Chiefs Release Eight Players Including T Damion McIntosh


The Kansas City Chiefs announced the club has released eight players.  The biggest surprise is Damion McIntosh who was signed to a six year contract by the previous regime just two seasons ago.

Here are the list of players with my quick hits on each of them.  

Offensive Line


Running Backs

  • FB Jed Collins - Only one fullback will be kept, looks like it's Mike Cox.


  • ILB Corey Smith - Numbers game plus we didn't hear much of anything out of him.

That's 8 down, 14 to go. Who's next? The updated roster of 67 players is after the jump to help you decide.

Chris' predictions for the next 14 players cut have a line through them.

#    Name  Pos  Exp  Acquired
64 Niswanger, Rudy C 4 FA-06
74 Smith, Wade C 7 UFA (NYJ)-08
22 Bates, Jackie CB R CFA-09
39 Carr, Brandon CB 2 D5-08
30 Colclough, Ricardo CB 6 FA-08
24 Flowers, Brandon CB 2 D2-08
31 Leggett, Maurice CB 2 CFA-08
20 Washington, Donald CB R D4-09
72 Dorsey, Glenn DE 2 D1a-08
62 Gales, Dion DE R CFA-09
92 Gilberry, Wallace DE 2 FA-08
65 Greenwood, Bobby DE R CFA-09
94 Jackson, Tyson DE R D1-09
71 Magee, Alex DE R D3-09
95 Edwards, Ron DT 9 UFA (BUF)-06
69 Lokey, Derek DT 1 CFA-08
93 Tyler, Tank DT 3 D3-07
42 Cox, Mike FB 2 CFA-08
62 Alleman, Andy G 3 T (MIA)-09
61 Brown, Colin G R D5-09
79 Goff, Mike G 12 UFA (SD)-09
66 Harris, Darryl G R CFA-09
54 Waters, Brian G 10 FA-00
6 Succop, Ryan K R D7c-09
52 Beisel, Monty LB 9 UFA (ARZ)-09
59 Belcher, Jovan LB R CFA-09
91 Hali, Tamba LB 4 D1-06
56 Johnson, Derrick LB 5 D1-05
51 Mays, Corey LB 4 FA-09
90 McBride, Turk LB 3 D2-07
96 Studebaker, Andy LB 2 FA-08
55 Thomas, Zach LB 14 UFA (DAL)-09
50 Vrabel, Mike LB 13 T (NE) - 09
67 Walters, Pierre LB R CFA-09
53 Williams, Demorrio LB 6 UFA (ATL)-08
43 Gafford, Thomas LS 2 FA-08
2 Colquitt, Dustin P 5 D3-05
7 Cassel, Matt QB 5 T (NE)-09
12 Croyle, Brodie QB 4 D3-06
15 Gutierrez, Matt QB 3 W (NE)-09
4 Thigpen, Tyler QB 3 W (MIN)-07
26 Battle, Jackie RB 2 FA-07
25 Charles, Jamaal RB 2 D3a-08
27 Johnson, Larry RB 7 D1-03
29 Savage, Dantrell RB 2 CFA-08
40 Williams, Javarris RB R D7a-09
48 Brown, Mike S 10 UFA (CHI)-09
47 McGraw, Jon S 8 UFA (DET)-07
38 Morgan, DaJuan S 2 D3c-08
44 Page, Jarrad S 4 D7-06
49 Pollard, Bernard S 4 D2-06
35 Price, Ricky S R CFA-09
76 Albert, Branden T 2 D1b-08
60 Ndukwe, Ikechuku T 3 T (MIA)-09
67 Richardson, Barry T 2 D6a-08
87 Cottam, Brad TE 2 D3b-08
41 Crabtree, Tom TE R CFA-09
45 O'Connell, Jake TE R D7b-09
89 Ryan, Sean TE 6 UFA (SF)-09
82 Bowe, Dwayne WR 3 D1-07
83 Bradley, Mark WR 5 FA-08
10 Copper, Terrance WR 6 FA-09
84 Engram, Bobby WR 14 UFA (SEA)-09
9 Johnson, Taurus WR R CFA-09
14 Lawrence, Quinten WR R D6-09
17 Lelie, Ashley WR 8 FA-09
11 Wright, Rodney WR 1 FA-09
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