Week 3: Predictions

Here are my predictions for week 3. I'll bold the teams I think are going to win with a little explanation to why I think that way.


Washington at Detroit: Both teams have some problems to work out. I think Detroit has more though.


Green Bay at Saint Louis: The rams are going to win. Just not this week against a pretty good team.


Minnesota vs San Francisco: This will probably be the best game this week. Both teams will play hard and it could go either way. Giving the edge to Vikings at home.


New England vs Atlanta: New England is on tilt right now. They will lose two weeks in a row. Brady just doesn't look the same.


New York Jets vs Tennessee: I'm worried about the Titans. Looks like they will start out with 3 losses. Jets will win their division.


Philidelphia vs Kansas City: Hopefully, it is always sunny for the Chiefs. The Eagles are pretty banged up right now. We need to take advantage. Keep the positive we've seen and get rid of the negatives and we'll win.


New York Giants at Tampa Bay: The Giants are just too strong right now. I don't even think they'll be challenged this week.


Baltimore vs Cleveland: Any givin Sunday, every team has a chance. I just see this pretty much being a bye week for the Ravens.


Houston vs Jacksonville: The Texans are looking better every week. I just don't see the Jags winning here.


New Orleans at Buffalo: I predicted the Saints going to the SB this year and this is another win on the path.


Chicago at Seattle: As much as I hate Cutler I do believe he has had his slump. He is back and ready to win some more.


Pittsburgh at Cincinatti: The Steelers are upset they lost last week and are going to take it out on the Bengals.


Oakland vs Denver: As much as I don't want neither of these two to win someone has to. If Denver makes mistakes like we did then Faders will win. If not then they get the victory like we should have.


San Diego vs Miami: The Phins will run the wildcat and dominate a weak Bolts team.


Arizona vs Indianapolis: If the Colts play like they did against the Phins then they will get crushed(score wise). Luckily they walked away with the win.


Dallas vs Carolina: Romo will have 3 TD's and they will run all over the Panthers on Monday night!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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