OT prospects watch list (Pre Workout)

OT is a position that alot of us vary on wether we should try to upgrade the position. Some people are arguing that the overall O-Line class is down talent wise at the top. I disagree and here are the prospects.


1. Russell Okung, 6'5'' 302, Okl St (5.25) - Outland Trophy Finalist who only gave up one sack all year. After looking through his states and what is said about him I have been convinced he is the best T in the draft. (early 1st rd) 


2. Anthony Davis,6'6'' 325, Rutgers (JR) - First Team All BIg East, Has all the tools to be a very good NFL tackle and is a Dominant Run Blocker. (1st rd)


3. Trent Williams, 6'5'' 318, Okla (5.3) - First Team All American. I like what I have seen watchin this guy play ball. Will be a day 1 starter in the NFL. (1)


4. Bruce Campbell, 6'7'' 310, Maryland (JR) - Freakish Athlete, with amazing strength, and foot speed. Has battled injuries throughout his college carear but is known as the Vernon Davis of the O-Line, due to his amazing speed and size combo. (1st rd)


5. Bryan Baluga,6'5'' 315, Iowa (JR) - Big Ten O-Lineman of the year, even with missing 3 games due to injury. A solid O-Lineman. (1st - 2nd rd)


6. Charles Brown, 6'5'' 292, USC (5.1) - Pac Ten First Team (coaches) Good Athlete at the position with solid skill set. (1st - 2nd)


7. Ciron Black, 6'5'' 322, LSU (5.35) - First Team SEC (coaches and media) Consistant player who has never missed a game in his carear. (2nd - 3rd)


8. Zane Beadles, 6'4'' 305, Utah (5.28) - Second Team All American. Looks like a very solid all around OT. (expected 3rd - 4th rd) An honest 2nd rd Talent.


9. *** Jared Valdheer, 6'8'' 321, Hillsdale, (4.89) - 3 TIME Little America First Team All American, that is Div 2, 3, and NAIA. Amazing Speed and Size Combo could easily turn out to be the Best O-Lineman to come out this year. Comming from a smaller school he falls a bit. (4th - 5th rd) If we want an Offensive Tackle in the draft I target this one. He has 1st rd Talent.


10. Ed Wang, 6'5'' 309, V Tech (4.95) - ACC Second Team (media), Good Athlete at the position I see him at either the G or T spot. Good Player. (4th - 5th rd) I feel he is a 2nd rd Talent.


11. Chris Marinelli, 6'7'' 298, Stanford (5.23) - Second Team All American, This is another O-Lineman I really like and someone who could more than likely get picked up late I have seen him as a (6th - URFA) but I feel he should go in the 2-5 range.


12.  Kyle Calloway, 6'7'' 315, Iowa (5.25) - Big Ten Second Team (media), I was impressed when watching Calloway play. (2nd - 3rd rd)


13. Roger Saffold, 6'5'' 318, Indiana (5.23) - Big Ten Second Team (4th - 5th rd)


14. Selvish Capers, 6'5'' 298, WV (4.9) - Big East Second Team, Great Athletic Ability. Multiple mental errors I saw while watching him play dropped him on my board. (2nd - 3rd rd) deserving of 4th - 5th rd pick.


15. Adam Ulatoski, 6'6'' 302, Tex (5.28) - Big 12 Second Team (coaches) (4th - 6th rd)


16. Derek Hardmon, 6'6'' 295, Eastern Kentucky (5.23) - First  Team FCS All American. (6th - URFA)


17. Dennis Landolt, 6'4'' 303, Penn St (5.2) - Third Team All American. (6th - URFA)


18. Jason Fox, 6'6'' 314, Miami (5.1) - Expected 2nd rd pick who is having knee surgery, and has won 0 Awards. Had to move him down to more acceptible position. (2nd - 6th rd) This player could trully go anywhere in the draft.


19. Zipp Duncan, 6'5'' 292, Kentucky (5.09) - SEC Second Team. Did a great job this year protecting his QBs blind side, and a pretty good run blocker. (6th - URFA)


20. Jeff Linkenbach, 6'6'' 311, Cinci (5.18) - Big East Second Team. (6th - FA)


21. James Williams, 6'5'' 298, Harvard (5.17) - FCS Second Team All American (6th - FA)


22. Alonzo Durham, 6'4'' 285, Nevada (5.2) - Third Team All American. (6th - FA)


23. Mike Aguayo, 6'4'' 300, UTEP (5.14) - Conferance USA First Team. (7th - FA)


24. Tony Washington, 6'7'' 305, Abiline Christian (5.2) - AP Little America First Team All American 2 years in a row. (6th - FA)


25. Sam Young, 6'8'' 320, ND (5.3) - Ranked anywher from 6th best OT to 15th in the draft. I feel he is WAY overrated as I watched him get Dominated any time he went up against stellar competition. (expected 3rd - 4th rd selection who I feel is worth a 6th at best. I would rather have any of the 24 players listed above before him and you can make that 26 OT I would rather have including Albert and O'Call and give him an = to B.Richardson.  



Those are the OT prospect if we choose to target one these are the players I would consider.

1. Anthony Davis. I've talked enough about him I feel he will be a dominant player.


2. Jared Valdheer. We could probably get him in the 4th rd and he WILL turn into a good NFL starter.


3. Chris Marinelli. Watching Stanford he really stood out as a good player.


4. Zipp Duncan. Is a late rd option that I feel will be a solid depth player and has starter potential.


5. Tony Washington, Abiline Christian has good upside late rd pick or might not get drafted would be a good URFA to bring in.


6. James Williams a Harvard guy who has the tools. 

One thing all these players have is Decent speed at the position I feel this is the Chiefs only weakness on the O-Line as our players just flat out are not fast enough to be effective in the screen game. I see a need to add speed to the O-Line. I also feel bringing a Tackle in on the left side and moving Albert to Guard would greatly improve our O-Line speed. Also O'Calls biggest weakness is his speed and could see 2 OT brought in with better speed for the screen game.

 My #1 choices would be Anthony Davis at LT and Valdheer at RT. Would give us alot more speed upfront and worth the investment. The more I look into this years draft class I would take the 6th rd trade for Waters plenty of GOOD talent will be left to make it a decent option and agood one for future years.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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