3/4 NT prospects (pre workouts)

  3/4 NT is a specialist position and not all DT make good candidates. This is MY list of potential 3/4 NTs. Some of these players may fall off and a few may be added after wourkouts. It all depends on how they do in upcomming strength and explosion tests. As those are the most important thing regarding the man in the middle. Players I am interested in will get * and really interested will get ** stars.  


1. Ndamukung Suh, 6'4'' 302, Neb (5.02) DT/NT - Although he apears better suited for the 4/3 or 3/4 DE position. He could be a solid to great NT with the addition of a few pounds of muscle. The #1 DT prospect on the board probably gone before we pick. (early 1st)


2. Gerald McCoy, 6'4'' 298, Okl (JR) DT/NT - Same assesment as Suh except he should be there when we pick. (1st)


3. Brian Price, 6'2'' 300, UCLA (JR) DT/NT - This is a player I am interested to see how his workouts go. A bit small for the position. (1st - 2nd)


4. Terrance Cody, 6'4'' 365, Ala (5.72) NT - Alot of ?s about Mount Cody and his work ethic. You can not deny he is huge and fits the mold of a 3/4 NT. If he falls to the 2nd rd a real possible selection. (1st - 2nd)


5. Dan Williams, 6'2'' 327, Tenn (5.23) NT/DT - SEC Second Team, hs the size, but I worry that Williams will be the major bust of the year. He did not stand out to me in any of the Tenn games I watched this year. (1st - 2nd)


6. ** Jared Odrick, 6'5'' 306, Penn St (5.05) DT/NT - Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. This is a player I REALLY like, could use a few more pounds. This is my #1 option in this years draft, I expect him to grade out very well. (1st - 2nd)


7.* D'Anthony Smith, 6'2'' 300, Louis Tech (4.95) DT/NT - WAC First Team (coaches), One of my Favorite DT to watch. A little undersized, but will be interesting to see how he grades out in workouts. (3rd - 4th rd)


8. * Vince Oghabaase, 6'6'' 305, Duke (5.06) DT/NT - Good upside, but ? about consistancy. Banged up all year missing 4 games resulting in drop down the board. Has the size and potential to be a great player. Interesting to see how he grades out. (3rd - 4th rd)


9. Mike Neal, 6'3'' 302, Purdue (4.96) DT/NT - This is a player who would need to gain weight, but typical of Purdue players is a hard worker with drive. Someone I am waiting for strength drills to get a true evaluation of. (4th rd)


10. ** Torrell Troup, 6'3'' 314, UCF (5.28) NT/DT - A hard worker who has made great strides throughout his college carear. Was 345 lbs as a Freshman. This is a player I feel would take a little time to develop, but will have a very good NFL carear at NT. (4th - 5th rd)


11. ** Cam Thomas, 6'3'' 238, NC (5.18) NT/DT - Massive DT, Has the tools to be a solid NT in the NFL. Workouts could easily jump this player up the boards. A player I like but still scared of NC DTs after Ryan Sims. (6th - 7th rd)


12. Jeff Owens, 6'3'' 306, Georgia (4.98) DT/NT - Tore his ACL in 2008, but has been solid in 2009 not missing a single game or practice, and apears healthy. With good #s in lower body strength excersizes could show to be a solid option. (7th rd)


13. Jay Ross, 6'3'' 314, East Car (5.09) NT/DT - 2 time conferance USA Honerable mention, Has been very good throughout his carear and has never missed a game due to injury. A tough player who plays with his motor maxed out. (7th - FA)


14.* Ekom Udofia, 6'2'' 320, Stanford (5.18) NT - A true NT who has been solid throughout his carear. Played fo Stanford who over the last 4 years has become one of my favorite programs as they work as a TEAM, and always show good effort. A very good prospect, who could come late in the draft. (7th - FA)


15. Kade Weston, 6'5'' 325, Georgia (5.28) NT/DT - Freshman All American in 2006. Has been solid throughout his carear. A good option at this point to bring in Post Draft for a workout. (URFA)


16. Travis Ivey, 6'4'' 325, Maryland (5.23) NT/DT - Foot injury in 2008, Will see how he grades out in drills. A prospect for the 3/4 NT position. (URFA)

The players I want the Chiefs to take long looks at after the jump.



1. Jared Odrick, Although he could use a few pounds is known for his ability to handle double teams and stop the run. Also a good plyer at getting to the QB on passing plays a very good all around DT and a very good option for 3/4 NT. (1st - 2nd rd) If he falls to the 2nd rd almost a must grab prospect.


2. Torrell Troup, I think this player fits the mold of a Pioli and Haley player I also expect this player to have a good NFL carear at NT a great option. (4th - 5th rd)


3. Cam Thomas, Even though he comes from NC I see him as a very good NT prospect. (5th - 7th)


4. Ekom Udofia, He has been playing NT in college and very well. A great prospect who even if we fill the position would add good depth. (7th - URFA) 

   Not many targets I really like, but I hope we would take one of these four players over a chance the McCoy or one of the first rd selections can make it as a NT. These four players can.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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