Why you shouldn't be mad, upset, or hopeless

Ahhh, this is such a familiar feeling, and it sucks. Everyone loves the winner. They envy them, strive to be like them, and generally kiss their ass with such fervor that it makes "yes" men cringe. However, our Chiefs are not winners. They're 0-3, coming off what many are describing as an epic failure the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Dark Side left that 3-meter garbage chute opening on their Death Star for that star-crossed kid named Luke to shoot a photon into to destroy a most awesome planet of doom. But what was expected? Was there ever any belief coming into this season that a largely unchanged from last year's Chiefs team could beat these very good and complete teams the Chiefs are faced with this first half of the season? If you thought that, then you just hoped and fooled yourself into your hurt and pain you feel now. Shame on you.

Let's see why you shouldn't lose be mad, upset, or hopeless

First off, the Ravens. Proving to be a very good and complete team thus far, the Ravens didn't slaughter the Chiefs any worse than the Eagles did. The score didn't indicate that, but the stats sure did. By some of the reactions from fans and the media, I don't know why the Chiefs would even bother showing up to play any more games this season. In fact, they may as well fire Pioli, Haley, and all of their players and staff. Clark should just sell the team and they should move to LA, because if they can't beat teams who are far superior talentwise then there is obviously no hope left.

The Raiders are a talented team. It sucks to say and admit, but it's the truth (well, except at QB, Russel is a waste of space). But by all rights, they should be. They have been picking high in the draft for how many years now? And they've overpayed to get talent. Now, they are figuring out how to make it all work, and Cable may be the best coach to manage that team since Madden since he's a "Davis" guy. The Ravens, Raiders, and Eagles have more talent than the Chiefs. Hell, I'd say 31 teams have more talent than the Chiefs. The Chiefs are just plain bad.

But that didn't happen overnight.

So why shouldn't you be mad?

Well you shouldn't have expected the Chiefs to win a whole lot of games. If you did, you set yourself up to get mad, and have only yourself to blame. The new guys in charge can't put together a team overnight (look how long it's taken for the Texans to get it even close to being right). This team was dismantled, beat down, and just plain screwed from top to bottom when Pioli and Haley came here.

So why shouldn't you be upset?

Frankly, I'm a little upset, and I didn't even see the game. These guys are professionals and are getting paid win or lose, in a league of supposed parity, the Chiefs are outmatched at every position it seem like. How the Chiefs got defacated on butt raped screwed this schedule given to them after a 2-14 season I'll never know. It seems like every week they face a new playoff contender from last year. But you can't be upset at the crappy team the Chiefs are for playing their hearts out against obviously superior teams. Teams who have been through the rebuilding, been through the pain, and are in their primes. This is a young and obviously immature Chiefs team. The Ravens and Eagles are tough, smart, fast, and well-coached teams that are very good at every aspect of the game. Losing to the Raiders just sucks no matter how I try to spin it, so I'm back at they're talented and they damn well ought to be for how many high 1st round picks they have on the team.

So why shouldn't you be hopeless?

Because we are 3 games in to 16 game season. The Chiefs have played 2 damn good  football teams, and one very talented one. The Pioli/Haley duo has had ONE offseason to start this change, and it was a VERY short one. People were willing to give Herm 3 years, but Haley only gets 3 games? He's new at this, give the guy a chance to learn from his mistakes before you crucify him and declare Pioli the anti-christ GM. Just because the sun isn't shining over Arrowhead yet doesn't mean it won't ever again.


Keep the faith, Chiefs fans. Lets see how this season plays out, and stop living and dying with every play of every game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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