Chiefs News from the Overnight 9/5



Total Pollard fan here, so I had to go with the photo above. Here's your Saturday morning news.

Even without an obvious replacement, that wasn’t enough to save McIntosh’s job on Friday. The decision was a bit of a surprise based on the fact the Chiefs look like they are going to be a team that relies on the running game and that’s something McIntosh can still do: block for the run. Against the pass rush, McIntosh is finished. He does not have the flexibility or the foot quickness to handle outside pass rushers anymore. He’s a liability for the passer. McIntosh has played 115 games with 111 starts for the Chargers, Dolphins and Chiefs, but there was no upside in keeping him.

The Slicing Begins At Arrowhead … Saturday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

But again, the search here is for positives. The first defense faced six possessions in the first half; only one produced anything in the way of points, yardage, plays or possession time. That was the Rams offense only TD, as QB Brock Berlin led them on a 15-play, 85-yard drive that used 7 minutes, 29 seconds of the clock.

The No. 1 defense did this with a different look when it came to personnel. The front three was Tyson Jackson, Tank Tyler and Glenn Dorsey. At linebacker it was Mike Vrabel, Corey Mays, Demorrio Williams and Tamba Hali. In the secondary it was rookie Donald Washington and Brandon Carr on the corners with Jon McGraw and Mike Brown at the safety spots.

Yes There Were Some Positives …. Really from Bob Gretz

After yet another night with their quarterbacks operating under constant pressure, it became obvious the Chiefs had to do something about their leaky offensive line.

Right tackle Damion McIntosh, who allowed a dreadful sack in Thursday’s final preseason game in St. Louis, was the victim. The Chiefs released McIntosh, a nine-year veteran and former Kansas State player, on Friday, leaving themselves a gaping hole at his position.

Chiefs release eight, including right tackle McIntosh from KC Star

Kansas City Chiefs: Was this a misprint? Nope – it was a comment on the shaky state of the AFC West (the Broncos and Raiders are messes) and a warning to the Chargers that the whole coast-until-you-need-to-turn-it-on thing won’t work three years in a row. The Chiefs, despite their 2-14 record last season, were more dangerous than people realized by December and will benefit from new coach Todd Haley’s shrewd game-planning and new general manager Scott Pioli’s grasp of personnel. They’re my pick to prevail in football’s weakest division.

Nine lives for ’08 non-playoff qualifiers from Yahoo! Sports

KC Star Photo Gallery: Adam Teicher predicts the Chiefs' 53-man roster (updated Sept. 4)

Last place: Kansas City (4-12) -- Maybe I'm being overly influenced by the disarray I've seen this preseason in the Chiefs offense -- which just this week saw coordinator Chan Gailey relieved of his duties -- but the rebuilding process could be in for a painful first season under Todd Haley and Scott Pioli. The AFC West is truly the league's weakest division this season, and the Raiders or Broncos could very easily contend for last place. But I'm giving the nod to Kansas City based on how much ground they still have to cover to return to respectability.

Predicting the 2009 NFL Season from Sports Illustrated

1. The Chiefs are a potential disaster this season Kansas City has generated only 33 points through three preseason games. Matt Cassel was injured on the third play in Saturday's game against the Seahawks, and his availability for Week 1 is now in question. Tyler Thigpen, who was a hero at times for fantasy owners at 2008, would start against the Ravens (yeah!) if Cassel is unavailable.

On Monday, the Chiefs announced the dismissal of offensive coordinator Chan Gailey. It appears to be hasty, but clearly the team is already sweating after spending big dollars this offseason

Top 10 things I learned in the preseason from FoxSports

Here are some observations about Ghiaciuc's less-than-stellar career in Stripes:

-During his career as Cincinnati's center, he had to have all of his cleats re-soled constantly because the heels wore down abnormally quickly.

-Ghiaciuc's on-field performance caused famed Bengals' broadcaster Dave Lapham to once state, "To say Eric Ghiaciuc blocks the blitz like a blind six-year old would be to insult the blind six-year old."

-Ghiaciuc is one of the most nicknamed Bengal players in history by the fans, earning such monikers as 'Speedbump', 'El Matador', 'Mr. Ole.', 'The Invisible Man' and 'Twinkletoes Flintstone'.

A tribute to the career of former Bengal center Eric Ghiaciuc from

This unique ON THIS DAY feature gives me the day off..(not really, I have to work on GAME DAY HD FOOTAGE!!)...Its presented by NFL Films, and its a 15 movie of Sam Wyche vs Marty Schottenheimer of the KC Chiefs, and both were wired up for this affair.

ON THIS DAY- September 5th, 1993- Wk 1 Kansas City & Joe Montana from SBN's Buc 'Em

When Kansas City Chiefs Coach Todd Haley was with the Jets earlier this decade and with Arizona last season, he said the teams deployed the spread against opponents they thought could manhandle them because forcing a defensive player to line up wide neutralizes his ability to overwhelm an offensive lineman.

And with the defense easier to see when spread out, quarterbacks tend to make fewer mistakes. Last season, the interception rate dipped below one per team per game for the first time since such statistics were first kept in 1932, even though teams have passed more in the last 20 years.

N.F.L. Looks to College Game for a New Plan of Attack from NY Times

I'm sure there will be an open spot for Todd Haley in college football once he's stabbed by his own men and fired three years from now. He'll likely end up at Auburn, or some other SEC school that happily deifies self-aggrandizing cocksuckers. Todd Haley is one step away from being Marty Mornhinweg, cruising out of practice on his motorcycle like a complete idiot. The fact that Scott Pioli is in charge doesn't mean that Haley won't go the way of every ex-Belichick assistant turned head coach out there. Fans assume guys like Haley will be the next Belichick. Even worse, Haley himself probably believes it. He's Saban with the Dolphins. I guarantee it.

Why Your Team Sucks: Kansas City Chefs from

Instead it has to do with the league's recently amended policy to black out the use of social media platforms on game days, starting 90 minutes before the opening kickoff and ending with the final post-game media interviews. During that time players, coaches, team personnel and game operations staff are prohibited from using Twitter, Facebook, ustream and other conduits to fans.

NFL Embraces New World of Twitter from Sports Illustrated

Player Tweets

almighty31 im at the crib gettin it in. wats goody? hit me up or swing by. hittin the store up now.

ToonIcon VEGAS!!!!!! I'm home baby!!!!!

ToonIconGonna be a Uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!

Media and Fans

kb_kcstar I didn't see much encouragement from Barry Richardson, but I suppose they've seen enough of him to anoint him the starting RT.

Adam_Schefter Those 704 men who lose their jobs? That, as @jayinwny pointed out, doesn't even include offensive coordinators!

kb_kcstar Wonder if Todd Haley would be interested in TE Leonard Pope, whom Arizona cut today. A 25-year-old TE on a team that needs one?

Adam_Schefter Think of this: Right now there are men, good men, praying their phone doesn't ring and coach doesn't need them to bring in their playbook.

92Chevy4x4: If there is any pro bowl O-lineman needing a job, please see the Kansas City Chiefs ASAP..LOL

gadgetplaya: I don't care if he catches a pass all season. #Chiefs WR MBradley's block to spring DSavage's 70-yarder is worth a roster spot all by itself

You must click this link.

anklebiter988: I'm so proud of the new Chiefs QB. He must be a #backstreetboys fan too. Haha

ylove: Just partied at LAX in luxor with chiefs player larry johnson! pimpin all over the world. :) #fb

H/T for to this tweet for the Yahoo! Sports article above.

mdhocker: I have found the impossible, Someone picked the chiefs to win the west

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