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Headline of the morning is from the Topeka Capital-Journal: Chiefs are now The Faders

In the 50-season history of games between the franchises, there have been many memorable moments.

This sunny, muggy September Sunday afternoon will not be one of them.

Oh the Raiders will celebrate their 13-10 victory on the plane ride home and in the East Bay once they land. But when they go in Monday morning to look at the tape, they will find a coaching staff ready to dissect an afternoon of bad football.

Raiders Find Poise And Grab Victory Over Chiefs from Bob Gretz

KC Star Photo Gallery:Raiders 13, Chiefs 10 | Sept. 20

Not only did the Chiefs lose 13-10 to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, but Cassel was part of the problem.

He made a big-time throw for the Chiefs’ only touchdown, a 29-yard pass to Dwayne Bowe in the fourth quarter. But Cassel also threw two interceptions and was unable to make plays at the end of either half.

Cassel’s first game for Chiefs is not a memorable one from KC Star

In the past, this was the kind of game that might have led Larry Johnson to vent some of his frustration publicly.

The Chiefs, after all, lost 13-10 to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, in the process fumbling their best chance to reel in a victory in the season’s early weeks.

Johnson’s play improved. He rushed for 78 yards, a big leap from last week’s season opener in Baltimore, but he wasn’t on the field during crucial moments.

Chiefs’ Johnson tries to find encouragement in loss from KC Star

And in a 91-second span in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter, Russell completed more passes (four) for more yards (67) than he had all game, leading the Raiders to a 13-10 win over the Chiefs.

“It’s as poor as you can play offensively and still find a way to win a football game,” Cable said. “All of a sudden, JaMarcus Russell is in total control, he’s on time, got some decent protection, the guys ran good routes, caught passes. …We won the football game; that’s what matters here.”

Raiders QB Russell has a happy ending to an ugly day from KC Star

“Same thing happened last year,” Flowers said. “We’d come close and not finish out. We can’t say, ‘Here we go again.’ ”

But that’s the way it looked. After a dominating performance undone by penalties, two interceptions and a confusing and hapless final 2 1/2 minutes, the Chiefs watched as the clock expired with another team celebrating in Kansas City.

Chiefs let game get away late in 13-10 loss to Raiders from KC Star

They’ve got the keys to the Chiefs Kingdom.

For the third consecutive season, the Raiders came into Arrowhead Stadium and went home with a victory.

“To come here on the road and know what you are getting into with the crowd, the noise and the pressures, I did not think we handled it very well,” said Oakland coach Tom Cable. “It was a huge step the Oakland Raiders took today, having a chance to do something at the end of the game. We were behind and we haven’t been able to do that for a few years.”

Raiders Own Arrowhead & Other Notes from Bob Gretz

“It comes down again to we had a third down play and we couldn’t get off the field,” said LB Monty Beisel. “They hit us for that one (Watkins’ 28-yard catch) and that put them in position to score.”

Haley pointed to the penalty as the big problem in that last Raiders drive.

“They made plays at the end and we had chances at the end to come back and to potentially score a touchdown or kick a field goal to win or tie and we didn’t do it.”

Chiefs Waste Good Defensive Effort from Bob Gretz

When you are Matt Cassel you have a lot of dreams.

How else do you think this guy survived seven years of college and pro football without starting a single game? One of his dreams was to play, and he enjoyed that last year with the Patriots. Another dream was to have a team of his own, and he’s been given that as the Chiefs franchise quarterback, the guy with the $63 million contract. He looked forward to his first regular-season start and his first trip running down the Arrowhead Stadium tunnel for a game that counted.

But this dream turned into a nightmare Sunday.

Cassel’s First Start Is A Nightmare from Bob Gretz

The Raiders played the kind of game Sunday that they had lost countless times the past six-plus seasons. It was the type of game there for the taking, and one in the past that left them incredulous that they had lost.

But this time, the Raiders found a way to win, in spite of an offense that struggled for 57-plus minutes. In the end, the Raiders persevered for a 13-10 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Raiders Turn Table on Past, Rally to Win from

Back in the days when he coached the Chiefs -- the period we now affectionately know as "I actually remember when Kansas City had a team you could be proud of!" -- Marty Schottenheimer had a running mantra in any close game with the Raiders.

"Never give up," he told his players when they fell behind. "We're playing the Raiders. They always find a way to (mess) it up."

Chiefs are now The Faders from The Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas City Chiefs. Losing to the Raiders is less embarrassing than it's been in years, but the Chiefs can usually rely on the comforts of Arrowhead Stadium to carry them to victory over the rival Raiders. Not today, though. Frankly, I'm not sure how the Chiefs  gagged this one away.

Cry, Whine and Moan: We're already back to the usual suspects from Yahoo! Sports

Also, Glazer reports that Mike Vick will not start next week, but Vick will play in the Wildcat attack.

So, basically, the Kansas City Chiefs will have to prepare for as many as four quarterbacks next weekend -- McNabb, Vick, Kevin Kolb, and Jeff Garcia.

Chiefs will get to prepare for four quarterbacks next week from PFT

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the American Football League Hunt's close friend, Tom Richey, has penned the story of the beginning of the AFL in a book entitled, "Lamar Hunt and the Founding of the American Football League". It is the inside story about the man who created an upstart new league against insurmountable odds. At a time when the NFL owners had forged a monopoly and had rejected his offer to bring a team to Dallas, he shook the establishment by starting his own league. Professional football would never be the same!

NFL Commissioner Proclaims Lamar Hunt's Vision Transformed Football from

Player Tweets: Just 1 and already posted, but worth a re-post, I think.

ToonIcon Rather watch Temptations on VH1 than the bullshit I went thru today

Media and Fans

bobgretzcom Raiders Own Arrowhead

mitchholthus Can't get over that one today...I know it will feel worse in the always does...It was awesome to see all the HyVee folk 2day!

admcgregor: @JPosnanski Why did they want a rolling roof for Arrowhead? "To trap in the stench because the chiefs stink." #jokesaboutChiefsstinking

charritodeoro: I still love you KC Chiefs... We're starting slow, but a 14-2 season is still possible!!!!
swofford671: Chiefs losses are like break ups....they suck
MattyMacho: Why can't the Chiefs win a game? I mean honestly. This is ridiculous. They won 2 of their last 27 games.
dhawk80: I'm not sure what sucks more- the Chiefs or both of my fantasy football teams...

outletmallgal: KC Chiefs I think are the 3rd smallest market with the third highest attendance. You know, that doesn't suck. LOL.

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