"You play to win the game!" - Yes, I am beating the dead horse again

The only Hermism that actually made sense and we didn't do it last week.

Lets do it this week against the Giants.

Whether last week Todd ran to ball to establish an identity or to protect Cassel from blitzing defenders, we did NOT try to win the game after the first half. He ran on downs that it was almost impossible (given the state of our O-Line and RB production) to make the 3rd down conversion. If you are behind by that much PASS and mix a LITTLE bit of runs in there to make up the short yardage first downs. Want to save the QB? Well that is BS! If that is the case, put someone else in there or buy a new O-Line! Give us a chance! Croyle or Gut last week would have given us a better chance by PASSING then Cassel handing off to LJ for 1-3 yard gains.

What do you say in the locker room? "Guys, I gave up on trying to win the game to establish something that is more important". Do that and all motivation to win games goes out the window. If you tell the fans "Guys, we not going to try to win this game, we are going to save our QB" - Fans won't attend the games.

The players play to WIN the game, the coaches are suppose to coach to WIN the game, the fans watch to see the team WIN the game.

I hate watching games where the other team is up by 21 points or so and the team gives up. Don't EVER give up, there is always a chance no matter how small. If the Chargers gave up last year when it looked like we had the game in the bag, they wouldn't have won the game and may have missed the playoffs.

I don't think our players gave up last week, but I think Todd (who I think is a good coach) got angry with the lack of production from the running game and his anger turned his focus to something else other than winning that game.


Sorry for beating a dead horse but I believe we have a shot to win next week's game. In the NFL it is Any Given Sunday! The Browns were huge underdogs and sucked last year and they beat them. Lets do it this week and lets play to win the game!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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