Does Larry Johnson still have it?


Alright, I created this post cause i have seen loads of doubts and uncertainty directed towards Larry Johnson in the last few weeks. Not pointing the finger at our fans in specific, but all NFL fans.


 For one, many believe that he is too old and that he is about to hit that wall that 30 year old backs tend to hit (He is turning 30 in November). However, he is still rather fresh compared to most others. He sat third on the depth chart for a few years under Vermeil and was never really the featured back until his third year. Also, he has only went over 200 carries in a year TWICE. In my mind, the word 30 means nothing, Tomlinson is 30 and he has accumulated about 2700 carries in his career. Larry has carried the ball a total of about 1250 times in his career (so 46% percent of Tomlinson's carries). 

I remember two years ago when all the espn anchors sat there and watched some Larry clips and just marveled at the tenacity he ran with, the combination of power and speed. I watched Larry play at Penn State, i was even at the game where he rushed for 279 yards in the first half against Michigan State. He ripped up college opponents like it was nothing. He finished 3rd in the Heisman voting and might have won if Penn State built the hype (Coach Paterno doesn't believe in boosting a Players Heisman chances, he cares about the team, not individuality.

Larry still owns a 4.5 ypc average over the course of his career. That's more than Tomlinson and many others. Also, as us chiefs fans know, he has the ability to bash and move through defenders. I love watching the clip of Larry just tossing Quentin Jammer. He has huge cutback ability and knows how to work the field. He started this season only 432 yards from being the Chiefs all time leading rusher.

I don't mean to stray a little,but in the last few years we have done little to help keep up rushing game intact. The retirement of Roaf and Shields, along with the departure of Wiegmann, Dunn, and Richardson have crippled our run blocking. We have lost two probowl lineman, your starting center, and a great blocking FB and TE. In my opinion, the chiefs need to spend some money/draft picks to rebuild the run game (as i'm sure everyone else thinks).

Anyway, I don't know about the rest of you chiefs fans, but I'm tired of hearing the negativity towards Larry. I think he still has it in the tank. If our o-line opens a few holes I think he can wreak havoc on opposing defenses. So I can't wait for people to realize that Larry is still Larry. Starting this weekend with the Raiders

P.S. This is my first Fanpost here at AP. So if i did anything wrong feel free to let me know. I'm a diehard chiefs fan and I'm happy to have joined the best sports community out there. Thanks to all :)

Make sure you guys leave comments! I want to hear opinions

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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