Look at the Positives

Look at the Positives

Negative comments will do more to hurt and sink this team than anything else.

1) Cassel is back and looked good except for a few plays. Even the two interceptions were not terrible passes. He was 24 out of 39 for 241 yards with a nice touchdown throw. He rushed for 34 yards and scrambled out of several situations that with a lesser QB would have been sacks for losses. He did all of this after not having played for several weeks, wearing a knee brace and no doubt a little rusty under the circumstances.

2) The play calling, I thought, was very aggressive and excellent. The onside kick almost worked and we all would have been praising it if it had. We out-gained the Raiders through the air 241 to 109 and on the ground 112 to 70 with total yards 409 to 166.

3) Larry Johnson showed up with 119 total yards, 78 on the ground and 41 on passes. I don’t remember him missing any receptions.

4) Though we had 9 penalties against the Raiders 7, some of the calls were very questionable.

5) it appeared that the line held up very well and the defense for most of the game, was awesome. The much talked about great Raider RB's were getting very little yardage.

The loss hurts, and really bothers me, but I definitely saw a lot of positives. Football is a game of inches. If Savage would have gotten out of bounds, if we would have caught a couple of tipped balls, Flowers almost had an interception, and overall, the ball just seemed to bounce in the right direction for the Raiders and not the Chief's. I think that Haley is doing a super job, we just got Wade and he is alreally contributing, the team fought hard and I’m sure that they and the Coach wanted to win this game every bit as bad as we, the fans.

A new team is being built here and I believe that they deserve every bit of support that we, the fans, can give them. Any negative talk like what has shown up on this site is counter-productive and could do nothing but cause discouragement to our Coach and Chief players. Maybe the fans need to change their attitudes a little.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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