NFL Cuts and Pick ups List

I was curious as to whom was out there available to our GM and Team, so I perused the good ole interwebs and this is what I came up with from 26 Aug to 1 Sep 2009. Put on your reading glasses, this is a long list of all NFL teams. I won't be doing this when the teams cut a further 22 players, this one took me long enough to compile. I  intentionally left the Chiefs out of this because we all know what is transpiring here.


Okay, all you arm chair GM's  take the jump and start scanning the list and see what you can come up with.

Arizona Cardinals

Keith Lewis S Cut

Pago Togafau LB Cut

Ellion Vallejo T  Cut

Atlanta Falcons

Tywain Myles DT Cut

Jason Jefferson DT Cut

Ben Hartsock TE  Cut

Von Hutchins DB Cut

Wille Evans DE Cut

Tye Hill  CB   (Traded to St. Louis Rams for 2010 Pick)

Baltimore Ravens

Biren Ealy WR Cut

Cleo Lemon  QB  Cut

Buffalo Bills

Shaine Smith WR  Cut

Chris Denman T   Cut

Marcus Smith DE   Cut

Antwain Spann DB  Cut  (Claimed by Denver Broncos)

Carolina Panthers

Ryne Robinson WR Cut

Lorenzo Williams DT Cut

Louis Leonard DE   (Traded to Cleveland Browns (Undisclosed Draft Pick))

Jason Carter WR   Cut

Chicago Bears

Richmond McGee P Cut

Dusty Dvoracek DT Cut

John Broussard WR Cut

Derek Kinder WR   Cut

Fontel Mines TE    Cut

Cincinnati Bengals

Matt Sherry TE Cut

Jamar Fletcher CB Cut

Andre Smith T Signed/draft choice

Cleveland Browns

Rod Hood CB  Cut  (Claimed by Chicago Bears)

Nate Jackson TE  Cut

Robert McCune LB  Cut

Paul Raymond WR   Cut

Dallas Cowboys

Justin Rogers LB   Cut

Rodney Hannah TE  Cut

Denver Broncos

C.J. Jones WR   Cut

Jeb Putzier TE   Cut

Detroit Lions

LaMarcus Hicks CB Cut

Billy McMullen WR   Cut

Eric Fowler WR   Cut

Allen Ervin  RB    Cut

Green Bay Packers

Durant Brooks P Cut

Stryker Sulak LB Cut

Duke Preston C  Cut   (Claimed by Dallas Cowboys)

Houston Texans

Travis Johnson NT   (Traded to San Diego (for undisclosed 2010 draft pick))

David Pittman DB  Cut

Cletis Gordon CB  Cut

Indianapolis Colts

Michael Coe CB Cut

Curtis Johnson DE Cut

Rudolph Hardie DE Cut

Jacksonville Jaguars

Paul Smith QB Cut

Jeremy Mincey DE  Cut

Miami Dolphins

Anthony Armstrong WR Cut

Connor Barth K Cut

Joe Kowalewski TE Cut

Minnesota Vikings

Glenn Holt  WR  Cut   (Claimed by the Detroit Lions)

Derrick Roberson CB   Cut

Taylor Mehlhaff  K   Cut

New England Patriots

Tedy Bruschi LB Retired

Nathan Hodel TE Cut

Kevin O'Connel QB  Cut   (Claimed by Detroit Lions)

New Orleans Saints

Paris Warren WR   Cut

Glenn Pakulak P  Cut   (Claimed by N.Y. Jets)

D'Juan Woods WR  Cut

Rod Coleman DT  Cut

New York Giants

Terrance Pennington T Cut

Taye Biddle WR Cut

Stoney Woodson CB Cut

Andrew Carnahan T   Cut

Lee Vickers TE  Cut

New York Jets

Nothing to Report

Oakland Raiders

Joe Cohen DT Cut

Will Franklin WR Cut

Marcus Johnson T Cut

Napoleon Harris LB Cut

Samie Parker WR    Cut

Philadelphia Eagles

Chris Patrick T  Cut

Shaheer McBride WR   Cut

Pittsburgh Steelers

Martin Nance WR Cut

Alex Stepanovich C Cut

Brett Keisel DE            (Signed  (Five-year extension (through 2013))

San Diego Chargers

Demetrius Byrd WR    (Signed/draft choice (four-year contract))

Travis Johnson NT     (Traded from Houston Texans (for undisclosed 2010 draft pick))

San Francisco 49ers

Mark Bradford WR Cut

Chris Francies WR Cut

Marvel Smith T  Retired

Damon Huard QB  Cut

Seattle Seahawks

Kevin Brown DT  Cut

Michael Bumpus WR  Cut

St. Louis Rams

Joe Klopfenstein TE  Cut

Marcus Brown CB   Cut

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dexter Jackson WR Cut

Kelly Campbell WR Cut

Julius Wilson G  Cut

Washington Redskins

Nothing to Report

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