2010 Draft: A Case for Offense

Judging from the comments regarding the 2010 Draft, this is going to be a tough sell to the AP crowd.  More than likely it will not sell at all, but I'm going to try just to provide another perspective.  So if the title didn't provide any clues I'll just come out and say the Chiefs should take Dez Bryant with their first round pick in the '10 draft. 

Leap if you wish.

Western Chief had a good post regarding the CBA relating the possiblility that there will be a limited number of free agents for teams to pick-up in the off-season.   I am not going to deal with FA's because there are many ifs involved in obtaining them.  Teams are guaranteed draft picks, that is if they can sign them, but draft picks are an almost certainity to end up with the team that picks them.  I do hope the team does acquire some good FA's in areas of need to provide them with more flexibility for the draft.

I am not going to go into a round by round selection, but three of the teams first five picks should be on offense, Bryant being number one.  A LB and safety should used for the remaining two of the first five picks.

Eric Berry is one heck of a player and would improve the defense.  But how much impact would he have on the overall improvement of the team next season?   If drafting for the future beyond just the next season, then he is your man, but if improvement for next season is what the team is looking if then I would he argue he is not the right pick at this time.  Berry has been compared to Lott, Lynch, Reed and other safeties with expectations that he will bring the Chiefs a defense much like these other players have been on.  However, these players all played on defenses with much more talent than what the Chiefs currently possess and I would argue his impact would be minimal for next season unless the team improves at LB and NT.   That is possible, but the team may not get much help in FA at these positions and the draft may not help either since early picks may be used on improving the quality of the OL.   We will find out the upcoming months.

Dez Bryant is one heck of a player as well and would improve the offense.   But how much impact would he have on the overall improvement of the team next season is again the question?  If drafting for the future beyond just the next season, then Bryant is not the pick and Berry, or McClain should be the player chosen.   However, if improvement next season is what the team wants, then Bryant is the answer.  Bryant will provide Cassel a reliable target allowing the offense to move the ball and improve with both scoring and time of possession, which has been a big problem for the team this season.  Obviously, improved TOP helps the defense as well by keeping them off the field, provides them with much needed rest and limits the opposition's scoring opportunities. 

I do understand that if we can stop teams from scoring we can win, but if memory serves, the Chiefs have been really inept at scoring in the first half of games and TOP has been a real problem.  With a $60 million investment in our QB and if we are going to win games next year then this needs to be the priority next season.  It is just my opinion, but I feel Bryant can provide more immediate help than Berry since improvement at the safety position can be had in later rounds and impact WRs will be gone in the early rounds.

Ideally, the team seeks players on both sides of the ball for immediate improvement, but reality should tell us that we can only fix so much at a time and tough decisions will have to be made as to whom you take or pass on.

Lets kick some Bronco butt and be undefeated in '10 - at least for awhile anyway.  Now you can rip my argument apart and make your own case.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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