Arrowhead Pride Power Rankings: Week 3



Welcome back for week 3 or as I like to call it "As the Power Rankings Turn." Week 2 in the NFL brought a lot of curious outcomes with it and the Power Rankings reflect the all out havoc caused by the Bears beating the Steelers, the Bengals beating the Packers and the Jet’s beating the Patriots.

Don’t worry though AP fans, the more things change the more they sty the same. Bret Favre is still playing football despite my friend Scott (a die hard Pack fan) telling me on our walk to junior high school that Bret Favre just resigned a 7 year deal so he could end his career as a Green Bay Packer. I am now 26.

The truth is we just don’t know a lot about how the NFL landscape will unfold as the season goes on. Just as the Bills about their quick start and sputtering finish last year. Though things may not come into focus for some time, we’ll keep trying to get it right.

We have a new king in the AP Power Rankings! The Steelers loss to the Bears was enough for our panel to demote them all the way down to #8.

Last weeks runner up the New England Patriots also faltered against the Jets and plummeted to #9.

On the rise this week are the New York Jets jumping from #15 all the way up to #5 with their convincing win over the Patriots.

There was one tie this week with the Falcons edging the Colts fo the 6th spot in the tie-break.

Who is the new owner of our top spot? We’ll let you find out for yourself but I will give you a hint…  it isn’t the Chiefs.

Note: This weeks rankings are sans Chris and Joel as they are busy at the moment. The other 8 rankers are all accounted for. As always we welcome your feedback, opinions, insults and compliments in the comments. Thick there should be a different #1? We want to hear about it.


See previous weeks below:

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    1. Ravens (2.4)

The Ravens offensive attack looks for real. They may have unseated the Steelers in our Power Rankings but they'll have to do it on the field to stay #1.

    2. Saints (3)

After dismantling a great Eagles defense on the road there may be no stopping this offense. The defense can't get complacent though as rest on Brees' accolades alone.

    3. Giants (3.6)

Giants might have found a reliable receiver in Manningham. They can't let their defense stay so soft if they want to be on the field into February.

    4. Vikings (5.1)

Well they are 2-0 but the slow starts have to be disconcerting to the Vikes. Perhaps Chilli needs to de-vanillaize the playbook early on.

    5. Jets (5.3)

Shown than Sanchez can beat an elite team. 14 more to go!

    6. Falcons (6.4)

With help from two weak teams the Falcons are off to a good start but with 6 of their next 8 on the road including @ New England, New Orleans, Dallas and the Giants bumpier roads could be ahead.

    7. Colts (6.4)

Can't stop the run but they are finding ways to win.

    8. Steelers (7.4)

The Champs slide from the top spot all the way down to #8 this week after losing to Jay Cutler and the Bears. Without Troy P. and a running game the Steelers are vulnerable.

    9. Patriots (10)

Heartbreaking loss against the Jets. Brady is still not completely back in form.

    10. Eagles (10.3)

Seem a little more vulnerable. We will see what Vick adds to the mix.

    11. 49ers (10.9)

If the Niners keep this up Singeltary is a shoe in for coach of the year.

    12. Bears (13.9)

I'll give it to Cutler, he played a very good game against a pretty good Steeler Defense. They may have just saved their season.

    13. Packers (14.8)

Ouch, the loss to Cincinnati at their home opener was ugly. Certainly the O-Line is a problem area...paging Mark Tauscher, paging Mark Tauscher.

    14. Chargers (14.9)

Norv Turner likes to make sure the rest of the West has a chance, that's why he does whatever he can to keep it close. That or he's a terrible coach that's driving a talented team into the ground. 436 yards passing against the Ravens, multiple trips to the red zone...nice loss.

    15. Cowboys (15.3)

Romo has lust his luster and the defense can't make the big play. Barber being hurt won't help them.

    16. Broncos (15.7)

2-0, lead the AFC West. In Bizarro world, they're 0-2. I like the Bizarro world more than the real world.

    17. Cardinals (17.5)

The Cards were as good in week two as they were bad in week one. Do you think Haley is happy that he is no longer with a yo-yo team?

    18. Bills (17.9)

They have a lot to prove. Won week 2 with great rushing and passing attack.

    19. Titans (18.4)

The defense is not making the plays it made last year. Add to that too many penalties and turnovers and the Titans are 0-2.

    20. Texans (18.5)

A big win! Their offense could be top 5 but the D is very suspect.

    21. Bengals (19.4)

See if you can follow this: The Steelers were beat by the Bears who were beat by the Packers who were just beaten by the Bengals who only lost to the Broncos because of a freak play. Hmmm...

    22. Seahawks (19.9)

With Hasselbeck at QB, the Hawks can be contenders. With Senaca Wallace at QB, the Hawks are scouting every college QB that will be draft eligible.

    23. Redskins (22.5)

Barely defeating the Rams should not be considered a victory at all.

    24. Dolphins (23)

Dominated the game against the Colts, yet they took the loss. We know how that feels.

    25. Raiders (24.4)

Have the pieces to win the West, all they need is a QB like Jeff Garcia...oh, wait.

    26. Jaguars (25.9)

A bad team with issues everywhere. The Colts really took the steam out of them.

    27. Panthers (26)

Is there a team that does a better job of playing badly? In the last 18 games when throwing to Steve Smith, Delhomme has 6 TDs and 13 interceptions. It's called telegraphing Jake...

    28. Buccaneers ( 28.1)

The offense is surprisingly not doing to badly but any identity this team used to have on defense is gone. Until the D steps up and figures out who they are this team will remain a bottom feeder.

    29. Chiefs (28.4)

The Chiefs begin what could be their "Trail of Tears". I probably just offended someone. Sorry.

    30. Lions (30.1)

Interesting stat of the day. The Detroit Tigers have won 162 games since the last Lions win. Upset special de Jour, Lions beat the Skins this weekend

    31. Browns (30.8)

The Browns may be on the right track but they were flat out embarrassed by a Broncos team that John Clayton predicted would only win 3 games.

    32. Rams (31.1)

Watching the Rams makes you happy to be a Chiefs fan. No really...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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