3/4 OLB prospects (pre workouts)

 Alright with this one I went through all the DE/OLB prospects and found the players I feel would be a good fit for the 3/4 OLB position, This is my prospect list. My rankings and where they are predicted to go in the draft. * means intersted ** means I would really like to see them in a Chief uniform.


1. * Brandon Graham, 6'1'' 263, Mich (4.74) OLB/DE - Second Team All American, Explosive athlete who would not be to much of a reach at #5 in the draft. (1st rd)


2. Derrick Morgan, 6'4'' 272, GT (JR) DE/OLB - 2009 ACC defensive player of the year, and First Team All American. Had 12.5 sacks in 2009. (1st rd)


3. Correy Wooton, 6'7'' 270, NW (4.8) DE/OLB - 2008 First Team All Big 10, A big and Athletic player #1 on alot of boards for the 4/3 DE and 3/4 OLB position. (1st rd)


4.Sergio Kindle, 6'4'' 255, Texas (4.6) OLB - Fast off the snap with good straight line speed and agility in coverage. 2008 All American and First Team Big 12. (1st - 2nd)


5. Greg Hardy, 6'4'' 265, Ole Miss (4.58) DE/OLB - Big, Strong, Fast, Agile player who uses his hands well to shed blocks. 2007 and 2008 All SEC selection. (1st - 2nd)


6. Jerry Hughes, 6'2'' 257, TCU (4.7) OLB - All American for the Second time in 2009. Also the 2009 Lott and Ted Hendrick Award Winner. 15 sacks in 2008 and 11 1/2 sacks in 2009. A real force off the edge. (1st - 2nd)


7. Everson Griffen, 6'3'' 265, USC (JR) DE/OLB - A solid prospect who posted 8 sacks in 2009. (1st - 3rd rd)


8.* Sean Weatherspoon, 6'2'' 245, MU (4.59) OLB/ ILB - Second Team All American, Known as a tackling machine, who is always around the ball. Will be a playmaker at the next level. (1st - 2nd rd)


9. * Willie Young, 6'4'' 250, NC State (4.8) DE/OLB - ACC Second Team (media), 54 tackles, 14 TFL and 8 sacks in 2009. (2nd rd)


10. Austin Lane, 6'6'' 258, Murray St (4.7) DE/OLB -  FCS First Team All American, Schools All Time sack and TFL leader. (2nd rd)


11. ** Brandon Lang, 6'4'' 256, Troy (4.67) DE/OLB - Excellent pass rusher cmpared to other Troy grads Umunyiora and Ware. (2nd - 3rd rd)


12. * Eric Norwood, 6'0'' 252, SC (4.67) OLB - Three Time All SEC selection, 7 sacks in 2009. An all around good OLB. (2nd - 3rd rd)


13. George Selvie, 6'4'' 245, South Florida (4.78) DE/OLB - 2007 First Team Big East and numerous All American accolades, but has not been as good sense. (2nd - 3rd rd)


14. O'Brian Schofield, 6'2'' 248, Wisc (4.63) OLB/ ILB - Fast Player who had 10 sacks and 22.5 tackles for loss in 2009. (3rd rd)


15. AJ Edds, 6'4'' 244, Iowa (4.68) OLB/ ILB - Big TEN Second Team (coaches) Good against play action and misdirection plays. Is also good in pass coverage. Willing to take on blockers and is a good tackler. good option for us as ILB. but thats for another post. (2nd - 4th rd)


16. ** Dexter Davis, 6'2'' 252, Ariz St (4.75) OLB - PAC Ten First Team, Started all 50 games of his carear. I would really like to see this player in a Chiefs uniform. (4th - 5th rd)


17. * Alex Carrington, 6'5'' 280, Ark St (4.78) DE/OLB - SACKMASTER, 2008 Sun belt player of the year. 2009 First team all Sun Belt.


18. Cameron Sheffield, 6'2'' 249, Troy (4.78) OLB - 62 tackles and 7 sacks in 2009. 2008 First Team All Sun Belt. (4th - 5th rd)


19. Von Miller, 6'3'' 240 Tex A&M (JR) OLB/ ILB - 17 sacks in 2009, 21.5 TFL. A very good prospect. ranks alot higher as ILB (3rd - 5th rd)


20. ** Perry Riley, 6'1'' 245, LSU (4.65) OLB - A Finalist for the Butkus award in 2008. Healthy player who has been a consistant performer. Should be a really good player in the NFL. (5th rd)


21. Koa Misi, 6'2'' 263, Utah (4.74) OLB - Solid LB had a back injury at the beginning of 2009. (4th  - 6th rd)


22. Jamie Kirlew, 6'2'' 259, Indiana (4.8) DE/OLB - Just a solid option at LB, don't know much about him. (4th - 6th rd)


23. * James Ruffin, 6'4'' 265, N Iowa (4.8) DE/OLB - FBS First Team All American, Excellent all around game. (5th - 6th rd)


24. Carl Ihanacho, 6'3'' 256, San Jose St (4.7) OLB - WAC Second Team (coaches), A solid prospect with all around game. (6th - 7th rd)


25. Antonio Coleman, 6'3'' 257, Auburn (4.8) OLB - 2008 First Team SEC (coaches) A solid player. (6th - 7th rd)


26. Adrian Tracy, 6'3'' 243, William & Mary (4.7) OLB - FCS Second Team at DE. (7th rd)


27. John Fletcher, 6'6'' 272, Wyoming (4.8) DE/OLB - Mountain West First Team. (6th - 7th rd)


28. Austin English, 6'3'' 252, Okl (4.76) DE/OLB - Big 12 Honerable mention, battled injury in 2009. (7th - FA)


29. Aaron Morgan, 6'4'' 240, Louis Monroe (4.78) DE/OLB - Sun Belt First Team. 9 sacks in 2009. (7th - FA)


30. * Lary Hart, 6'0'' 248, Central Ark (4.58) OLB - All American, 2 time Defensive Player of the Year. Good speed and ability. A very good late rd option. (7th - FA)


31. Sam Maxwell, 6'3'' 248, Kentucky (4.68) OLB - SEC Second Team, having shoulder surgery. (7th - FA)


32. Albert McClellan, 6'2'' 254, Marshal (4.76) OLB - All Conferance USA Second Team (coaches) 2008 First Team all conferance USA. (7th - FA)

 Those are my prospects for the 3/4 OLB position in the 2010 NFL Draft. Now the players I would like the Chiefs to look at after the jump.


My Chief prospects.

1. * Brandon Graham, Has the ability to be a dominating force at OLB in the NFL could also be a very good 4/3 DE.


2. * Sean Weatherspoon, may be better suied for the ILB position in the 3/4 but will be a playmaker no matter where he lines up. 


3. * Willie Young, Healthy player who will give consistant 100% effort and a solid prospect.


4. ** Brandon Lang, Comparison to Umunyiora and Ware make this prospect high on my list.


5. * Eric Norwood, Looks to have alot of potential could be a Pro Bowl caliber player or just average.


6. ** Dexter Davis, Is really pulling me in I am know a fan of his. Has never missed a game and has put up stats that make me feel this player WILL have a good NFL carear. (with 4th - 5th rd projection would be a great option.


7. * Alex Carrington, speed could be a ? but his pass rush ability make him someone high on my list.


8. ** Perry Riley, Yes another LSU player but this one has been very consistant and a great performer. A really good prospect.


9. James Ruffin, Again speed could be an issue but just a great all around football player who I have watched a bit of.


10. Lary Hart, Excellent speed and 2 time Defensive player of the year if we end up making trades and get a later pick in the draft an excellent option.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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