Chiefs News from the Overnight 9/2



Remember that rumor about a 3-way trade? Check the Media Tweet section for Adam Schefter's thoughts.

For now, at least, the job is Croyle’s. Haley indicated that how long Croyle plays against the Rams could depend on how well he plays.

So if Croyle has a good showing against the Rams, he not only could win the job for the Baltimore game but also leave little playing time for Thigpen in St. Louis to show his stuff.

Croyle gets nod to start Chiefs’ preseason finale from KC Star

Devard Darling and Alfonso Boone opened training camp as starters for the Chiefs — Darling at wide receiver and Boone at defensive end.

Neither will be playing for the Chiefs this season. Darling, who tore knee ligaments during last weekend’s game against Seattle, was placed on the injured-reserve list. Boone was released.

Chiefs notebook: Veterans Darling, Boone won’t play for team this season from KC Star

So is the team’s depth chart important? Yes and no. It can’t be taken as gospel on who will start and who is running with the second or third team.

But right now the depth chart serves a purpose for Haley.

"Every day as a staff we look at it and talk about it and just massage it a little bit," Haley said of the depth chart. "Who’s paying attention and who’s not and if that correlates into bad practices or not practicing then we’ve got to put guys we can count in there.

"We’re going to be playing here in not too long for real and we need guys we can count on."

Dealing In Depth Charts … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Although they compete in different conferences, play in different-style stadiums and arrived in the NFL from different directions, the Rams and Kansas City Chiefs are inexorably linked by their proximity.

And as both outfits labor to resurrect once-proud franchises that have stumbled upon distinctly hard times, they're going about their business in strikingly similar ways.

St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs face same difficult task from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Chiefs also have a new head coach as Todd Haley takes over for Herman Edwards following a dismal 2-14 season in 2008. Haley was the offensive coordinator of the NFC champion Cardinals and he'll need all of his offensive wizardry to help the Chiefs muster up any shred of respectability this year. Kansas City's defense is woeful and the running game has questions due to a declining Larry Johnson. There are some fantasy options here, however.

32 Teams in 32 Days (NFFC Version) - Chiefs from Rototimes

I’m going to start off with a warning for the billions of Tyler Thigpen fans out there, but I absolutely think Todd Haley did the right thing by naming Brodie Croyle as the starting quarterback for Thursday night’s game in St. Louis.

And though Haley didn’t say this, he hinted that the job is now Croyle’s to lose.

Daily Download: Croyle over Thigpen makes sense from KC Star

Loser - Chan Gailey knows a little something about hasty firings, having been booted as Cowboys head coach after just two years despite going to the playoffs both seasons (in 1998-99). But his dismissal as Chiefs offensive coordinator on Monday, three days before Kansas City's final preseason game, was still a stunner. It's also a pretty good indication that the disarray the Chiefs appear to be in on offense is no mirage.

Preseason Week 3, Winners/ Losers from Sports Illustrated

Player Tweets

dbowe82 Getting ready to relax and call all my love ones.

Fryar34 At home now kickin it wit big bro @dbowe82 , resting up and studying......traveling tomorrow, then BIG night thurs!

almighty31 ready for the rams. time 2 play

almighty31 jus chillin b4 i hit AMC in independence 2nite. wats good thats out?

almighty31 disappointed at final destination.

Media and Fans

ChiefsPR The Sports Illustrated NFL preview edition hits newsstands tomorrow . . . Check it out and see where SI thinks KC stacks up in the AFC West

Adam_Schefter Bogus...RT @dylansprague: can u confirm? On den radio: Possible 3 way deal sending boldin to kc, marshall to az, leinart to denver.

GiantsGab: @JayRoseboro I like Toomer as much as the next guy, but being cut by the Chiefs is not a good thing. I'm afraid is time in the NFL is done

Dav_theSav: @Fluffhead420 1st off the chiefs are winning the afc west, second I'm keepin it real in kc for you homie.

yapsestagle: I had high hopes for the Kansas City Chiefs. New GM, new HC, Matt Cassel as Franchise QB. Now everything is falling apart.

huseyinthebrain: Which NFL team has the most potential to be worse than the Detroit Lions? a)Raiders b)Rams c)Broncos d)Chiefs

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