FB/TE prospects watch list ( Pre Workouts)

I will start with the Pure FBs as there are only a handfull in the draft then TEs. again 40 time in () following school.

Pure FBs

1. Rashawn Jackson, 6'1'' 253, Virginia (4.7) - Good run blocker and receiver out of the backfield. (4th - 5th rd)


2. Manase Tonga, 5'11'' 245, BYU (4.65) - I look for this player to have a similar impact to McClain in Baltimore. A solid all around football player. (6th - URFA)


3. Jack Corcoran, 6'0'' 230, Rutgers (4.64) - Just a solid FB. Carries the could be effect. (7th - URFA)

That is all the Pure FBs I see comming out this year slim pickings.


TEs and FB/TEs ONE JR expected to come out at TE.


1. Jermain Gresham, 6'6'' 258, Okla (4.75)  TE - Excellent all around TE. WILL be the first TE off the board.


2. Anthony McCoy, 6'5'' 252, USC (4.75) TE - A very solid all around TE, with great pass catching ability. The #2 TE on almost all boards. (2nd - 3rd)


3. (JR) Aaron Hernandez, 6'2'' 250, Florida, TE/FB - A playmaker who can line up at TE or FB. Has been a major part of Floridas attack the last two seasons. (2nd - 4th rd) 


4. Garrett Graham, 6'3'' 250, Wisc (4.74) TE/FB - 2009 All Big Ten First Team (media), Excellent Blocker who will be solid in the NFL. (3rd - 4th rd)


5. C. Peek, 6'5'' 255, Ala (4.8) TE - Known as a clutch performer, 2009 AP All SEC Second Team. Good blocker and Red Zone receiver. (3rd - 4th rd)


6. D. Pitta, 6'5'' 248, BYU (4.7) TE - 2009 AP Second Team All American. NCAA record holder for receiving yds by a TE. 2856 carear receiving yds. Excellent receiver at the position with some ? about his blocking ability at the NFL level. (3rd - 5th rd)


7. Tony Moeaki, 6'4'' 252, Iowa (4.8) TE - All Big Ten First Team ( coaches), Great Hands and good blocking ability. With an improved 40 time could move all the way up to #2 TE on the board.

(2nd - 4th rd)


8. Jimmy Graham, 6'8'' 260, Miami (4.7) TE - Good Hands Great size with decent speed. Also an Basketball guy. Looks to be a solid player. (4th - 6th rd)


9. Dorin Dickerson, 6'2'' 230, Pitt (4.67) FB/TE - Third Team All American, Above average all around game. Should be a solid NFL player with the ability to be a good one. NFL comparison Chris Wilson the ex Chief. (4th - 6th rd)


10.  Ed Dickson, 6'5'' 243, Oregon (4.75) TE - 2009 All PAC Ten First Team (Coaches). John Mackey Award simi finalist. Excellent receiver with 42 receptions 551 yds and 6 TDs on the year. Blocking at the next level is a bit of a ?. (3rd - 5th)


11. Andrew Quarless, 6'5'' 253, Penn St (4.75) TE - All Big Ten Honerable Mention ( coaches and media). Good Player, receiving ability is good and a decent blocker. Off field issues hurt stock. (5th - 7th rd)


12. Nate Byham, 6'4'' 265, Pitt (4.75) TE - Big East Second Team (Coaches) for the second time. Excellent blocker with decent ability. (5th - 7th rd)


13. Richard Dickson, 6'3'' 246, LSU (4.77) FB/TE - Holds LSU record for most receiving yds by a TE with 90 cathes for 952 yds and 10 TDs. 2 time All SEC selection. Good receiver and decent blocker. (5th - 7th rd)


14. T.C. Drake, 6'5'' 244, Kentucky (4.7) TE - Higher on my list than most. On the 2009 Mackey Award watch list. Looks to me like he has the ability to be a solid all around NFL TE. (6th - URFA)


15. N. Overbay, 6'5'' 270, East Wash (4.85) TE - First Team All Big Sky. Caught 51 passes for 588 yds and 13 TDs. Big Body has the potential to be a good NFL TE. (4th - 5th rd)


16. Jaron Mastrud, 6'5'' 253, K State (4.8) TE - First Team All Big 12. Also won the (ARA) sportmanship award. Hard worker with the Can do attitude. Solid all around TE, who started 26 straight games to end his college carear. (5th - 6th rd) To me this player has Pioli type written all over him.


17. Scott Sicko, 6'4'' 242, New Hampshire (4.75) TE - FCS Second Team All American. 57 receptions, 725 yds and 9 TDs. This is a player I would take a long look at. A solid TE and pass catcher. (7th - URFA)


18. Dedrick Epps, 6'4'' 253, Miami (4.76) TE - Has a reconstructed knee. Could be a solid NFL player. I'm not high on him and never was before the injury. (7th - URFA)


19. Jeff Cumberland, 6'5'' 255, Illinois (4.55) TE - Has excellent speed but Hands and Blocking are both ?. (6th - URFA)


20. Clay Harbor, 6'3'' 240, Missouri St (4.75) FB/TE - 2009 Walter Payton FCS All American. First Team All MVFC for the third consecutive year. finished this season with 59 receptions 729 yds and 4 TDs. 4, 100 yd receiving games in 2009, 33 consecutive games with a reception and MU St all time receptions leader with 150 carear receptions. This is a player who could have a good NFL carear. (7th - URFA)


21. Justin Akers, 6'4'' 255, Baylor (4.73) TE - Big 12 Honerable mention. Has played both WR and TE for Baylor. Decent ability, but a definate development player. (7th -  URFA)


22. Dennis Morris, 6'2'' 266, LA Tech (4.64) FB/TE - Named the TOP TE in the Nation by the college football performance awards. Was also an All American and First Team All WAC. Had 38 receptions 623 yds and 12 TDs this year. A player that can line up at eiter TE or FB and be effective. Good speed for the position and a player that has earned a look. (7th - URFA)


23. Jamie McCoy, 6'3'' 224, Texas A&M, (4.65) FB/TE - All Big 12 Second Team as a FB. One of the teams best blockers. Had 31 receptions for 328 yds and 1 TD as a TE. Somewhat undersized but blocking ability could get him a look. (7th - URFA)


24. Ryan Moya, 6'3'' 234, UCLA (4.68) FB/TE - Was on the John Mackey watch list. To me a solid player worth taking a look at. (7th - URFA)


25. Jake Ballard, 6'6'' 256, Okl (4.8) TE - A blocking TE who was on the John Mackey watch list. (7th - URFA)


26. Mike Caussin, 6'5'' 240, James Madison, (4.8) TE - 25 receptions 438 yds, and 4 TDs. Had 145 yds and 2 TDs in one game against VMI. Has potential to be a solid TE. (6th - URFA)


27. Jeff Cottam, 6'8'' 260, Tenn (4.7) TE - The younger brother. Has good speed for the position and similar skill set to his older brother. Is worth a look as he was on the John Mackey watch list. (7th - URFA)


28. Greg Boone,6'3'' 287, V Tech (4.8) TE/FB - All SEC Second Team (media), A big body at the position who is a good blocker. Shows good ability with the ball in his hands/ YAC ability. Although he had a pretty invisible senior year could still get a look. (7th - URFA)


29. Brody Eldridge, 6'5'' 256, Okl (4.8) TE - All Big 12 Second Team as a OG. Could be looked at as a blocking TE. (7th - URFA)  

Players I would like as Chiefs after the jump.


 I don't go for any of the pure FBs as I feel we have the spot filled. I would take any of the top 9 TE prospects as they would greatly improve our team. Add any of them after the 2nd round. Would prefer to see this position filled in FAs but if not then either take one of the top 9 prospects after pick 2a, or wait tell the last 5th rd pick and get one of the following players.

13. Richard Dickson - I like this player and see good upside.


17. Scott Sicko - I liked what I saw of this player in the playoffs this year I feel he will be a good NFL player.


20. Clay Harbor - is someone that I think is worth looking at.


22. Dennis Morris - this player apears to have all the tools and a 5th rd pick on him would not be to much.


23. Jamie McCoy - somewhat undersized but speed and blocking ability make him a good option to me.


27. Jeff Cottam - Not much to speak about with his college carear but chemistry with his brother could make it worth taking a shot with him.


28. Greg Boone - Although he had a quite senior season I see him as a potential starter in the NFL.

 I hope this post gives you some good insight into this years FB and TE class.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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