One Offseason Away

     I know its a bit petty to be talking about the next offseason after week one.  However, I wanted to give my case that this team just has a few leaks, that once sealed will turn us into a contender.  Some scenarios after the jump:


1. Glen Dorsey (1st rounder) - I know people are going to get all pissed at me for suggesting this and I'm sure your sick of this suggestion.  However, Dorsey just does not provide the value he previously did when we originally took him 5 overall to be that dominant 3 technique.  I love Dorsey and I think he is going to be a great player.  I just don't think he fits the profile of a 5 tech DE.  I don't know if anyone will give up a 1st rounder at this point.  I suspect that a team in contention with issues at DT might make a move prior to the deadline.

2. Tyler Thigpen (6th rounder) - Another player I like, but is virtually worthless to us as a number 3 when we know he doesn't have a traditional QB future.  If we are not going to use him as a wildcat then I say trade a #3 QB if he has value and no real future to be a franchise QB. 

Free Agency

1.  Shawn Merriman (OLB, Chargers) - This might be really stupid or really smart.  We haven't brought in a high profile free agent who was in their prime in a long time.  Merriman definately has red flags, but we know you can't win a superbowl in this league without a dominant pass rush.  San Diego will be looking to move on considering they have a lot of people to sign come the offseason and they drafted Larry English in the first last year.

2.  Tyson Clabo (RT, Atlanta) - The only reason I think we might land Clabo is because he is a right tackle and Atlanta might not want to overpay for that position.  We will have to overpay him, but it would be worth it in my opinion to fill the position that has given us the most headaches in the past three seasons. 

3.  Deuce Lutui (RG, Arizona) - Lutui wouldn't break the bank and he would provide a solid not spectacular option at another position that has given us headaches.  Arizona drafted Herman Johnson and they have a lot of resigning to do in the offseason.

4.  Jarvis Greene (DE, Patriots) - Would give us good depth along the defensive line.

5.  Leonard Pope (TE, Free Agent) - We should sign this guy tomorrow.

6.  Tony Richardson (FB, Jets) - He is old, but FBs can last a long time in this league.  I think Lorenzo Neal was 39 when he retired and Tony is 37.  I would just love to have this guy retire a Chief.

7.  Resign - We need to give Paige and Bradley a new contract and maybe franchise DJ.


1a.  Terrence Cody (NT, Alabama) - Our defense was horrible against the run last week and that is on the NT in the 3-4.  At 360 lbs. Cody would be an instant force at the most important position in our scheme. 

1b.  Dez Bryant (WR, Oklahoma St) - We need another dominant force opposite of D Bowe.  Haley might be able to repeat the success he had in AZ with the Fitzgerald and Boldin tandem.

2a.  Charles Brown (OT, USC) - Athletic left tackle that would be good for our zone blocking scheme.  He might be a late first rounder, but the tackle class looks pretty deep.  Ciron Black might fall to the 2nd.  We would shuffle our O-line according to talent, but I think it would look great if this was the case:

LT      Charles Brown, Albert, Clabo (maybe Brown would go to LG and Albert to LT, whoever is better)
LG      Albert, Alleman
C        Waters, Alleman (Waters always seemed like he could be a great C, leadership/short/stout)
RG     Lutui, Nudukwe (good competition)
RT     Clabo, Colin Brown 

2b.  Sergio Kindle (OLB, Texas) - Would be a great option across from Merriman.  I think he would come in during obvious passing downs for Hali in his rookie year.

3.  Jordan Shipley (WR, Texas) - Engram is old and we need a replacement.  I like Shipley, he kind of reminds me of Wes Welker.  I think he could be a good option at the slot and as a PR.

4.  Nate Byham (TE, Pittsburgh) - I don't know anything about this kid, but it says he is a good all around TE and its a position we need to upgrade.

6.  Micheal Smith (RB, Arkansas) - He is tiny and fast.  Reminds me of Sproles and he could provide a good option at KR.

6.  Boris Lee (ILB, Troy) - Would be a good special teamer and provide good depth.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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