Damn Haley

What you are about to read makes ample use of the swear word "Damn." Please be advised before reading.


Damn Haley.


Damn Haley for demoting D-Bowe and embarrassing him until he started making blocks downfield and stopped dropping the ball!


Damn Haley for benching Mr. Fumble-rooski Jamaal Charles, who has home run ability but just hasn’t hit any home runs yet in the 21 games he has been a Chief!


Damn Haley for using Savage instead who played pretty well and has shown consistant promise since preseason when he has been given an opportunity.


Damn Haley for playing Matt Cassel over Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Trent Green (current day version) Lenny Dawson (current day version) Ryan Leaf, Santa Clause and Barney the Purple Dinosaur.


Damn Haley for yelling at Jack O’Connel for not being on the field when he was supposed to be and costing the team a time out!


Damn Haley for yelling at Brodie Croyle who, after a time out, somehow managed to get the team a delay of game by not SNAPPING THE F#^$ING BALL!”


Damn Haley for berating the morons on special teams who stood around a punted football and had a circle jerk instead of picking up said ball before it rolled into the GOD DAMN ENDZONE!


Damn Haley for not answering questions the way Jason Whitlock wants him to.


Damn Haley for choosing to fulfill his obligation to speak to the media but exercising his right to not make public his plans until the absolute last moment so as not to give his opponent any unnecessary advantage before Sunday.


Damn Haley for saying he will start the players he and his coaches feel will give the team the best chance to win and then ACTUALLY DOING IT!


Damn Haley for demoting DJ and then getting 2 games in a row of solid production out of him! We like our DJ awesome one game and non-existent the next game. None of this consistent play, earning your starting spot for Chiefs fans! If they are supposed to be good we want them in the line up whether they perform consistently on the field or not!


Damn Haley for nearly knocking off the Ravens, who were in the AFC Championship game last season, on the road, without his starting QB and CB.


Damn Haley for getting his team to show remarkable improvement in offensive yards, first downs, 3rd down completion percentage and run production in a matter of a week. Furthermore, damn Haley for getting his defense to have a complete turn around, with a tip to the hat of J Russel. Damn particularly the defensive line which had its best game in years and the run defense which shut down a potent running attack that gashed them for 100’s of yards last season.


Damn Haley for yelling at his players for making stupid mental errors like jumping off sides and killing drives on a day where the offense was moving the football. Damn him for not waiting until the game was over and he was behind closed doors to berate his players and express his displeasure. As the boss, he should wait until the team is done screwing up before letting them know about it.


Damn Haley for letting that Bobby Wade guy play over Mark Bradley. That Bobby Wade guy who caught 3 passes on the team’s first scoring drive, including a 16-yard pass.


Damn Haley for not sprinkling some magic fairy dust on a team that won 2 of 14 games the previous year to make them a winner in a matter of 2 games. Damn the improvement shown on the pass rush, however mild it has been. We want 6 sacks a game damn it. We want them from Wallace Gilberry and Wallace Gilberry alone. And we want them now.


Damn Haley for making it apparent that he is doing everything in his power to turn the Kansas City Chiefs into a winning football franchise. Damn him for demanding accountability from the players and coaches, including offensive coordinators. Damn him for following through on his word instead of just saying “we can build on this” like Herman Edwards.


Damn Todd Haley. He is a garbage head coach. He is a terrible game manager. He is mean to his players. He makes them work hard in training camp. He wants them to be winners. He demands perfection. He endlessly searches for the best player at every position. He doesn’t take their crap and stands up to them as their boss and not their friend.


Damn Todd Haley. Damn him to hell.


Sunday’s loss was no ones fault but Todd Haley’s. Nothing good has come from this man and his short tenure as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Bring back Herm as the offensive coordinator. Bring back Dick Vermiel as the Defensive Coordinator. Bring back Marty to coach. Bring back Carl. Start Brodie. Trade Thigpen. And kiss my ass.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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