Impact of East-West Shrine Game




The  East-West Shrine Game is heavily scouted by the NFL as are all All-Star games...luckily for us we have the best set of eyes looking at them before the first snap of the ball.  That's right as you know our very own (soon to be) DC Romeo Crennel will coaching the East team.  Coincidentally, ol'Marty-ball is coaching the West. Who knows maybe they'll have a nice chit chat. Anyway I digress, I know how anxious we are to get Romeo on the field but think about this for a minute.  Romeo has been knowingly or not scouting the entire East squad for us the entire team they've been practicing.  Weeding out intangibles such as effort, toughness, field speed(not combine), attitude among others.  Now granted this is the East-West game and we won't have too many players from the South...i.e. Eric Berry.  But Crennel will have the chance to get hands-on with many potential 2nd day picks before the scouts even see the game.  Just another advantage I'd figure I'd point out to our Kansas City Patriots..err Chiefs coaching staff..list of the players on the East team after the jump... 


First Name Last Name Position School Hometown
Ali Villanueva Tight End Army Meridian, MS
Mike McLaughlin Inside Linebacker Boston College Woburn, MA
Freddie Barnes Wide Receiver Bowling Green State University Chicago, IL
Thomas Austin Offensive Guard  Clemson University  Clemson, SC
Chris  Chancellor Cornerback Clemson University  Miami, FL
Kavell Conner Outside Linebacker Clemson University  Richmond, VA
Patrick Simonds Wide Receiver Colgate University Sidney, NY
Van  Eskridge  Free Safety East Carolina University  Shelby, NC
C.J. Wilson Defensive End East Carolina University  Belhaven, NC
John Skelton Quarterback Fordham University  El Paso, TX
Cord Howard Offensive Guard Georgia Tech Phenix City, AL
Rodger Saffold III Offensive Tackle Indiana University Bedford, OH
Rahim Alem Defensive End Louisiana State University  New Orleans, LA
Richard Dickson Fullback  Louisiana State University  Ocean Springs, MS
Blair White Wide Receiver Michigan State University Saginaw, MI
Jamar Chaney Inside Linebacker Mississippi State University Ft. Pierce, FL
Ross Pospisil Inside Linebacker Navy Temple, TX
Willie  Young  Defensive End  North Carolina State University Riviera Beach, FL
Mike Kafka Quarterback Northwestern University Oak Lawn, IL
Sherrick  McManis Cornerback Northwestern University Peoria, IL
Jim Cordle Center Ohio State University Lancaster, OH
Doug Worthington Defensive Tackle Ohio State University Athol Springs, NY
Jeremy Boone Punter Penn State University Mechanicsburg, PA
Andrew Quarless Tight End Penn State University Long Island, NY
Mike Neal Defensive Tackle Purdue University Merrillville, IN
Kevin Haslam Offensive Tackle Rutgers University Mahwah, NJ
Andre Anderson  Running Back  Tulane University  Stone Mountain, GA
Naaman Roosevelt Wide Receiver University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY
Justin Woodall Strong Safety University of Alabama Oxford, MS
Mitch Petrus Offensive Guard University of Arkansas Carlisle, AR
Torell Troup Defensive Tackle University of Central Florida Conyers, GA
Andre Dixon Running Back  University of Connecticut North Brunswick, NJ
Lindsey Witten Defensive End University of Connecticut Cleveland, OH
Ryan Stamper Outside Linebacker University of Florida Jacksonville, FL
Kyle Calloway Offensive Tackle University of Iowa  Vail, AZ
Javarris James Running Back  University of Miami Immokalee, FL
A.J. Trump Center University of Miami Palm Harbor, FL
Greg Hardy Defensive End University of Mississippi Millington,TN
Joshua Shene Kicker University of Mississippi Oklahoma City, OK
Nate Byham Tight End University of Pittsburgh Franklin, PA
Darian Stewart Strong Safety University of South Carolina Huntsville, AL
Kion Wilson Inside Linebacker University of South Florida Miami, FL
Chris Scott Offensive Tackle University of Tennessee Riverdale, GA
Barry  Church  Strong Safety University of Toledo Pittsburgh, PA
Nate Collins Defensive Tackle University of Virgina Port Chester, NY
Matt Morencie Center University of Windsor Windsor, ON
O'Brien Schofield Outside Linebacker University of Wisconsin Chicago, IL
Kam Chancellor Free Safety Virginia Tech Norfolk, VA
Sergio Render Offensive Guard Virginia Tech Skelton

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