Haley/Weis Offense

Hey AP! This is my first post, though I browse through the pages of this website daily; this website is head and shoulders better than any other chiefs site or NFL team site for that matter.

I recently was reading through a fan-post when i stumbled across numerous people asking what type of offense our new OC Weis runs, and how that offense differs or coincides with the offense we currently run with Haley at the helm.

Numerous sources around the NFL have stated that Weis to KC was about as perfect a fit as u could I thought I would elaborate on why I completely agree.

  • Both Haley and Weis run what is formally known as the Erhardt-Perkins Offensive System
  • This offense uses multiple formation and personnel groupings with an emphasis on just a number of core base plays.
  • It utilizes multiple schemes to take advantage of opponents weaknesses. The base plays can be manipulated slightly during a game or in weekly preparation. (spacing, routes,personnel, etc.)
  • This offense emphasizes time of possession and though it may use some screen plays at times, often this offense does not call on the RB's to serve as WR's.
  • Normally this system tends to favor the run over the pass, though its not always a run first offense. In fact most times the pass is used to set up the run in this system.
  • Erhardt was famous for his saying, "pass to score, run to win"
  • This is the system Weis used in all of his days as the NE OC as well as his tenure at Notre Dame. It's not just Weis though....Yes Bill Parcells used this system during his entire coaching career. Moreover, the Pittsburgh Steelers under Cowher used this system....Cower-Wisenhunt.....Wisenhunt-Haley...yes this offense is run by the Arizona Cardinals as well...

I am very pleased with Weis' hire mainly because all of the terminology, groupings, formations, base plays, all of it will be the same; that's not to say that they wont add more to the playbook, but none of the players except for rookies or free agents will be learning a new system which i believe will help everyone create more continuity. Plus! I'm not sure if his contract terms have been released yet, but I would be very curious to find out how much money he will actually make; we could be getting a bargain for a very good OC (considering all the dough the Irish still owe him).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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