Updated Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart Post Roster Cuts

I've brought back TheQ's depth chart table and updated it following today's roster cut down.  We knew about a few of the roster moves (Darling, Smith), weren't surprised by another (Goldberg) but were somewhat surprised by others (Boone, Toomer). 

First and foremost, we need to point out that Chris only got one name right on his predicted cut list and that's Goldberg.  20%?  That's about right for him.

Here are a few notes on the updated depth chart.

Defensive End

Previously, this is the way we saw most of the starters at defensive end lining up at one time or another: Glenn Dorsey/Alex Magee at right defensive end and Tyson Jackson/Alfonso Boone at left defensive end.

Now, assuming these players stay on the their respective sides, Bobby Greenwood and/or Dion Gales will be seeing time instead of the released Boone.  Are you comfortable with that?  I'm not sure I am simply because we haven't seen either of those guys go up against the first team much (if at all).

Wide Receiver

Chopping two more off the receivers - one from the first team, another from the second team according to the unofficial depth chart.  I think we raised the expectations for Toomer higher than was realistic but, for many of us, we expected him to make the team.

These moves probably only solidify Dwayne Bowe, Mark Bradley and Bobby Engram in the lineup.  It may also have created some room for Ashley Lelie.


Complete depth chart table after the jump.

R. Price D. Morgan
J. Page M. Brown
J. McGraw B. Pollard
Free Safety Strong Safety
P. Walters C. Smith
T. McBride D. Johnson J. Belcher
A. Studebaker
T. Hali M. Beisel Z. Thomas
M. Vrabel
OLB D. Williams C. Mays OLB
ILB ILB J. Bates
D. Gales D. Washington
L. Fryar
A. Magee D. Lokey B. Greenwood T. Daniels
R. Colclough W. Gilberry T. Tyler A. Boone M. Leggett
B. Carr G. Dorsey R. Edwards
T. Jackson
B. Flowers
Cornerback Def. End Nose Tackle Def. End Cornerback
Wide Receiver Tackle Guard Center Guard Tackle Tight End Wide Receiver
D.Darling B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger M. Goff D. McIntosh B. Cottam T. Copper
M. Bradley H. Taylor W. Smith E. Ghiaciuc T. Washington B. Richardson S. Ryan A. Toomer
B. Engram
C. Goldberg D. Harris A. Alleman C. Brown
J. O'Connell D. Bowe
Q. Lawrence I. Ndukwe T. Crabtree T. Johnson
R. Wright Slot Receiver A. Lelie
B. Engram Quarterback
Q. Lawrence Fullback M. Cassel Tailback
R. Wright M. Cox B. Croyle
L. Johnson
J. Collins T. Thigpen
J. Battle

M. Gutierrez
J. Charles KR/PR Punter
Long Snapper Kicker
D. Savage Q. Lawrence D. Colquitt
T. Purdum R. Succop
K. Smith
R. Wright

J. Williams
D. Savage

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