR) ILB/OLB - Undobtidly the best LB in this years draft. Very gifted athlete who is willing to use them. (early 1st rd)


2. Brandon Spikes, 6'3' 256, Florida (4.76) ILB/OLB - A good All around LB who battled injury in 2009. Will be a first rd pick.


3. Ricky Sapp, 6'4'' 240, Clemson (4.58) OLB/ILB - I see him better suited as an ILB in the 3/4. Great athlete, who needs to prove he has the strength for OLB. (1st rd)


4. Sean Weatherspoon, 6'2'' 245, MU (4.59) ILB/OLB - The atlete Tackling Machine, would be a great fit at ILB in the 3/4 he could play either spot. (late 1st rd)


5. Sean Lee, 6'2'' 236, Penn St (4.74) ILB - Out 2008 with ligament damage in his knee and missed 4 games in 2009 with a sprained knee. (2nd rd)


6. Rodderick Muckelroy, 6'2'' 235, Texas (4.67) ILB - Big 12 Second Team. Lead the Longhorns in tackles in 2009. Could be better against the run. (2nd - 3rd rd)


7. * O'Brian Schofield, 6'2'' 248, Wisc (4.63) ILB/OLB - 10 sacks in 2009, 22.5 TFL, Would fit good at ILB in the 3/4 as he could also sub at OLB in situations. (3rd rd)


8. Von Miller, 6'3'' 240, Tex A&M (JR) ILB/OLB - 17 sacks in 2009. Size makes him a better fit at ILB not sure about him in pass coverage. (2nd - 4th rd)


9.* AJ Edds, 6'4'' 244, Iowa (4.68) OLB/ILB - Good against play action and willing to take on blockers. A good tackler sounds like what we need at ILB next to DJ or Demario.  (2nd - 4th rd)


10. Daryl Washington, 6'2'' 234, TCU (4.57) ILB - 109 tackles in 2009, A butkus award simifinalist. A good prospect but looks to be best suited for DJs spot. (3rd rd)


11. Eric Norwood, 6'0'' 252, SC (4.67) OLB/ILB - Three time SEC selection. Good all around not real sure about his coverage ability at ILB. Best suited for OLB. (2nd - 3rd rd) 


12. Micah Johnson, 6'2'' 258, Kentucky (4.78) ILB/OLB - 2 Time SEC second team. Injured his MCL in final game of the season. (3rd - 4th rd could fall further due to injury.)


13. **Dexter Davis, 6'2'' 255, Ariz St (4.78) OLB/ILB - Pac Ten First Team at OLB, better suited for OLB but could play ILB very well in the 3/4 scheme. A player who started all 50 games of his college carear. (4th rd)


14. Darryl Sharpton, 5'11'' 235, Miami (4.63) ILB - Had 106 tackles in 2009 including 15 against Wisc. A solid prospect. ( 4th rd)


15. Pat Angerer, 6'0'' 235, Iowa (4.52) ILB - Second Team All American, 135 tackles in 2009, sense team struggled at times against the run would say his best fit is already filled on our team by DJ or Demario. (4th - 5th rd)


16.** Perry Riley, 6'1'' 245, LSU (4.64) OLB/ILB - Butkus award finalist in 2008. I really like this player as a 3/4 ILB as he has the speed and hips to cover downfield.  (5th rd)


17. Reggie Carter, 6'0'' 230, UCLA (4.73) ILB - Pac Ten First Team, Second Team in 2008. A bit undersized but could potentially play either ILB spot. (5th - 6th rd)


18. ** Lary Hart, 6'0'' 248, Central Ark (4.58) OLB/ILB - 2 Time Defensive Player of the Year. Could play OLB or ILB in the 3/4 with his gifted athletic ability. (6th - FA)


19. * Joe Pawelek, 6'2'' 240, Baylor (4.83) ILB - 2 Time Academic All American. 2006 Second Team Big 12, 2007 Honerable mention Big 12, 2008 First Team Big 12, and 2009 Second Team Big 12, (all coaches) 109 tackles in 2009. (6th - 7th rd)


Those are my 3/4 ILB prospects.

Players I would like as Chiefs after the jump.




1. Rolando McClain (5th pick)  Would rather go O-Line. Starting to think he might be gone before we pick as he trully his a Freak of an Athlete.


2. O'Brian Schofield, Looks like a solid pick to play ILB.


3. AJ Edds, With his strengths looks like a really good 3/4 ILB prospect.


4. Dexter Davis, I want to draft this player I feel his best fit is at OLB and he could start for us there but Ialso think with his ability he could play ILB aswell and be good at it.


5. Perry Riley, Another Player I would like to draft this one to play ILB although a strong candidate for OLB his skill set mainly athletic ability give him a chance to be a GREAT ILB.


6. Lary Hart, You dont get two Defensive player of the year awards for no reason. This player to me just fits better at ILB than OLB with his sub 4.6 speed he could be a great ILB in the 3/4.


7. Joe Pawelek, With his brains he covers what he lacks as an athlete.  looks to be a bit slow but makes up for it by knowing where to be.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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