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Honestly, I am very embarrased by the way the Chiefs played yesterday. Terrible. To help express my mood, we are starting the news with everyone's favorite, Jason Whitlock. One last thing, Sterling Sharpe's prediction looks pretty accurate today.

A culture of winning? Can you build one when you run the ball on 10 of 11 plays while trailing 27-7 in the third quarter?

Haley treated the second half like an exhibition game. He wasn’t playing to win. He was playing to avoid further embarrassment.

Pioli, Haley create KC's worst team from KC Star

All three facets of the Chiefs performed poorly and set up the first score of the game for the Eagles. The offense has a 1st-and-10 at their 34-yard line. By the time Dustin Colquitt punted, the situation was 4th-and-35 at the KC 9-yard line. Colquitt’s kick traveled just 39 yards and returner Jackson made a fair catch at the Chiefs 48-yard line.

Chiefs Lose Bad Mismatch to Eagles 34-14 from Bob Gretz

"I had high hopes coming into this game that we had a good chance to win the game," Todd Haley said afterwards.

Head coaches are supposed to be optimistic, especially in front of the public and his players, so we shouldn’t expect Haley to say anything else. But after watching what went down in Sunday’s game, there’s no way he can believe that he has the talent to match with a team like the Eagles. Andy Reid had one hand tied behind his back and still his team was able to dominate the action.

Commentary: A Long Road Ahead from Bob Gretz

KC Star Photo Gallery: Eagles 34, Chiefs 14 | Sept. 27

The Chiefs headed east hoping for another snapshot of exactly where they stand compared to one of the NFL’s strongest teams.

They returned home Sunday night gravely disappointed, if not devastated, by what they found in a 34-14 loss to the Eagles that was more of a blowout than the score would indicate.

Chiefs can’t compete with Eagles in 34-14 loss from KC Star

In eleven plays, Vick produced seven yards. He only carried the ball once himself, gaining those seven yards. He threw two incomplete passes, and neither one was close to being on the mark. He lined up at wide receiver once, and was out of the play. The other eight times, he took direct snaps in the shot gun and either handed off or pitched the ball.

“Yes it was a very small look,” Vick said afterwards. “We have so much still for the future. We just wanted to go out there and get some looks and see how they were going to play and not tip our hand to what we really wanted to do with this Wildcat thing.

Not A Lot Of Bark In Vick’s Wildcat Bite from Bob Gretz


Grade: D+

The Chiefs weren’t going to win this game no matter what Todd Haley did, but more aggressive offensive play calling could have brought them closer.

Grading the Chiefs from KC Star

Calling the 26-yard pass from WR Mark Bradley to RB Jamaal Charles the Chiefs best offensive play is damning the 26-yard gain with faint praise. Other than a 13-yard TD throw from QB Matt Cassel to Bradley and a nine-yard scoring pass to WR Bobby Wade, it was the only other significant play of the game.

One Play That Worked from Bob Gretz

The Chiefs finished the game without a sack, even though they faced 36 passing plays. They now have just three sacks in 106 passing plays or one every 35 passing plays.

They actually had Eagles QB Kevin Kolb on the ground once, as OLB Mike Vrabel dragged him to the ground. But CB Donald Washington was called for a 15-yard facemask penalty, wiping out the sack.

Defense Struggles & Notes from Bob Gretz

It all felt familiar to Jon McGraw. He was assigned to carry the ball on the fake punt, and the play was designed to invigorate a foundering team desperate for something to work.

Just as in December 2007, the play was successful — but the big-picture idea was not. For the second time in three weeks, McGraw was at the center of a big play on special teams, and for the second time in three weeks, it wasn’t enough to push the Chiefs to a victory.

Chiefs’ tricks don’t result in treat of a win from KC Star

As the Eagles proceeded to throttle the Chiefs 34-14 on Sunday, it turned out that they didn’t need all that creativity to beat Kansas City.

Eagles didn’t need any tricks from Vick to beat Chiefs from KC Star

He was asked to throw just eight times in the second half, but handed off to Larry Johnson 12 times in that span.

“As a quarterback, you don’t second-guess anything,” Cassel said. “You just try to execute the offense and try to have success at what you’re doing.”

Cassel not a major contributor to offense against Eagles from KC Star

And the Kansas City Chiefs still play in the NFL.

But there's no way the Chiefs are as bad as Cleveland, and that's because the Chiefs don't hate their coach. Not like the Browns surely hate Eric Mangini. He's the most dislikeable coach in the NFL, and that's saying something.

Quitting seems possible as Browns join NFL's worst from CBS Sports

Frankly, the Chiefs, who aren't reeling from any major injuries, might not win a game this season. Suddenly, late season games against the Denver Broncos (3-0) and Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) don't seem so easy. In week one, the excuse was the loss of their starting quarterback. In week two, the excuse was... well, there is no excuse for losing to the Raiders in a home opener. This week the Chiefs excuse was... well, that they're just not very good. After this afternoon's game, safety Mike Brown said, "Just think if they had McNabb and Westbrook out there."

Fail to the Chiefs by some hack named Joel Thorman

On the other hand, a little uncertainty isn't such a bad thing.

Not knowing exactly how the season will work out for the Eagles, how they will hold together despite injuries and some inexperience at important positions, all of that doesn't seem as terrible after you get a look at the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs know exactly how this season is going to come out for them.

Chiefs show uncertainty not all that bad from The Philadelphia Inquirer

Player Tweets

ToonIcon I react to failure jus like you do. So when u feel how u feel. I feel double

almighty31gotta get better. learn from the bad and use it.

studie32 Going home

Media and Fans

Adam_Schefter Impressive. RT @NFLfootballinfo: Eagles QB Kevin Kolb is 1st player in NFL history to throw for 300 yards in each of his 1st two starts

JoshLooney the morning after doesn't make philly any better...third downs are killing the Chiefs

erickweber: Hard to pick which team is the worst in the NFL - Chiefs, Browns, Rams or is it the Bucs?

xbrns: denver still wants matt cassel high.. rt @Aimee_B_Loved So... What high school does the Chiefs play for?

cweber10: #kc #chiefs suck more than the #lions do!!!!

sarxos: @si_peterking Is the ongoing failure of the Chiefs, Browns etc. proof that draft top-picks are killing the league?

brittdetienne: I'm trying to decide which is uglier- the Chiefs' start to the season or the Seahawks' lime green jerseys worn today. Tough one...

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